Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 — [Two Razor Knives]

The next day, when Qin Zhi arrived, Lou Yao Yao was still sleeping. Auntie Liu pulled her up from the bed. She saw Qin Zhi eating breakfast with her parents and ignored Lou Qing Qing.
Unconsciously, Lou Yao Yao slowed down and stepped lightly. Suddenly, she thought that this moment was very quiet. It was so quiet that she could hear her heart beating faster and faster. Her vision was the same as if had been handled by a movie effects designer. Her parent’s faces were blurred like the background. Lou Qing Qing’s face was blurred with mosaics. Only Qin Zhi’s face was in high definition.

A 25 year old man had just stepped onto the phase of maturity. Men before 25 years still had the vestiges of naivety left. At that age, they are energetic but often get carried away. Their own feelings were the most important. Men over thirty were too sophisticated. Although they had experienced a great deal of hardships, perhaps they already understood how to treasure a woman. But they didn’t have much youthful fervour left. Their feelings had mainly stabilized. But being just this age was good. There was still some passion and fervour remaining from youthful days. They could begin to understand how to treasure a woman. No matter if it was love or marriage, both were their first priority.

If before 25 years old was the growth period of men, then from 25 till 30 was the time where men’s character was set. Therefore, that’s what people were.

In short, men at this time were like a slowly ripening fruit. They were at their most attractive time. Their each and every move carried an attraction that was difficult to put in words.
Qin Zhi had put on a blue shirt today. His shirt sleeves were rolled up his arms. Only two buttons on his collar were buttoned, revealing part of his collarbone. To Lou Yao Yao’s eyes, every movement of Qin Zhi’s head, every time he raised his hand, was full of allure. Perhaps it was because the two of them knew each other too well, those changes that had accumulated over time had been overlooked. In her memory, Qin Zhi seemed to have skipped over the growing period. Suddenly, he had grown up. In the last moment he was still the “little gege” who lead a group of buddies to hit people until they were badly bruised. In the next moment, he had already turned into a cold and gloomy business elite.

Lou Yao Yao suddenly felt a sense of loss because she had missed all it. Her eyes felt astringent. She wanted to cry a little.

“Yao Yao,” He raised his head to see her standing on the staircase. He was slightly surprised, then grinned at her.

Lou Yao Yao blinked at him, then blinked away her tears. Their familiarity with each other had already penetrated to their bone marrow. Actually, there was no uneasiness. There were also complaints ingrained in their bones, “Qin Zhi. Why did you come so early?”

Fang Xi Lei heard her words, and frowned, “Yao Yao, how can you be so impolite? She also looked at Qin Zhi somewhat apologetically.

Qin Zhi’s expression had no change. He even smiled toward Fang Xi Lei, showing that he didn’t mind.

Lou Yao Yao was taught bewilderedly. She felt wronged and glanced towards her mother. Then she said to Qin Zhi, “You only just arrived yesterday. Why didn’t you rest a little bit more? How could you come so early? It definitely isn’t good for your health. It’s my fault. If I had realized this earlier, then we could have met in the afternoon.”

The people who were already expecting for Lou Yao Yao to complain to Qin Zhi that he came too early and harmed her to not be able to sleep in were all a bit stunned. It was very unusual. In the past when meeting Qin Zhi, when had she not woken up very late? Even when she finally climbed out of bed, she still complained about Qin Zhi.

Qin Zhi still managed to replied quickly, “No problem, I already slept on the plane yesterday. Moreover, I haven’t seen uncle and auntie in a long time. Only if I come early, can I catch uncle and auntie before they go to work and chat a while.”

Lou Yao Yao saw that his complexion looked very good without any signs of exhaustion. She took it to be true and didn’t pursue this line of questioning. She thought she was a little hungry so she went to the kitchen to pester the aunties to make breakfast.

After she left, Lou Qing Qing who had been continuously lowering her head to silently eat breakfast asked Qin Zhi, “Qin Zhi gege, you want to go out today.”

Since Lou Qing Qing’s father was on the scene, Qin Zhi politely replied, “En.”

“But, isn’t Yao Yao already going to out today………”

When Lou Yao Yao came out, she saw Lou Qing Qing speaking with Qin Zhi. Her heart was full of anger. She deliberately pulled out a chair, making a ear-piercing nose. She sat down and blocked Lou Qing Qing’s line of sight so that Lou Qing Qing could only see the back of her head, “Auntie is baking egg tarts. Do want to eat a little more?”

“Okay.” Qin Zhi naturally didn’t refuse, although he was already full. But he showed absolutely no interest in what Lou Qing Qing was going to say afterwards.

