Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — [Let’s Go on a Date]

When Lou Yao Yao struggled free from her delusions and climbed out of the taxi, the sun had already almost set.

Auntie Liu who opened the door was jumped in fright because of her haggard face. She hurriedly pulled Lou Yao Yao inside the doorway and looked her over. Seeing nothing unusual, she relaxed slightly and asked, “ Yao Yao, what happened? Was there someone who bullied you?”

Lou Yao Yao tilted her head to look at her, and saw a familiar person. Her grey and defeated eyes recovered a little bit of spirit. She grabbed Auntie Liu ’s shoulder and jumped and called out, “ AHHHHHHHH!”

All the people in the house were frightened by her mournful yelling. Auntie Lu quickly stopped her work in the kitchen and went out. Lou Qing Qing who was upstairs also came down, interested in Lou Yao Yao’s new situation.

“ How is Yao Yao?” Auntie Lu rubbed her hands and asked Auntie Liu.

Auntie Liu shook her head at a loss. She was a little giddy from Lou Yao Yao’s shaking. Auntie Lu hurriedly went over to pull off Lou Yao Yao and said in a rebuking tone, “ Yao Yao, if you shake her again, your Auntie Liu will fall apart.

Lou Yao Yao was pulled off, and realized that Auntie Liu was old. Auntie couldn’t withstand her shaking Auntie like that. She started shouted “Ahhhhhhh” and running around the living room like crazy. It seemed like only this way was she able to vent the resentment in heart.

The shiny floor that Lou Qing Qing had cleaned this afternoon was ruthlessly ruined by her.
Seeing her so energetic, jumping there, Auntie Lu said hello to her and let Auntie Liu take care of her. She proceeded to go in the kitchen and continue to cook. Lou Yao Yao could still call out and jump. It proved that there was no problem.

Lou Yao Yao was tired of running, she fell onto the sofa and feigned death.

Auntie Liu walked over and stroked her head and her neck. She felt that it was slippery and hit Yao Yao once, “ Quickly go take a bath and change your clothes. How can you lie there? You’ll catch a cold tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to!” Lou Yao Yao refused to listen. She rolled over and turned her back to Auntie Liu.

Auntie Liu also knew that this girl was open to persuasion but not to coercion. Thus she sat at Yao Yao’s side, “ Yao Yao, tell Auntie whatever unhappy matter that is troubling you. Let Auntie give you some advice.”

Girls this age, their greatest worry was nothing else than love.

“Even if I say it, you wouldn’t understand.” Lou Yao Yao agonized over her worry, kicking her legs, “Auntie, I suddenly think this world is full of despair.”

“Pah. What kind of nonsense are the kids in every family saying.” Auntie Liu pinched her humorously, “Yao Yao, I’ll say some fair advice. Chen Hao, that kid, doesn’t suit you. I see that Qin Zhi isn’t bad. When he returned from a business trip far away, the first thing he thought of was you. He has his heart set on you. Other than Qin Zhi, where can you find someone else like that?

“Auntie, did Qin Zhi visit?” Lou Yao Yao who was feigning death, turned her head toward Auntie. Her pair of eyes were red like a rabbits. People who saw her would feel pity.

“He didn’t stay, but he brought you a lot of things. Auntie put it all in your room.”

Upon hearing her words, Lou Yao Yao immediately leapt up from the sofa. Behind her, Auntie Liu in a good mood called out to her humorously, “Yao Yao, change your shoes!” {People in China usually have a pair of indoor shoes that they wear inside the house}

Lou Yao Yao stopped and hastily tore off her shoes and tossed them on the floor as if she were on fire. She went up the stairs barefoot.

Lou Qing Qing was standing on the stairs. Seeing Lou Yao Yao, who hadn’t even glanced at her from start to finish,rush past her upstairs, she suddenly had a strange feeling. When they brushed past each other, it as if she didn’t exist in Lou Yao Yao’s world. She couldn’t help but look in the direction of the housekeeper auntie who was currently in the process of putting Lou Yao Yao’s shoes back in the shoe cabinet. She was complaining about Lou Yao Yao with her mouth, but her tone was very doting.

It was always like this. It was always like this! Her good, her efforts, they could never see it. But Lou Yao Yao who had never done anything, who was so arrogant and unruly that it would make people loathe her, they looked at her but didn’t see her flaws. They only saw her good points. Finally, Lou Qing Qing loosened her tightly clenched fist. She quietly went in a room to clean. She took hold of a mop to mop the floor.

After completing this, Lou Qing Qing went upstairs to her room. She and Lou Yao Yao both lived on the third floor. When she passed by Lou Yao Yao’s room she stopped her steps. Her mood was mixed with all kinds of feelings when she saw this room. Once, she had also lived in this room, that dreamy room that made people unable to extricate themselves. Until, her relationship with Lou Yao Yao was broken and Lou Yao Yao drove her away.

These years, she would often dream about the past. That girl hiding behind her mother looking curiously at her. That girl who smiled widely at her and called her “jiejie”. That girl carried on her back who naively told her, “Jiejie, I like you the most”. They appeared in her dreams despite her wishes. Afterwards, when she woke up, she discovered that she had cried.

