Goddess Medical Doctor Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

When she was about to make her move, suddenly, from nowhere, a person flew out and stopped her. Yue Xin’er is angry and looks at the person who was obstructing her. She wanted to see who was so courageous but didn’t expect it to be her master, Yun Zhongzi, who had traveled all over the world.

“Master, why do you want to stop your disciple from breaking his meridians, do you know him…” When Yue Xin’er saw her master, who she had not met for a long time, the grievances in her heart were like the flood, and she could not help but allow a thick layer of watery mist come to her eyes.

“Xin’er, don’t cry.” The voice came from a man and a woman, As soon as Yue Xin’er looked up, she saw a couple about 30 to 40 years old coming towards her.

“Father Emperor, Empress Mother, you came.” The middle-aged couple is the one who is irresponsible for abdicating and giving the throne to her younger third brother.

We use to travel with your master, we heard you got kidnapped to the Tian Xiang Kingdom, so we came. Later, when I arrived at the Tian Xiang Kingdom we heard from your director that you were on your way to Jingyue, and then followed them to the border to prepare to meet with you. When we arrived here, we found your carriage at the side of the road, the driver has been dead. We estimated that you might have encountered trouble, thus, we rushed over.”

Father Emperor, Empress Mother, Mu Tianlin, he injured brother Chen, I have no way to treat the poison Gu on his body, what should I do?” Yue Xin’er whimpered and said with helplessness, her face made everyone feel heartbroken.

On the spot, a few of the masters who came with the Grand Emperor and the Grand Empress wanted to rush towards Mu Tianlin to turn him into a corpse, they had not seen Yue Xin’er’s in a few years. Yun Zhongzi had already pressed Mu Tianlin’s acupuncture points, and he was taking Mu Tianchen’s pulse.

“Master, Brother Chen’s poison Gu, can you treat it?” Yue Xin’er anxiously asked, although her medical skills surpassed Master a few years ago, she still had a glimmer of hope.

Yun Zhongzi sighed, “With your medical skills, I believe you know his situation. Now we don’t have any medicinal materials at all. Here, we are still in a remote place. His poison can only be dragged for up to 6 days. It is obviously too late to dispense medicine. For the sake of the present, you can only try to save his life by using the huan hun dan. You will return to the Palace with Mu Tianlin, and force the Empress to hand over the antidote. We will also rush to meet you as soon as possible.”

“Good, gatekeepers, you will protect them with my Father Emperor, Mother Empress, and brother Chen. I will take Mu Tianlin and get the antidote now.” As soon as she heard that Mu Tianchen could be saved, Yue Xin’er was busy giving orders.

“Palace lord, let us go with you!” Lan Huang said.

“No need, I have to bring him back to Yan city in three days, if I brought you, I’m afraid it will delay my time. If it is for me, just do what I say.” After that, she grabbed Mu Tianlin and pulled him onto the horse. She looked at Mu Tianchen with eyes full of love, then she looked toward Yan city, setting off.

By the third day, they finally returned to Yan city, both of them were unable to endure anymore. Although Yue Xin’er is well informed on the road, she was still worried about Mu Tianchen, so she ended up neglecting herself. Looking at Mu Tianlin, he no longer had the demeanor of a prince, his once handsome face was as haggard as a beggar’s.

They arrived at the palace gates, but were stopped by the guards once more. At this time, Yue Xin’er had no extra time to deal with them, with a wave of her sleeves, she sealed their acupoints. She rushed straight toward Chi Yue Palace.

Along the way, Mu Tianlin had hoped he would be rescued by the guards, but who knew that Yue Xin’er would take out the jade ring given by the Emperor, no one even dared to stop her. Mu Tianri and the Emperor heard that Yue Xin’er had returned, they felt that it was strange that she had gone to Chi Yue Palace, and hurriedly rushed over.

When they arrived, Yue Xin’er had been dragging Mu Tianlin to the Empress for a long time, and both sides were unwilling to give in. The guards surrounded them in the middle but did not dare to act. Both sides were in a deadlocked.