Lou Qing Qing grinded her teeth, and lowered her head to eat breakfast. She who was always a good student, unexpectedly hadn’t gone to class today. Also what she was wearing wasn’t as plain as before. She had changed into a exquisite white skirt and her hair was also down, softly hanging on her shoulder.

Fang Xi Lei’s attitude toward Qin Zhi wasn’t too intimate. There was more of a mother’s examination and observation. She asked a few questions about his parent’s recent situation and was concerned about his recently started company’ situation. She didn’t say much, then she went off to work.

Lou Yuanzhi’s attitude toward Qin Zhi was somewhat cold. Actually, he was cold towards everyone except Lou Qing Qing. In this person’s bones, there was an inexplicable feeling of superiority. It was ridiculous and pitiful.

After eating breakfast, Lou Yao Yao dragged Qin Zhi to the garage. Seeing the bicycle in the corner, Qin Zhi had a few doubts.

Lou Yao Yao excitedly asked him, “How is it? Can this bike be ridden?”

When Lou Yao Yao went upstair late yesterday night she thought she seemed to have a big adverse reaction to riding cars. Tomorrow, she had a appointment, if she rode a car then she would be half dead. That would be too disappointing. So late at night, she stole off to the garage to find this bicycle.

To be carried by one’s beloved person, at any age, would be a romantic and fortunate thing. However, after Qin Zhi had graduated from university, she had never been carried again. These years, she had ridden in many luxury cars, but the most fondly remembered time was the time when she sat in the backseat of a bicycle, feeling the breeze. It was a free and relaxing feeling.
Besides, to just arrive at one’s destination, it would affect the mood of the date.

“I’ll look,” Qin Zhi crouched down and looked at the bicycle. The body of the bicycle had already been cleaned and tires had also been pumped by Lou Yao Yao. He tried the pedal and pinched the wheel tires. He found the bicycle pump and pumped the tires once more, then said to Lou Yao Yao, “Try sitting on it.”

Lou Yao Yao obediently sat in the back. Qin Zhi sat on the front seat. He pedaled twice. The tires’ elasticity was very good; it didn’t leak any air. However, it had been put away for many years, how long the bicycle would last was impossible to tell.

“How is it? How is it?” Lou Yao Yao hugged his waist and excitedly asked from behind.
Qin Zhi got down from the bicycle and looked at Lou Yao Yao, “It can still be used.”
“Then let’s use this bicycle to go out today, okay?”

Lou Yao Yao’s eyes were very big. When she intentionally opened her eyes wide at someone, sometimes it was frightening. However, this time, you could clearly see yourself in her eyes. It gave one the illusion that she was very dedicated towards you.

She looked at Qin Zhi like this. For a moment, he was absent minded, only when Lou Yao Yao asked again did he recover. He smiled and nodded.

“Let’s go out quickly. In a while, it will be very hot.”

Qin Zhi naturally had no objections. He went out to park his car in Lou Yao Yao’s garage. Lou Yao Yao pushed the bicycle out of the garage and waited outside for him. Lou Yao Yao leaned on the bicycle and looked in the direction of the garage to wait for Qin Zhi. She unexpectedly heard someone call out to her, “Yao Yao.” That voice made people feel it was a spring breeze.

Before, she had been aware of the the breeze from a car driving past and the sound of the car braking. She hadn’t cared. In this community, which family didn’t have a car. She hadn’t thought that the car’s owner would be familiar with her. She looked back strangely. She saw the person who she didn’t want to see the most in this life, Chen Hao. Chen Hao saw her look back. His look was gentle with a little bit guilt, ”I’ve made you wait for a long time, Yao Yao. I’m sorry. It’s because I promised to pick up Lin Fei first so I was late.”

Lou Yao Yao basically had no idea what he was talking about. Her previous good spirits was completely gone. She looked at him coldy and replied, “What are you here for?”

“Lou Yao Yao, wasn’t it you who asked him to pick you up? Who are you pretending for?”

Lou Yao Yao looked at the woman sitting in the passenger seat of the car, bewildered. She saw that Lou Yao Yao was looking at her and coldly turned away. It was evident that she loathed Lou Yao Yao.

“Lin Fei, how can speak like to Yao Yao.” Chen Hao’s smiling face receded. The feeling of protection was obvious.

This sentence seemed to enrage Lin Fei. She opened the car door and slammed it shut forcefully. She said angrily, “Chen Hao, Make it clear, who is actually your girlfriend!!!” This woman was very beautiful, a morbid beauty. Her personality was very rude and unreasonable.
Chen Hao looked helplessly at Lin Fei and then looked at Lou Yao Yao. He seemed very awkward, “Lin Fei, I’ve said many times that Yao Yao is only my junior.”

