Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 19.2

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Chapter 19—Three Slaps

Lou Yao Yao finished slapping him and left very naturally. Looking at her back, Chen Hao’s face was pallid. The way she had just looked at him was like looking at a stranger. It seemed like the admiration of the past never existed. When he first saw her, she was a little girl, leaning on Qin Zhi and acting like a spoiled child and driving away all the woman who tried to approach Qin Zhi. Her arrogance and haughtiness was just like a little queen. He asked someone, “Who is that girl?”

“You’re talking about Lou Yao Yao? She’s the little princess of Qin Zhi’s family. You better not have any ideas about her. Be careful that your teeth don’t break.”

At that time, Lou Yao Yao was a small chili pepper. Everyone who came near would be choked and half dead. There were still some people who were curious and wanted to subdue her. However, they didn’t even have the opportunity to approach her. Qin Zhi’s group protected her too well. Besides, how could you capture a woman’s heart when she wasn’t even interested in looking at other men?

At last, Lin Fei who got past her friends’ hindrance rushed over. Because her friends were blocking her line of sight, she hadn’t seen Chen Hao being slapped. When she came over, she was full of resentment, “Chen Hao, what do you mean by being together with Lou Yao Yao, that woman? Don’t try to deceive me by saying you are just ordinary friends. Chen Hao, what do you take me for?”

Chen Hao looked at Lou Yao Yao’s back in a trance, seemingly not having heard Lin Fei’s interrogation. Seeing this, Lin Fei was bursting with rage. She reached out to grab Chen Hao, but didn’t think that she would be coldly repulsed by Chen Hao. This action thoroughly infuriated Lin Fei. She was furious. She raised her hand and slapped Chen Hao.

But unexpectedly, Chen Hao who had always helplessly indulged her, immediately returned her slap.

The sound of the slap “Pa” resounded through the entire hall.

“You actually hit me!” Lin Fei covered her face and looked at Chen Hao as though she didn’t dare to believe it was him. She looked as though it was her first time seeing him.

Chen Hao looked at his own hand and also somewhat didn’t believe himself. Only when Lin Fei covered her face, crying as she ran off, did he recover and pursue Lin Fei. When he did, he couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Lou Yao Yao. In his heart, he sighed, ‘Failed……Replicas’

Lou Yao Yao who was leaving the dance floor, heard the loud slap behind her, but didn’t even have enough interest to look back. No matter how wonderful the play was, it already had nothing to do with her. Let that fake prince and Lin Fei who opened fire on every single woman toss each other about. Separated from the crowd, Lou Yao Yao saw Qin Zhi and revealed a large smile.

Qin Zhi, you should believe me.

Seemingly aware of her thought, Qin Zhi who was on the opposite side of the crowd, returned her smile, lowered his head to talk to Ruan Si Nan and the others, then came over to her.

After her fierce “foot-stepping exercise”, Lou Yao Yao was a little tired. Just now, she had eaten snacks, but she hadn’t drunk anything. She had forgotten to drink when Chen Hao, that slag man, interrupted her. Now, she felt very thirsty.

After looking around and seeing a seat, Lou Yao Yao turned around to go there. When she had just turned around, she bumped into someone.

The cup fell to the ground and made a clear sound as it broke. Today evening was so wonderful. We can see another wonderful play. This was probably was everyone was thinking.  

Lou Yao Yao raised her eyebrows and looked at Lou Qing Qing in front of her. What was happening today? The things that she found unpleasant were all coming to her.

Lou Qing Qing was also wearing a white dress. Different from Lou Yao Yao’s lovableness, the two qualities of purity and enchantingness were perfectly combined on her. Together with that alluring face that didn’t have any makeup yet was still incomparably beautiful, it was the ultimate charm and beauty.

At this moment, that pure-white dress was splashed with a red stain. Those pair of eyes that seemed to be able to speak piteously looked at Lou Yao Yao and she said while weeping, “I’m sorry Yao Yao, I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to bring you a glass of red wine.”

Heavens, this seemingly delicate and weak rabbit could soften the heart of nearly every single man.

Lou Yao Yao wasn’t a man, so she wouldn’t be soft-hearted.

She just looked around coldly. The young masters and young ladies who were always observant still continued with their own matters. It seemed like they hadn’t seen this occur. However, looking carefully, it wasn’t hard to discover that they kept on glancing here out of the corner of their eyes.

What would she do? Swear like a shrew? Or slap Lou Qing Qing in anger? This was something that she would do before. Despite clearly knowing the consequences, despite clearing knowing this was just a trick to provoke her anger, she still couldn’t help but get angry. Lou Qing Qing was aware of this and thus did this.

But no matter which one, it would make her seem unruly and unreasonable. As always, those people waited, waited for her to lose face, waited for her to make a fool of herself, to let them have another opportunity to despise her.

As to why Lou Yao Yao would bump into Lou Qing Qing, they were not fools. However, they didn’t care what the reason was.

But contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lou Yao Yao smiled. She said in her heart.

Lou Qing Qing, thank you for giving me a bad reputation.

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