No, that their relationship had became like this, it wasn’t her fault. She also wanted to be a good jiejie. It was Lou Yao Yao’s envy that made everything shatter!

Lou Yao Yao had no idea that there was someone outside her door, being the doorkeeper for a long time She was going through the things that Qin Zhi gave her, elated. Then she got out her cell phone. When she had reacted, she had already dialed his number.

Before she could hang up, the other side had already quickly picked up.”Hello, Yao Yao.”
“Hello” Lou Yao Yao originally thought she wouldn’t know what to say, but after hearing that familiar gentle voice with a smile, her years of habit, already made her instinctively blurt out what she was thinking. “Qin Zhi! Why didn’t you wait for me!”

Lou Yao Yao felt □□ in her heart. Ahhhhh! Obviously she had firmly resolved to change her obstinate image in Qin Zhi’s heart. How did her first words turn into a interrogation!?

This deadly habit!

Regarding Lou Yao Yao creating trouble then blaming the victim, Qin Zhi was already used to it. “Sorry, Yao Yao. I just came back today. The company still has some work left to process so I couldn’t wait for you.”

According to Lou Yao Yao’s beforehand temper, she would definitely teach Qin Zhi a lesson, then seize the chance to force Qin Zhi to sign innumerable unequal pacts. Lou Yao Yao used lot of energy to force down the desire to take advantage of this opportunity to blackmail Qin Zhi. She made her tone as gentle as possible, “Okay, I forgive you. Are at the company right now?”


“It is convenient for you to answer the phone right now?” Lou Yao Yao who asked this sentence, didn’t have a consciousness that cared if other people were inconvenienced.

“Yes, today is only handing over the business trip related assignments. There is nothing important. ” These words made the employees in the conference room, waiting for the boss to follow-up, stare with big eyes.

On the other side, Lou Yao Yao was already firing off complaints, “Your company really isn’t humane. You still have to work overtime in the weekend evening.”

Qin Zhi, who had called the employees over to work overtime during the weekend, answered without a hint of guilty conscience,” Yes, it really isn’t humane. Yao Yao, where did you go out today?”

Lou Yao Yao was lying down on the bed and answered while swinging her feet, “I went out on a stroll.” She naturally wouldn’t say that she had gone to meet his plane but lost him because she was in a daze, that kind of stupid matter.

“Oh, so it’s like that”

Qin Zhi’s tone became somewhat pale, but Lou Yao Yao didn’t notice. She thought of tomorrow’s plan, “Qin Zhi, do you have to go work tomorrow?” He definitely had to, after all he even had to work overtime on weekend evening. There was no reason to give a holiday on Monday, the company really was inhumane. He had obviously just returned from a business trip, but the company went so far as to not give him any resting time. It seems that her plan would collapse.

Qin became aware of the anticipation in Lou Yao Yao’s tone, With more than dozen employees staring at him, their eyes like knives, Qin Zhi replied, “I don’t have to go work. Since I just returned from a business trip, the company gave me two days of vacation.”

The employees raged inside their hearts: When did our company have the welfare of giving two days of break after going on a business trip?! Why don’t we know about this?!

When Lou Yao Yao heard that he didn’t have to go to work, she immediately became very happy. She pondered over how she should say it. Because she was silent too long, he already asked, “Yao Yao, do you have something planned tomorrow?”

Lou Yao Yao took a deep breath. She resolved to use her frankest tone to say her thoughts, “Qin Zhi, let’s go on a date tomorrow!”

Qin Zhi who had been prepared for all kinds of sudden occurrences, but hadn’t expected this, was shocked. He was silent for too long, to the extent that Lou Yao Yao asked, “Qin Zhi, are you listening?”

Her tone was little annoyed and unhappy. Qin Zhi restrained his mood and got up from his chair and walked in front of the window, “I’m listening.”

“Qin Zhi, let’s go on a date tomorrow!”

On the other side, Lou Yao Yao used a very cautious tone to repeat that sentence. Qin Zhi held the phone with one hand and opened the window with the other. He looked down at the very dream-like city covered with bright lights. He said somewhat jokingly, “Okay, I certainly have no objections. I’m just afraid that you’ll stand me up.”

“How could I!” Lou Yao leapt up from the bed and shouted in excitement,” Whoever I stand up, it definitely won’t be you!”

Regarding this issue, Qin Zhi didn’t take her seriously. Rather, he shifted the topic, “Then what time do you want me to meet you.”

Lou Yao Yao thought a while and said, “In the morning. It’s agreed. You have to come!”

“En,” Qin Zhi ignored his best friend and partner’s ridiculing look and said, “Then, I’ll first hang up. I’m still busy with something here.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

When he determined that the other side had hung up, Qin Zhi closed his phone. This was Lou Yao Yao’s demand. He couldn’t ever hang up before her, because hanging up was her special authority.

Ruan Si Nan folded his hands over his chest and leaned on the conference table. He mockingly said, “Some people, despite knowing there is a pit in front of them, proceed with hesitation to jump in. Do you think these kinds of people are stupid?”