“Junior! Do you dare say she doesn’t have any intention towards you!!!”

Lou Yao Yao leaned on the bicycle and looked coldly at the two people. This kind of childish scene already didn’t make her feel anything. This play, they were still working hard to perform, but she already had retreated behind the scenes secretly.

It was well-known that Chen Hao had a childhood sweetheart. Although Chen Hao “didn’t like” her, this girl’s health wasn’t good. She was always attempting suicide. Thus, Chen Hao “had to” comply to be her boyfriend.

Everyone could very clearly see his helplessness. So, even though he rejected Lou Yao Yao, Lou Yao Yao always thought his feelings towards her were different from his feelings toward other people. He never rejected her being near him. His expression when looking at her was different than when looking at others. Even when she quarrelled with Lin Fei, he always protected her.
Now looking at all of this, it looked like a joke.

Actually, he was the same towards every single girl, so gentle that it would let people become addicted. Actually, he, Chen Hao, was proud of himself watching a group of women fight for him. The “feeling helpless” him was definitely was contented with himself. The reason that Lou Qing Qing and she had been treated specially, was probably because they were a pair of sisters. Perhaps, this let Chen Hao feel a morbid state of achievement.

Chen Hao, this person, using the hypothesis from several years later had Wangzi Bing. From when he was small, he fantasized that he was a prince. After he grew up, he really though he was a prince.

This sickness must be treated. It was pity that Lin Fei’s life was so short. Otherwise, this woman, who frequently cut her wrists and swallowed sleeping pills, could be with Chen Hao who fantasized that all women liked him, this mentally ill person, forever. It was also a pretty good ending. Thinking about all the kinds of things that happened in the past, Lou Yao Yao’s heart was like there was a raging beast inside. A black shadow shrouded her. There was a strong desire to erupt.

Suddenly there was a person who gently held her hand. He gently but with strength, pried opened up her hands. Her fingernails had been digging into her flesh. His palm was very warm. It seemed to disperse all the coldness in her heart.

“Let’s go,” Even thought it was a statement, it contained several points of inquiry and uncertainty.

Lou Yao Yao looked up at him. He was also looking down at her. Facing him, Lou Yao Yao showed a smiling face and nodded, “En, Let’s go out.”

They ignored the other people and got on the bicycle, passing by Chen Hao and Lin Fei.
Lou Qing Qing who had been standing, waiting in the doorway, finally showed some movement. She pursued them calling in a loud voice, “ Yao Yao, aren’t you going to Chen Hao’s birthday party?”

Lou Yao Yao was taken aback. She finally remembered that today was Chen Hao’s birthday. No wonder Chen Hao would lead Lin Fei to make her feel stifled early in the morning. This wasn’t her fault. Although, she knew Chen Hao’s birthday was coming, they liked to celebrate the lunar birthday. The date changed every single year. Who would be able to remember the date “seven years ago.” But…….If she had forgotten, then she had forgotten, it was already no longer important.

Lou Yao Yao didn’t pay attention to Lou Qing Qing. She firmly embraced Qin Zhi’s waist and leaned her face on his back. She felt his steady heartbeat. She closed her eyes. At this moment, she felt very relieved. For the rest of her life, she was content to be with this person.

Lou Qing Qing, when you no longer make me envy crazily, when Chen Hao no longer brings me suffering, without these two sharp blades, you, what can you still use to harm me?

Lou Qing Qing, when the two beautiful sisters has been short of one, the power is also cut in half. Without me, such a “vicious” woman, to set off your, the pure woman’s good-heartedness, Chen Hao, would he still have liking for you? Let’s wait and see.

A bicycle naturally wasn’t as fast as a car. Even though, Chen Hao and the other two wasted some time, they still quickly overtook Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi.

Near the road, Lou Yao Yao poked Qin Zhi’s back. Qin Zhi helplessly said something to her. One of his hands held onto the bicycle, the other hand moved her hand away. Since her hand was taken away, she used her other hand to keep on poking him. They were having fun. Finally Qin Zhi had to use his hand to skillfully trap both of Lou Yao Yao’s hands in front of him. Lou Yao Yao scratched his palm and tickled his belly. That pink woman’s bike steered by Qin Zhi went forwards, crookedly. People who saw it would want to laugh.

The moment in which they brushed past each other was enough to let the three people in the car hear Lou Yao Yao laugh. The laugh contained a little girl’s unique taste; it was willful and open.

From beginning to end, the two people didn’t even glance at them. It was like they had agreed on it beforehand. Chen Hao continuously looked at the reflector, until it wasn’t possible to see those two people’s form again.


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