Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 20.2

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Chapter 21 — Viciousness

Lou Yao Yao amusingly looked at Lou Qing Qing’s constantly changing face. She took a sip of the wine, then smiled and said, “Lou Qing Qing, do you really know what viciousness is?”

“Viciousness?” Immersed in the sadness of the past, Lou Qing Qing looked at Lou Yao Yao’s hand and murmured unconsciously.

“Lou Qing Qing, let me tell you what is actual viciousness.”

After saying this, Lou Yao Yao poured the wine in her onto Lou Qing Qing’s face. Then she put down the wine glass and took another glass, one glass after another. Six entire glasses of wine were all poured onto Lou Qing Qing’s face.

She held an empty glass and raised her chin and looked and Lou Qing Qing. She was like a queen, arrogant for a lifetime.

Everyone was shocked by this scene. They thought that Lou Yao Yao would roar and get angry, would hit people, only they hadn’t thought that she would use this method to take revenge.

Lou Yao Yao looked around, sneering. All the people whom she looked at turned their heads. But the people who didn’t evade Lou Yao Yao’s look, leisurely smiled and raised their glasses in toast to Lou Yao Yao. Lou Yao Yao turned back, satisfied. She looked at Lou Qing Qing smilingly, “Lou Qing Qing, raise your head and look around. Look at the expressions of these people.”

Drops of wine slipped down her cheeks. Lou Qing Qing looked as though she had taken a wine bath. She was in a terrible state. Listening to Lou Yao Yao’s words, she instinctively raised her head and looked around. These people seemed to not feel anything toward what had just happened. Clearly, Lou Yao Yao had just done such a vicious deed, but no one said a word of rebuke to her. Even the man that invited her to the dance had his back to her and was with a beautiful woman. It seemed that he had completely forgotten about her.

Unexpectedly…….not a single person came to help her.

Why was this?

Seeing Lou Qing Qing looking at her blankly, Lou Yao Yao moved closer to her and whispered, “Did you really think that your little tricks could injure me? Did you really think that they were just ridiculing me alone? No, you’re wrong. They were laughing at both of us. Did you think they wouldn’t be able to see through your petty thoughts or that I wouldn’t be able to? Do you why I clearly know the way they look at me, but still do it anyway?”

“It’s because I know their thoughts cannot cause any substantive injury to me.” Lou Yao Yao stepped back and her gaze turned sharp as she said, “Lou Qing Qing, you saw me being laughed at by people. However, you never saw that were also laughing at you.  Enjoy the taste of being ridiculed.”

Even though she had once cared about the opinions of others, after experiencing death, why would she still care about irrelevant opinions? In this world, there was nothing more painful than hearing Qin Zhi say that he loved her during her past life.

Not paying any more attention to Lou Qing Qing, Lou Yao Yao turned around said to that man who was always waiting for her, “Are you willing to accompany for a dance?”

He didn’t say anything, only bowed like a gentleman and invited her dance with a slightly doting smile on his face.

Lou Yao Yao placed her hand in his hand and held it tightly. Many men will fall in love with a woman because of her kindness. However, very few men, after discovering that the woman he loved was a cruel, vicious woman, would continue to choose to love her. If you run into such a man, please use all your strength to treasure him.

Because if you missed each other once, perhaps in this life and in the next, you might forever and ever never be able to meet again.

With their departure, the people who had lowered their voices and pretended to be conversing suddenly raised their voices. Countless comments flooded Lou Qing Qing. They openly looked at her. The looks of despise and ridicule that were originally given to Lou Yao Yao were now all shifted to her.

“Get out of the way.” Someone used his or her shoulder to forcefully knock into her.

Lou Qing Qing stumbled a few steps and almost fell down. Not so long ago, she had said bad things about Lou Yao Yao with a sympathizing face to her. Now, she looked at her as though looking at a bug on the ground, full of disgust.

Lou Qing Qing hugged herself tightly. She felt like icy water was what had been poured onto her head; otherwise, why would she feel so cold.

Some people seemed to be talking to her, but she couldn’t hear anything. There was the sound of various kinds of ridiculing laughter in her ears. Everyone was looking at her  with those kind of vicious eyes. The good-intentioned waiter placed a towel on Lou Qing Qing’s body, but it was fiercely pushed away by her.

Lou Qing Qing muddleheadedly left the banquet hall and walked into the corridor. The tears that she had suppressed kept on falling. She held on tightly to the towel on her body and squatted on the floor, crying bitterly.

It was all because of Lou Yao Yao. If it wasn’t for Lou Yao Yao and Fang Xi Lei, how could she not have a father since young? When Lou Yao Yao lived in big house and wore beautiful clothes, she could only wear a bleached white school uniform and hide in a corner to peek at her father.

Suddenly, all the pain of the past poured out. When Lou Qing Qing thought that she would die of the pain, everything in front of her became black and her vision blurred. A man squatted down in front of her and gently used his fingers to wipe away her tears. He said sadly, “Why are you by yourself, crying? Have you become lost? Let me send you home.”

At that moment, Lou Qing Qing thought she was saved.  

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  1. What a delusional bitch. The wealthy one is Yaoyao’s mom not her dad. The one who abandoned her was her das not because of Yaoyao’s mom forcing him.
    She’s the one who pestered ill intention, and envy deep in her heart how shameless could she be to blame someone else for her own shortcoming. Thats why in my culture we have saying like ‘when you’re given good thing, always be grateful for having it better than other unfortunate people’.
    This bitch literally got her life upgraded but couldnt see the fortune she has 🤡

  2. -sighs- I really feel sorry for LQQ. In the last time line she was killed by LYY and never really felt actual happiness at all 🙁 LQQ also feels somewhat sad about not being LYY’s beloved jiejie anymore due to circumstances and her jealousy ;w; She doesn’t have anyone who has her back & she’s alone (& her father doesn’t really help her much) … She’s actually really pitiful :/

    I don’t like LYY splashing tons of wine on LQQ; but that’s just me hating on ruthless female protagonists who take their revenge on other women X’DD

  3. Blaming Yao Yao and her mother when actually it was Lou Qing Qing’s mother’s faul for not telling to her father she was pregnant. This Lou Qing Qing is a stupid person

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    1. Suprisingly, I’m not in China. I’m in Chiangmai, Thailand. It was number 1 some time ago, but it dropped down to 2 now. Apparently the government’s measures to stop air pollution during this season failed so Chiangmai is still has sky-high pollution. We always get high amounts of air pollution about this time, but its never been this severe before. Other places have snow days, we have pollution days.

  5. Ayy.. I’m grateful that you got vacation and could release another chapter <3 but yeah, the cause aren't so well. I love nature so much and I feel terrible seeing how disasterous it has been because of human

    Thanks for the chapter
    Hope to see their lovely dovey scenes!

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    Lol LYY saved? Why do i get a feeling she’s going to fall into a deeper pit????

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