“Aunt, please hand over the antidote.” Yue Xin’er said coldly. If she didn’t see the woman before her as her aunt, she would have torn her face to teach her a lesson.

“How dare you, let go of Lin’er, or else Bengong will have you executed.” When the Empress had seen her son in Yue Xin’er’s hand, she was a little confused, she had to use threats to cover up the unsettling tension in her heart.

“Stop, I respect you as my aunt, which is why I’m willing to waste time talking to you right now. If it was not for brother Chen’s life in danger, I would not come to see you. Quickly hand over the antidote, or I will destroy your son’s meridians in front of you.” Not accepting the wine toast, but drinking the wine of punishment. Seeing that the Empress was not willing to hand over the antidote, Yue Xin’er was not willing to waste time with her.

*Not accepting the wine toast, but drinking the wine of punishment; Not doing things the easy way, but the hard way

“You dare!” The Empress was shocked.

“Give it a try and you will know.” Yue Xin’er said with a cruel smile, like a swift thunderstorm, a palm went toward Mu Tianlin’s, severing the meridians in his arms, she then looked at the Empress with a provocative look.

Mu Tianlin’s screams resounded throughout the palace, Yue Xin’er’s move shocked everyone. After hearing his screams, they came back to their senses.

“Very noisy.” Yue Xin’er said as she pressed Mu Tianlin’s mute acupoint.

“Xin’er, what did you say about Chen’er?” At the side, the Emperor, after listening for a while raised an eyebrow and asked, he didn’t think that something had befallen to his favorite eldest son.

“Father Emperor, it’s this woman,” Yue Xin’er said, pointing to the Empress, and her face was angry. “It was her and her son who had inflicted brother Chen with poison Gu, now his life and death are uncertain. I returned to get the antidote from her.”

When the Empress saw the Emperor, she quickly asked for help: “Your Majesty, please save Lin’er!”

“Shut up, you Vile woman.” As soon as he heard that his most beloved son was tortured by that woman, the Emperor was so angry that he trembled, “You are going to give Xin’er the antidote.”

“Your Majesty…” The Empress looked at him earnestly, seeing that he refused to look at her when she looked towards him. Seeing her son on the ground, filled with cold sweat. After thinking, she decided to hand over the antidote, she threw two porcelain bottles toward Yue Xin’er, “This white porcelain bottle contains the antidote, the purple porcelain bottle contains the mother gu, return Lin’er to me.”

Yue Xin’er was delighted to pick up the porcelain bottle, she suddenly felt a numbness in her hand. She knew that something was wrong, quickly pushing the acupuncture point on her right hand, she took out a Sacred Heart Dan and swallowed it, full of anger: “Good, you poisonous woman, at this time you actually dare to hurt me, I finally know who I am looking for. I can finally complete my mission.”

Seeing that Yue Xin’er was not poisoned, the Empress had a strange look on her face, she then laughed and said: “Ha ha ha, I should have expected that the poison could not hurt you, and the title of the goddess is worthy of its fame.”

“Oh, since you are not benevolent, you will blame me for being unjust.” After the speech, Yue Xin’er’s palm went to Mu Tianlin’s head, he did not have enough time to dodge and was killed by her.

“Yue Xin’er, you are deceiving too much!” The Empress witnessed the kill, after all, which mother can witness her own biological son die in front of her can still remain calm?

The Emperor looked at their mother and son intricately, he opened his mouth, in the end, he remained silent.

“The roots of the grass is not removed, when comes spring it is reborn again.” Yue Xin’er ridiculed with a smile, “Don’t worry, you will soon see him.” After a pause, she then went on to say: “Now, let’s discuss something interesting, such as the identity of the Empress.”