Qin Zhi didn’t pay attention to him. Returning to the seat in the middle, he said, “Today’s meeting ends here. I hope that at Tuesday morning I can see a concrete proposal that can be implemented. All right, end the meeting.”

After finishing speaking, Qin Zhi didn’t change expressions at the looks of resentment on his employees’ faces and went out of the conference room.

Everyone looked at the vice-president. Ruan Si Nan shrugged, “Tut tut, what are looking at me so resentfully for? It wasn’t me that made you work overtime. What? You don’t want to go? That’s all right. We’ll keep on working. If we don’t fight until dawn, no one can leave.”

Hearing that, the group of employees completely scattered like birds in flight.

Ruan Si Nan stopped a young assistant who wanted to flee and grabbed her shoulder. He teasingly said, “Young assistant, seeing you worked hard today, second boss will treat you to a meal.

The young assistant endured the humiliation and suppressed the urge to slap him. For this generous salary, she would endure. In the final analysis, she was only a recent graduate. Being a assistant to the general manager, this was the only place with such a good job. Although she was doing two jobs, not only did she have to work hard for big boss, she had to endure second boss’s sexual harassment.

Ruan Si Nan patted secretary Zhou Yun Rui’s shoulder. She had been left waiting for Qin Zhi in the conference room. “Junior, you can get off work now. You don’t have to come to work tomorrow, either. Your boss saw that you worked so hard, so he gave you a day of break. You need to try harder. If you can’t grasp such a great opportunity, it seems that I can only recruit someone else.“

However, Zhuo Yun Rui had already ordered food. Why did boss who originally seemed like he was going to work until late at night, after a while, vanish?

Listening to Ruan Si Nan teasing words, Zhuo Yun Rui pretended not to understand.
She overtook one of the employees inside conference and asked for a long time. Then she finally understood that, originally, boss had a date tomorrow, so even this meeting was abandoned.

It was that woman again!

Zhuo Yun Rui clearly understood her own goal. Seeing the recruitment notice for female employees, she knew her opportunity came. Relying on her relationship with the vice-president as former schoolmates, she triumphed over all the other job applicants. After winning this position, it was different from her expectations, the boss wasn’t a lecher. He even ignorant of the scheme. It was all the vice-president’s plot.

But so what? Her goal absolutely wouldn’t change. Besides, she still had the vice-president as a powerful backer. Even though she was fully aware that the vice-president was making use of her, in order to achieve her goal, she could ignore everything else.

It was just that it was very difficult to surmount “Lou Yao Yao” this mountain in front of her.
The big mountain Lou Yao Yao didn’t know there was someone who wanted to surmount her. After calling Qin Zhi, she was immersed in excitement. In fact, it seemed that though she had never had a appointment with someone before. What should she do?

As for the afternoon’s mishap, she quickly forgot about it. She, Lou Yao Yao, wasn’t woman that would never give up. The word “give up” didn’t exist in her dictionary. If something she wanted wasn’t hers, then she would snatch it.

Was the number of things that she had snatched over these years small? Which thing had she not been able to get? Even Chen Hao, that dregs male, in the end, hadn’t she snatched him? In this world, there wasn’t anything that she couldn’t snatch!

Most importantly, when thinking that Qin Zhi was someone else’s, she felt as though the world was filled with despair. Because, Qin Zhi made her feel as though she was not without merit. She hadn’t been knocked down by despair, at least there was still someone willing to love her.
No one knew, in that black nightmare, how much despair she had been in.

Returning back 7 years, it seemed that though nothing in the past could harm her. Actually, her self-confidence, her uncaringness, her new life, everything was because that person had supported her.

It was okay even if she was loathed, she must live by Qin Zhi’s side even if she was being totally shameless. She would never waver. Nobody better think that they could rob him from her hand! All the women with impure intentions would completely be driven out. Even if Qin Zhi didn’t have any feelings towards her, if he couldn’t choose anyone else, he would only be able to see her.

If it was anyone else, she probably wouldn’t do anything like this. However, towards Qin Zhi, she had an inexplicable confidence in her heart. Also, it seemed that she had the precedent of driving away all other females by Qin Zhi’s side. She even suspected, if Qin Zhi hadn’t deceived her and he really did love her at that time, would it be because he basically had no other choice than loving her?

Haaa, if this theory was true, then didn’t Qin Zhi have a masochistic tendency?

In any case, no matter what…… the date was first!

Her feelings towards Qin Zhi were based on “can’t lose it”. Whether or not there was actually love, she hadn’t determined yet. But if there was no love, then she could develop feelings. After all, she had been prepared to rely on the other party for a lifetime.

Besides, if she changed too much and scared Qin Zhi away, that wouldn’t be good. They both needed to adapt. Slowly, bit by bit, she would change. One day, Qin Zhi would discover her regard for him.

Before sleeping, Lou Yao Yao send Qin Zhi a SMS saying good night. After receiving a reply, Lou Yao Yao climbed into bed, satisfied.

Seeing the light in the room go out with only a little bit of dim light left, the green light from his cell phone screen obscured his face. He stared blankly at the window for a while. Qin Zhi then closed his phone and silently started his car.


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