Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 — Friends

Compared to Lou Yao Yao who was pleased with her date, Luo Qing Qing’s was simply a tragic sight. Not even mentioning when she returned home late at night she had a head of shiny black hair that was full of cream, when Lou Yao Yao saw her today morning, her left cheek was still swollen. On her collarbone, one could faintly see several terrible scratches. Regarding this situation, Lou Yao Yao rejoiced in other people’s misfortunes a little. If she was said to be arrogant and unreasonable, then Lin Fei’s reputation in their circle was something even she had to look up to——lunatic!

In the previous lifetime, Lou Yao Yao was in front going against Lin Fei. All of Lin Fei’s resentment clashed against Lou Yao Yao. However, other than her mother as a backing, Lou Yao Yao had that group of childhood friends represented by Qin Zhi. Lin Fei still had a little intelligence. Although, she was angry enough to die, she didn’t dare do anything too excessive. However, she could obstruct Lou Yao Yao with petty tricks.

People say when beating a dog, one must look at its master. As long as she, Lou Yao Yao, was there, it was Lou Qing Qing’s best backing. Although, she didn’t wish for it, as long as Lou Qing Qing remained in this family, she was under her wing of protection.

But this time, without Lou Yao Yao to draw the fire, according to Lin Fei’s personality, how could Lou Qing Qing have a good end?

Just by looking at Lou Qing Qing’s current distress, one could imagine how miserable she was yesterday.

Sitting in the car her mother was driving, Lou Yao Yao unkindly thought that without her participation, she didn’t know how splendid the play with the three people Chen Hao, Lou Qing Qing, and Lin Fei would be? However, no matter how splendid, it had nothing to do with her. Of course, she could watch for fun.

Perhaps it was related to the person driving, sitting in the car her mother was driving, Lou Yao Yao didn’t feel unwell at all. Conversely, she felt at ease.

Fang Xi Lei was a very strict person. She didn’t have much of a female’s softness within her. Other than at dinner parties, in her day-today life she never wore skirts. Her hair just came to her ears. Her pair of phoenix eyes were exceptionally fierce and severe. She was a severe, old-fashioned woman.

When she drove, she didn’t chat. It could be said she was fully concentrated on driving. Before, Lou Yao Yao didn’t like her mother. Other people by her side spoiled and pampered her. When facing her alway icy faced mother she always felt depressed. However, blood is thicker than water. Fang Xi Lei didn’t not love her. It was just that her love was too forbearing.

Before, Lou Yao Yao was baffled as to why parents who were only children didn’t give birth to another child. {If you don’t understand. Look up China One Child Policy}. Afterwards, she knew why. It wasn’t that she couldn’t give birth, but Fang Xi Lei didn’t want to. As for whose sake it was, it goes without saying.

Actually, in her last lifetime, that she would have such an ending, it had a lot to do with Fang Xi Lei. This woman had too much arrogance in her bones. The education she received made her continuously frank and upright. She scorned those despicable methods. Regarding those twisted and curved, cunning plots, she knew very little. She didn’t drive out Lou Qing Qing nor did she maltreat her. Except for the guilty conscience for breaking up other people’s happy union, she disdained to use these kinds of methods. As for her daughter’s choices, she didn’t interfere much because she respected her daughter. When she was young, she was once a rebel. But her father taught her that everyone, whether their age was big or small, had to pay for their decisions.

Unfortunately, Fang Xi Lei miscalculated. The route that Lou Yao Yao chose exceeded the scope of what she could bear. Understanding her mother’s love towards her, Lou Yao Yao was much more intimate to her these days. She occasionally displayed a little temperament and acted like a spoiled child to her mother. This let Fang Xi Lei feel a little strange, but she didn’t think it was annoying. Actually, in this world, what parent would hate their child acting coquettishly toward them?

Today she sent Lou Yao Yao to school because Lou Yao Yao entangled her until she had no choice but to agree. She, who was previously never late and always early, unexpectedly made an exception for Lou Yao Yao. Lou Yuanzhi and Lou Qing Qing thought it was inconvievable. On the contrary, the two aunties full of joy when they saw it.

AdvertisementHowever, there was something disappointing. It wasn’t just Lou Yao Yao and Fang Xi Lei in the car. Lou Qing Qing was also there.

After sending off her daughter, Fang Xi Lei frantically hurried to the company. This made Lou Yao Yao speechless.

Lou Yao Yao had mixed feelings while walking in the school while carrying her backpack. She was studying administration in a business university. As a fine arts students who doesn’t love learning and takes shortcuts, to be able to test into this university, she had spend a great deal of energy. In senior year, she grabbed onto Qin Zhi so he would tutor her. Both Qin Zhi and she lost weight for it. Originally, she should have studied fashion design. Although choosing studying administration in order to take over her mother’s industry in the future would be the best, her personality basically wasn’t suitable for it. She had an active personality. She didn’t like studying. She couldn’t eat bitterness {In China, bitterness also means the hardships of life}.