It turned out that in the chaos of the five hundred years ago when the people of Wu were sealed, at that time the young masters of the people of Wu escaped in the chaos when they escaped, they had changed their identities, got married and had children. Because the people of Wu were not blessed by the gods, they did not have many offspring. In addition, the people of Wu have a characteristic that only women can study witchcraft and martial arts at the same time. For nearly five hundred years, because each generation only gave birth to a few boys, no girl was born, so they could not accept witchcraft and the inheritance of the martial arts so that the people of Wu had no way to unlock the seal. Thirty years ago, the people of Wu finally gave birth to a girl, her name was Wu Yue. At that time, the sacrificial priest knew that there would be a goddess born in the Jingyue Kingdom, and he planned to place the witch Wu Yue into the Jingyue Kingdom. All the plans were seamless after the goddess is born, she would take her power and get rid of her. Who knew that the people do not plan as well as the gods, in that year, Wu Yue slipped out of the palace, she fell in love with a handsome merchant, marrying him. The Emperor at that time, Yue Xin’er’s grandfather, naturally could not allow his precious daughter to be with a lowly merchant. When the Tian Xiang Kingdom requested a marriage, the Emperor would use Wu Yue’s sweetheart to lure her to the Tian Xiang Kingdom to get married. Wu Yue had always blamed the father of the Tian Xiang Kingdom’s Emperor but did not know that her own lover had seen money and sold her out for the sake of prosperity. After Wu Yue married into the Tian Xiang Kingdom, the people of Wu found her again and conspired with her. Since she had left the Jingyue Kingdom, there was no way to wait for the goddess to be born according to the original plan. Therefore, they would have to start from the Tian Xiang Kingdom, if the Emperor of the Tian Xiang Kingdom is on their own, then the day of the resurrection of the people of Wu is just around the corner. After that, Wu Yue agreed to Mu Tianlin chasing after Yue Xin’er, because she also remembered the original plan to win the power of the goddess. But, in the end, they had underestimated her and were defeated.

“Wu Yue, as of now do you have anything to say?” Yue Xin’er looked at her with no expression, although the woman lived a pitiful life, her mission was to prevent the people of Wu from returning. In any case, she could not allow Wu Yue to live.

“I have nothing to say, I really didn’t expect that I have been looking for the wrong person in revenge for so many years. Hahaha, I am stupid. Now I have nothing, no more…” For a time, Wu Yue’s thoughts were gray, she had persisted for so many years. In exchange for the betrayal of her lover, it was the tragic death of her son. What is the meaning of living? She then swallowed the poison. Stunned, Wu Yue’s mouth spurted black blood, she slowly crawled to Mu Tianlin’s side, holding his hand, muttering in her mouth: “Lin’er, Mother Empress is coming to accompany you.” Finally with a smiled she closed her eyes.

Everyone quietly looked at this scene in front of them. It was all too sudden, no one could process it, and no one dared to stop it. The body of the Emperor was not good at all, and he lost a son and wife on the eve of the night. The other son was still unaccounted for. The series of blows made him faint again. From the beginning to the end, Mu Tianri did not speak, his eyes looked at Yue Xin’er for a long time, the eunuch and the palace lady ended up helping the Emperor back to the palace to rest. The guards lifted the bodies of Mu Tianlin and Wu Yue, they came to Yue Xin’er’s side.

“Every day, starting today, you will send people to search for the traces of the people of Wu, if you see one kill one, don’t leave one living. I will go to save your big brother first, we will meet again.” Yue Xin’er cupped her fist, in a flash, her figure had already disappeared.

Mu Tianri was dazed by her departure, he did not come to his senses after a while. Since he first saw her, he was attracted by her unique temperament. In fact, he did not have much ambition for the throne, he just pretended to like power because he was able to use this excuse to get close to her. Although she never said it, every time she talked about the tenderness of his eldest brother, he could see her love for his older brother. After Wu Yue killed their mother, he wanted to take revenge, since she also hopes that she can sit on the throne, he will do it! Now Wu Yue is dead and everything is over. Xin’er ah, I will be a good Emperor, you must be happy, Mu Tianri secretly gave them his blessing in his heart.

Away from Yan city, Yue Xin’er was rushing on the road when Ma Xianglai came, because she knew that time will not wait for people, instead of waiting for them to come back, it is better to go back so that at least half the time can be shortened.

While Mu Tianri was following the instructions of Yue Xin’er and started eradicating the people of Wu.

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