Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 34

ATTENTION: Vis’s project, Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead, is being plagiarized on Wattpad. Even though Vis contacted the girl Beautiful_Nyx asking her to credit her at ISO, and Nyx did update her summary with such, the readers on Wattpad continue to believe the work was written by Nyx. This is disrespectful to both the translator and most importantly, the author. Nyx also has other small novels from NU in her list of works.

She originally claimed that she posted the chapters for offline purposes because her niece doesn’t always have internet at home to read. Our sheep Vis is too gullible. Just read Nyx’s last two updates on the Wattpad novel.

DO NOT REPORT NYX YET.  We want Vis to do it herself, and since Vis posts on Sundays, she will also alert her readers, and that’s when we’ll start the reporting.

EDIT: Though Nyx is acting like the victim, the story has been taken down.

And now, moving on to information about Film Emperor.

RELEASE SCHEDULE: I will be trying out a tentative schedule of 1x a week, and 3x every other week. A total of 4x every 2 weeks, most likely more whenever I can churn them out because I do owe chapters. The schedule will start next week, and it will start with either 3x or 1x. I’ll see about my workload (I took part 1 of a 175 question exam last Thursday, part 2 Friday, two tests this Tuesday, one yesterday, one today, and there’ll also be one tomorrow. Hopefully, my teachers plan on chilling after all this testing) first.

And now, for the weather here’s Chapter 34.

Translator: Vin

Editor: N/A

Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 34

One thought on “Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 34

  1. thanks for the schedule update, Vin! ?
    and, good luck with your exams! ?

    as for Nyx, yeah, better report her after Vis make a move since it’ her project. ?

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