Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20 Viciousness

There are many kinds of smiles: sad smiles, happy smiles. Behind each smile, there is a hidden emotion.

Lou Yao Yao smiled. Some people thought she was angry and smiled. But Lou Qing Qing who knew her knew that it wasn’t an angry smile. She smiled like this when she was happy. Yes, happy. Lou Yao Yao’s expression, eyes, everything told her that that right now, Lou Yao Yao was happy from the bottom of her heart.

It was preposterous, but it was true.

In front of Lou Qing Qing’s frightened eyes, Lou Yao Yao raised her hand and snapped, “Waiter.”

The waiter, who was continuously paying attention in order to clean up the mess, quickly put down the tray in his hand and hurried over. He politely asked, “Young lady, what can I do for you?”

“Bring a tray of wine over, wine.” Lou Yao Yao still stared at Lou Qing Qing and smiled.

Listening to this strange request, the waiter’s expression didn’t change. He didn’t reveal the slightest doubt on his face and bowed slightly, “Alright, please wait a moment.”

At that time, Qin Zhi had already passed through the crowd. He cast a doubtful look at her. Lou Yao Yao didn’t say anything and just smiled at him. So he also smiled and stopped doubting. He just stood quietly to one side, waiting for her to deal with this matter.

Whatever she did, he just needed to stand by her side. When she needed him, he would lend her a hand. That was enough.

This man was the courage behind her willful behavior.

Lou Yao Yao turned around and continued to watched Lou Qing Qing, smiling.

Lou Qing Qing was a little scared by her stare. She found that completely couldn’t understand what Lou Yao Yao was doing and thinking at this moment.

Lou Yao Yao’s world was white and black. There were people she liked and people she didn’t like. Her likes and dislikes were always expressed directly. She might be stupid or she might disdain to act, but she had never learned how to act. When she liked you, she could raise you up to heaven. When she disliked you, she could trample down to hell.

Every time Lou Qing Qing provoked her, she clearly knew the consequences but she was unable to stand still.

With this, Lou Qing Qing made Lou Yao Yao’s image become worse and worse.

Every time, Lou Yao Yao was angry or flipped out, Lou Qing Qing would soon be very happy because she finally tore apart that false mask. Look, this is Lou Yao Yao. She was so obstinate, capricious and unreasonable. It was just, why couldn’t they see it?

Lou Qing Qing looked at Qin Zhi. In her heart, she couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see it. The girl he liked was such a bad person. Why did Qin Zhi who had clearly seen her dark side still choose to stay by Lou Yao Yao’s side. Did this man have any brains? There were so many girls in this world, why did he just stick to Lou Yao Yao?

The waiter quickly brought over the tray. Lou Yao Yao used three fingers to gently twirl the glass. She swayed the glass gently. The brown **[I would assume this is wine/] was moving inside the transparent wine glass. The color was incomparably mesmerizing to people. After swaying the glass, Lou Yao Yao placed the glass below her nose for two seconds. She was then satisfied and placed the glass to her lip for a small sip.  Her movements were perfectly elegant.

Lou Qing Qing only noticed Lou Yao Yao’s pair of hands: slender, tender and white. This pair of hands, even if women were to see it, they couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. They were too beautiful. Every time she saw Lou Yao Yao, it was her habit to look at Lou Yao Yao’s hands, then she would think of her own hands. When she was sent to her father by her mother, she was already 14 years old. Her hand shape was already fixed and her bones were short and thick. There was also a thin layer of calluses on her hand. She had never done any household chores, but her hands had a layer of calluses. No matter how she maintained her hands, that layer of calluses continued to be there.

On the first day in her father’s house, she had slept with Lou Yao Yao on the same bed. She had stealthily held Lou Yao Yao’s hand; that hand that was completely different from hers. It was as smooth as silk and bonelessly supple. She would probably never forget that feeling.

This was the eternal pain in Lou Qing Qing’s heart.

At night, she couldn’t help but thinking if there was not Lou Yao Yao. If there was no Lou Yao Yao. She had placed her hands on Lou Yao Yao’s neck, wishing to strangle her more than once.

But she didn’t dare. She was afraid to lose everything she had now.

She humbly bore everything, regarding herself as Lou Yao Yao’s shadow. But Lou Yao Yao wasn’t satisfied. Lou Yao Yao clearly had so much, but she even wanted to snatch what she had, her father’s love. Clearly, everything that her father had given her, she already generously gave Lou Yao Yao. She had even spoken good words about Lou Yao Yao in front of her father.

But Lou Yao Yao wasn’t grateful; she just wanted to embarrass her.

She even wanted to snatch her man. Lou Yao Yao clearly knew that she had a crush on Chen Hao, but she wanted to rob Chen Hao.

This woman named Lou Yao Yao, her heart was so vicious. Why couldn’t other people see it!?

No, she wanted to expose her true face. Let everyone see it. Sooner or later she would find herself utterly isolated!

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