Listening to the teacher lecture was the same as listening to mumbo-jumbo. Retaking an exam was very normal for her. After studying design, being able to understand those design drafts was already good. No one really expected her to be able to administer her family’s company well.

Certainly, at that time, she wouldn’t care about these things. The reason she was so dead-set to go to this university was because Chen Hao went here. Lou Qing Qing also went to this university. However, what she chose to study was finance and economics. Lou Yao Yao didn’t remember what she studied in university. Her deepest impression was retaking exams. After graduating, she worked as her mother’s assistant. Whether she went to work or not depended on her mood. She simply the model of someone who did not attend to their proper duties.

Naturally, since she returned, she wouldn’t waste her youth again. Regardless of whether she could understand it, she would carefully listen to the classes. Because, after graduating she wanted to help mother by sharing her burden and relieve the pressure on her a little. Then, when she had time later, she could go over to arts faculty and attend the design class. There was fashion designing classes over there. It was better than nothing. As for her art skills, there was no need to be worried. She still had her foundation and she wasn’t trying to become an artist. If she could draw an design draft, it was good enough. In her head, she had several design drawings from a few years later. She just had to legitimately study, then she could draw them.

Lou Yao Yao walked in front with Lou Qing Qing following behind her. Acquaintances that they encountered on the road all looked with compassion at Lou Qin Qing. Lou Yao Yao didn’t have any feelings toward this. Being misunderstood, she was already used to it a long time ago.

In the past, those misunderstandings always made her feel sad and angry, but now? She didn’t care about the thoughts of irrelevant people. Once they left this campus, it was possible they would never see each other again in this lifetime. Becoming angry? Was it necessary?

The two people were in different faculties. Once they arrived at a crossroads, they parted ways. Lou Yao Yao didn’t go directly to the classroom, but went to the dormitory to get her books.

Although she had graduated for many years, these buildings hadn’t changed. She didn’t get lost and found her dormitory very quickly. A rush of fragrance assailed her nose. Lou Yao Yao knitted her brows. She was very familiar with this fragrance. It was the body wash that she often used. Just that how much of this body wash did one have to use for there to be such a strong smell when she opened the door.

Glancing at the closed bathroom door, Lou Yao Yao mockingly hooked up the corners of her mouth. Other than the person bathing, there were two other people in the dorm room. One person was sleeping. The other person was sitting at a desk, reading a book. Hearing the door open, the sleeping person didn’t move. The person who was reading lifted her head to look at her. She showed a faint smile, “Yao Yao, good morning.”

“Good morning, Tang Qin.” Lou Yao Yao returned a sincere smile.

After Tang Qin had greeted her, she looked down to continue reading. Lou Yao Yao walked over and placed the bag of milk and sandwiches at her desk. Afterwards, to Tang Qin’s doubtful look, she said, “I brought you breakfast.”

“Thank you,” Tang Qin lightly thanked her, then decorously ate breakfast.

The female who just walked out of the bathroom saw this and happily shouted, “Yao Yao, you’re finally back!”

Compared to the other’s party’s enthusiasm, Lou Yao Yao’s attitude could be said as cold. She just used a cold voice to reply.

“Yao Yao, I knew you were the best. Where’s my breakfast? I’m so hungry!” She spoke while glancing at Lou Yao Yao’s hands. But she discovered to her disappointment that Lou Yao Yao’s hands weren’t carrying any bags. The bag she was carrying was also looked empty, completely seemed like there wasn’t anything inside.

Lou Yao Yao shrugged her shoulders and said expressionationaly,” Sorry, there isn’t any for you.”

Then, she didn’t pay any more attention to the stunned female and lowered her head to ask Tang Qin, “Class is going to start soon. Why don’t you eat and walk at the same time?”

“Okay,” Tang Qin swallowed the food in her mouth and grabbed the professional book on the desk. Lou Yao Yao found her own books and placed them in her bag. She very naturally took Tang Qin’s books so that Tang Qin could have her hands free to eat breakfast. Totally disregarding the other female, Lou Yao Yao and Tang Qin went out the dormitory together.
“This isn’t like you. Did she make you angry?”

“I’m not an idiot. Towards the kind of people who eat and use your own things, then say malicious words behind your back, if I am good to her again, then I am sick.”

“I thought you didn’t know.” Tang Qin just smiled and didn’t speak again.

Lou Yao Yao smiled bitterly. Didn’t know? Indeed, at this time she hadn’t known, however, that didn’t mean she didn’t know later.

