Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 19 Three Slaps
Lou Yao Yao lowered her head and concealed the loathing in her eyes. She placed her hand in his hand.

“It’s my honor.”

It was indeed an honor. To be remembered by such a man.

When Chen Hao led Lou Yao Yao onto the dance floor, the originally lively dance floor became silent in an instant. All the people who were enjoying the show looked at Lin Fei sitting at the side. Lin Fei didn’t disappoint their expectations and rushed over immediately. However, her two friends who by her side stopped her. After all, if Lin Fei made a scene at this occasion, as her friends, they would also lose face. However, they, who were thinking like that, didn’t realize that tugging and pulling at Lin Fei also made them lose face1.

Dong Dong and the others who were questioning Qin Zhi also fell silent. All the men simultaneously looked at the dance floor. Qin Zhi notected their change and also looked over.

His face originally still had a small smile on i,t but that smile faded.

Looking at this scene, everyone had different thoughts.

When the two people entered the dance floor, the last song had just ended. When they got into position, Lou Yao Yao stepped on Chen Hao’s foot. Then she said in surprise and apology, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to step on you. Did I hurt you?”

“It’s fine.” Chen Hao pulled a face and wondered if it was just his imagination that Lou Yao Yao had used all her strength to step on him.

Quickly, he discovered that it wasn’t just his imagination.

Lou Yao Yao didn’t come to dance. She made it completely clear that she came to step on him. Almost every other step, Lou Yao Yao stepped on Chen Hao’s foot. Her expression was apologetic and innocent, but she used all her strength when stepping on him.

This scene was seen by everyone. Imperceptibly, more and more people left the dance floor. There was soon a vacuum around Chen Hao and Lou Yao Yao.

Even if it was a mistake, it was impossible to step on his entire foot, right? Chen Hao frowned and almost failed to maintain that perfect smile on his face. He finally couldn’t help but asking, “Yao Yao, did I make you angry?”

“You should ask when did you not make me angry.” Lou Yao Yao blinked her large eyes at him and smiled.

“Is it because I didn’t pick you up at the appointed time on my birthday?” Chen Hao’s expression was somewhat helpless. He smiled bitterly, “You know Lin Fei’s temperament. If I don’t pick her up first, who knows what she will do?”

“If you hadn’t mentioned this, I would have forgotten about it.”

Lou Yao Yao sneered, “Chen Hao, don’t you think you are being ridiculous? Lin Fei is your real girlfriend. Why are you explaining to me?”

It was always like this. He revealed a helpless and forbearing expression. It made people unconsciously sympathize with him. Then he began to speak but hesitated, so that she always felt that she was different. Otherwise, why would he explain things to her again and again?

With Lou Yao Yao’s pride and self-esteem, originally, she wouldn’t have liked a man with a girlfriend. However, everyone could see that Chen Hao wasn’t with Lin Fei voluntarily. Like the other girls deluded by Chen Hao, Lou Yao Yao felt that Lin Fei wasn’t worthy of Chen Hao. If it wasn’t for Lin Fei forcing him with the threat of her death, why would he be together with her? Their relationship was destined to be short. Chen Hao also once vaguely said that he wished Lin Fei to find someone who really loved her. That was why Lou Yao Yao was willing to wait.

This waiting lasted for two years. At the cost of her own life, Lin Fei ended her relationship with Chen Hao.

Thinking about it now, it really wasn’t worth it for Lin Fei.

Perhaps, even Lin Fei was just a tool for Chen Hao. A tool to make him look better.

Look, that obstinate girl named Lin Fei repeatedly attempted suicide for him. Look, that arrogant and wilful girl named Lou Yao Yao is hanging on to him despite him having a girlfriend. Look that weak girl named Lou Qing Qing unexpectedly dares to rob her meimei2, who always bullied her, of her man. One woman after another had become his decorations. People would think that he must be an excellent man for so many girls to chase after him. It was their group of foolish women who created this “outstanding” man who could confuse tens of thousands.

In Chen Hao’s life, Lou Yao Yao was just a supporting role. Even without her, there would still be other Lou Yao Yao’s. One should say that in Chen Hao’s life, there was no heroine. Everyone was a supporting role. Lin Fei died. Lou Qing Qing died. In the end, even she died.

Had this kind of man ever really loved anyone?

Right now the only thing Lou Yao Yao was rejoicing about was that in Chen Hao’s show, she was just a dispensable supporting role.

Lou Yao Yao lowered her head and hid her expression. Therefore, Chen Hao didn’t know what she was thinking about at that moment. He thought she was just spitefully saying angry words. After he heard her word, with a melancholy face and faltering voice, he said, “Yao Yao, I…..…”

I………I what?

Lou Yao Yao came back to herself and ruthlessly trampled on his foot. Look, this was the man she once loved. Once, he only had to show such a helpless expression and she couldn’t help but be tender-hearted. She couldn’t but keep on finding excuses for him. He couldn’t bear to shed all pretense of cordiality with Lin Fei. Lou Yao Yao thought he was very kind. He took care of every single girl. Lou Yao Yao though he was just too much of a gentleman.

Really was………..Thinking of it made one be crazy.

That she had once liked such a man, she was also crazy!

“Chen Hao, I don’t care what cheap tricks you use. From now on, I don’t want you to come bother me again. I have no interest.”

After speaking this sentence, Lou Yao Yao stepped back and looked at him coldly, “Thank you for dancing with me for this dance. This is a gift for you.”

After that, she raised her hand and ruthlessly slapped Chen Hao. From now on, this person had nothing to do with her. He better not provoke her. Otherwise, with the resentment from the past life, she would let him go to hell.

Her slap didn’t just stun Chen Hao; it stunned all the party guests.

The dance hall was silent for an instant. Very quickly, it became lively again. Those talking went back to talking; the dancers went back to dancing. It was as though Lou Yao Yao slapping Chen Hao hadn’t ever occurred. There was only the occasional scornful gaze toward Chen Hao.

That this strike water right and left3 man finally fell into a woman’s hands, wasn’t it interesting?

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