Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 21.1

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Chapter 21 Growing Up

“Do you think I went too far?” Seeing Lou Qing Qing leave looking as though she had lost her soul, Lou Yao Yao leaned on Qin Zhi’s bosom and said quietly.

Qin Zhi asked her, “Do you think you went to far?”

“Of course not!” Lou Yao Yao passionately denied. Considering everything Lou Qing Qing had done to her, how could this repayment be counted as too excessive? In the beginning, if she knew that Lou Qing Qing and Chen Hao were together, then she wouldn’t have involved herself again. It was laughable. She was stupid to the point that she actually believed that Chen Hao felt guilty about Lin Fei’s death and remained single for many years because of this reason. If those two hadn’t joined together to deceive her, then she wouldn’t have remained ignorant for so many years.

However, all of this had already passed. Although she hated and regretted, she was fortunate to have this man in front of her.

“In that case, there’s no need to ask me.” Qin Zhi smiled and said.

This was excessive tolerance of Lou Yao Yao; even though, he clearly knew what the other party was doing was wrong.

Lou Yao Yao looked up at him. Her heart felt sour and sweet. He was probably the real fool. She help but recalling when she was a child, whenever she did something wrong, Qin Zhi always took the blame. Although he wouldn’t expose her, afterwards, he would grasp her and spank her until she screamed in pain. Every time, he went out with his friends, he disliked her for being troublesome and thought of various ways to ditch her. Thinking of this, Lou Yao Yao asked in curiosity, “Qin Zhi, you disliked me when we were young, right?”

Qin Zhi was stunned by her question, then honestly answered, “I disliked you.”

Lou Yao Yao choked at his honesty. Although she had asked this question, she still pinched him and asked angrily, “Then why do you like me now?”

Lou Yao Yao didn’t really understand this either. Although she wasn’t willing to admit it, if she was in the same situation and grew up with a troublemaker, she would avoid him at the earliest opportunity when she became an adult. How could you continue to masochistically continue to remain at the troublemaker’s side? And he even fell in love with her.

Besides, she wasn’t an unrivaled beauty. Nor did she have outstanding talent. Thirdly, her personality could even be called bad. Okay……Thinking about like that, she didn’t seem to have a single strength. Thinking about it made one disheartened………..

Seeing Lou Yao Yao hanging her head in depression, Qin Zhi felt a little funny and a little heartache. He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. He smiled and said, “It’s probably because I spoiled you. I’m afraid, other than me, no one else will want you. So I have to take responsibility.”

Hearing this, Lou Yao Yao opened her eyes wide. What did he mean nobody dared want! She had been confessed to a short time ago!

Then what about you? Why did you go out with me?” Qin Zhi didn’t give her the opportunity to get angry and tossed out his own question. He believed that Lou Yao Yao genuinely didn’t like Chen Hao. She was never a woman who was good at camouflage. She never had reason to go back on her words.

Qin Zhi waited for her reply. He couldn’t understand why. He knew if he asked, then Lou Yao Yao would tell him the truth. She wouldn’t deceive him. But, he was still unwilling to ask and hear an answer that he didn’t want. However, after dating, he could feel Lou Yao Yao’s sincere devotion. Perhaps, it wasn’t just his own wishful thinking.

After asking, it felt like a boulder that had been pressing down on him had suddenly been removed. His heart immediately felt lighter.

Lou Yao Yao rolled her eyes, “I thought you would never ask.”

“It is probably because in this world, there is no one that would treat me better than you do. Besides, you already spoiled me. If I don’t make you take responsibility, then who else would be responsible for me?” Lou Yao Yao returned the words that Qin Zhi had just said.

If Lou Yao Yao said she was dating him because she loved him, Qin Zhi might not completely believe it. But if she said that it was because he treated her well, Qin Zhi didn’t have any reason to disbelieve it. Where could you find a man that treated Lou Yao Yao better than he did? From this point of view, Qin Zhi was a narcissist.

He didn’t think that this was bad or regretful at all. Maybe some people thought that a heart-throbbing love was real love. However, dating because one felt moved wasn’t real love. Rather than the sudden heart-throbbing love, he thought that this kind of love was longer-lasting. Moreover, it wasn’t like Lou Yao Yao didn’t know what he paid. In the future, he would be even better to her, so that she wouldn’t leave.

This woman will belong to him. From the moment he accepted his fate, he never thought of giving up. The person who was actually unwilling to give up was actually him.

It wasn’t so much love was between them as an inextricable, inescapable fetter.

Lou Yao Yao was somewhat embarrassed by Qin Zhi’s fiery gaze. Did she say something wrong?

Being stared at, she was distracted and twisted  her ankle when she carelessly stepped back. When she was stepping on Chen Hao’s feet, it was very enjoyable, but her feet were tired. Although her foot wasn’t hurt, she couldn’t place too much weight on it. Qin Zhi didn’t miss her carelessly twisting her foot. Without waiting for her to speak, Qin Zhi already said, “Go rest.”

“En.” Lou Yao Yao naturally didn’t have any objection; she didn’t want to stay here any longer. Although now she didn’t care what people thought of her, she didn’t want be surrounded by people glancing strangely at her. “I’m tired. Let’s go back.”


Qin Zhi left the dance floor with Lou Yao Yao in his arms and greeted Dong Dong and the other people. The two people left the dance, and went outside.  Seeing that there were no people on the path, Qin Zhi squatted down in front of Lou Yao Yao and stretched out his hand to gently massage her ankle. He was squatting too close. Lou Yao Yao could even feel his breath on her calf. Immediately, her face flushed. Out of embarrassment, she grew angry and pushed him, “What are you doing? My foot is fine.” After saying this, she left by herself.

After being given a hard push, Qin Zhi fell to the ground. Although his good intentions were being regarded as evil intentions, he didn’t care. He was unbothered as he rose from the ground and slowly and leisurely followed Lou Yao Yao from behind.

FirePegasus: My school is currently suddenly on break because of air pollution. The city I live in is currently number 1 in the world’s top most polluted cities. I’m really excited that I don’t have to go school, but the reason makes me feel….. I thought when I moved from China I moved away forever from air pollution. In the end, the city I lived in while I was China is way less polluted than the city I currently am in. I’m struck speechless. Literally the air above my city is just smog. When I went outside yesterday, I almost thought the pollution was fog. It was literally that dense. I really don’t know what to say. In any case, because of the unexpected vacation, I have more time and released another chapter. 

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