Although she was selfish, she wasn’t stingy in the aspect of using money. When she played with that group of boys in Old Town, they used money together. Whoever was had money paid and whoever didn’t have money just followed along. This cultivated habit madeLou Yao Yao be very generous towards her friends. Of the three people in her dormitory, Tang Qin treated her neither coldly nor warmly. The other two people were much more intimate towards her, seeming like they wished they could dig out their lungs to give to her.

As a famous troublesome essence, Lou Yao Yao didn’t have any female friends before she came to university. At that time, females with a lot of male friends were isolated. When she attended university, she finally had two friends. Lou Yao Yao was very generous towards her friends. Seeing that her two friend’s family’s circumstances weren’t as good as hers, she paid every time they went out to eat or shop. She also paid for all the products in the bathroom. Every time she returned home, she would share all the snacks that Qin Zhi bought her with them.

Even if she hadn’t dug out her lungs for them, at least she hadn’t treated them unfairly.

Finally? They ate her food, used her things, and said a great deal of unbearable words behind her back. She was a self-righteous rich daughter. She was a prodigal female. She fooled around with guys all day long, never returning to the dormitory. These were not the most vulgar remarks. Before Lou Yao Yao never understood, she wasn’t in school very long, she could almost claim to be invisible. How had her reputation become so bad? When she heard it with her own ears, only then did she finally understand.

Was she sad? Definitely. Was she hurt? Definitely.

They righteously considered Lou Yao Yao a spendthrift to butcher. On one side, they were happily butchering her, on the other side, they were happily scolding her. Actually, Lou Yao Yao didn’t have as much money as other people thought. Those parents who gave their children lots of money regardless of anything was merely a fantasy. It was basically impossible to exist in reality. Parents had experienced society for so many years and knew about the attraction of money. If it was their own child, what parent would give their child large amounts of money without cause or reason so they would be corrupted by bad examples. It was impossible. The children of wealthy overseas even had to work part-time jobs for their spending money.

Although domestic parents would spoil their children a little, they wouldn’t go too far. Lou Yao Yao truly did have more money than other people, but it was very limited. Besides, her mother was so strict. Her only advantage was that she had one of Qin Zhi’s credit cards. Otherwise with her extravagant personality, she normally would lack money more compared to the average person.

However, fortunately, although she had lost two unworthy friends, she had gained a genuine friend, Tang Qin. Her relationship with Tang Qin had always been neither hot nor cold. Until one night several months ago, she had been burning up with a high fever. She didn’t even have the strength to grab her cell phone and call. She called out weakly for a long time, but in the end those two people were sleeping like logs. Perhaps they had heard, but didn’t want to pay attention.

When she wanted to give up in despair, Tang Qin discovered she had a fever. She got up to help Lou Yao Yao change her clothes and carried Lou Yao Yao on her back to the infirmary.

At three o’clock in the wintry night, there wasn’t a shadow of anyone else. The dormitory auntie had left them to go sleep. That night, Tang Qin carried Lou Yao Yao on her back through half the campus. It was difficult to imagine how Tang Qin was able to carry Lou Yao Yao, who was of similar height with her, so far. She almost fell a few times. Lou Yao Yao also realized at that time that a genuine friend wasn’t someone who just said nice words but was someone who was willing to pull you along when you met misfortune.

Afterwards, she continuously stuck to Tang Qin even though the opposite party’s attitude to her was consistently neither hot nor cold. But Lou Yao Yao slowly discovered that her personality was always like this. She was neither hot nor cold to everyone. However, she was especially patient to Lou Yao Yao. After graduating, they maintained contact with each other. If they weren’t busy, then they would meet up.

Tang Qin was probably one of the only three people who would answer her phone at three o’clock at night and listen to her complain without hanging up.

It was difficult to imagine that she “the virulent women” who was continuously loathed by people, unexpectedly had friend who was so sincere to her. Because of this, Tang Qin had not been short of people saying that she climbed high using one’s relations.

Lou Yao Yao’s temperament wasn’t good. Sometimes, she was persistently unreasonable or was angry without reason or cause. So she was also somewhat puzzled as to why Tang Qing would continue to be her friend. Tang Qin’s family’s circumstances were good nor did she need Lou Yao Yao to do anything. Later when Tang Qin told her she knew why.

——I just thought that that girl who was easily moved to tears, even if she was bad, she wasn’t a very bad person, Besides, I knew if an emotional person said she wanted to be friends, then it would be for a long time.

Thinking of this, Lou Yao Yao foolishly smiled towards Tang Qin. Tang Qin saw this and revealed a light smile on her delicate face.

It was the most beautiful smile that Lou Yao Yao had ever seen.

As for the other two people? They could go to hell. She had to help her Qin Zhi save money. She didn’t have time to raise idlers.

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