Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 18.2

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Chapter 18 — Banquet

Waiting for Lou Yao Yao, Dong Dong’s grandfather seemed to have just discovered Lin Fei and said indifferently, “Oh, it’s the yatou from the Lin family.” This attitude was vastly different compared to how Lou Yao Yao was treated.

Although Lin Fei was arrogant, in front of Dong Dong’s grandfather, she didn’t dare flare up. She offered birthday congratulations again in a soft voice. Dong Dong’s grandfather nodded his head without much expression on his face.

After Lin Fei left, Qin Zhi went up and said a few sentences to Dong Dong’s grandfather. Because Qin Zhi was someone he had seen grow up, Dong Dong’s grandfather was kind and didn’t make thing difficult for Qin Zhi. Qin Zhi said hello to Lou Yao Yao, then went down from the table first.

Lou Yao Yao poked Dong Dong’s grandfather’s arm and muttered, “Grandfather, you did it intentionally just now.”

Dong Dong’s grandfather continued to pretend to be deaf, “Ah, Yao Yao yatou, what did you say?”

Several old people around them all laughed. Lou Yao Yao also couldn’t help laughing. How was Dong Dong’s grandfather unable to hear? He was doing it deliberately. Although old people were old, their hearts was clear.

Who was sincere and who was fake, he could see it all clearly.

Seeing Lou Yao Yao laughing happily in front, the girls below all hated her even more and gritted their teeth.

After that, Lou Yao Yao sat at the head table and accompanied the old people, chatting. Several old people deliberately pretend to be hard of hearing. She didn’t care and shouted while speaking to them. If this was before, she probably wouldn’t have done this because she was afraid of people ridiculing her. But she had been reborn, at first raw, later ripe1. She was willing to keep on talking with them. If her losing face made these old people a little happier, then why not do it ?

Moreover, facts have proved that those who spoiled her like her. They wouldn’t stop spoiling or liking her because of rumors so why care.

With this mentality, Lou Yao Yao won more favor from the old people.

As for these girls who were trained as successful public figures and were educated as a virtuous woman from a young age, to make them talk to the old people in a loud voice so that their faces were red from effort was probably too difficult for them to do. Thus, without a doubt, Lou Yao Yao became an alien.

“Bootlicker!” Lin Fei’s sentence met with countless girls’ approval. Other than flattery, what could Lou Yao Yao do? However, even if they were blue with anger it wouldn’t have any effect on Lou Yao Yao.

Nearly all the guests had arrived and begun sitting. With Lou Yao Yao’s ranking in seniority, even though her relationship with Dong Dong’s grandfather was good and she wouldn’t be relegated to another hall, she could at most only have a seat in the main hall. In the end, she was dragged to a seat at the host table by Dong Dong’s grandfather.

Lou Yao Yao was not pretentious. If he wanted her to sit, then she would sit.

Before the banquet started, everyone first ate a bowl of longevity noodles2. Only after eating the noodles could the banquet start. The noodles were in a clear soup with some chopped green onions. The taste was very bland. After waiting for Dong Dong’s grandfather to pick up his chopsticks and have the first bite, Lou Yao Yao who had been long been hungry quickly ate up the long noodles.

Because all the people at her table were old people, the food was all light nutrients with easy digestion being the focus. What Lou Yao Yao ate recently was all oily foods, she was unused to such light dishes.

Seeing Lou Yao Yao moving her chopsticks only a few times, Dong Dong’s grandfather said, “Yao Yao yatou, you spend a day with us old men. You must be bored. Go downstairs and find Dong Dong and play with them.”

This floor was filled with middle-aged or old men taking advantage of the banquet to talk about official business or private matters. They wouldn’t leave the table in a short period of time. Lou Yao Yao was still young and couldn’t bear such stiff atmosphere. After thinking about it, she didn’t refuse. After arranging a time to go to Old Town and visit them, Lou Yao Yao left the table.

After she left, one old person said, “Yao Yao, this yatou, I haven’t seen her for some time and she’s become a lot steadier.”

“It really it so. What a pity. That Qin family’s boy getting a bargain3.” Dong Dong’s grandfather said this very indignantly. In the beginning he had favored Lou Yao Yao and Dong Dong being together. However Dong Dong failed to live up his expectations and gave his granddaughter-in-law to another person.

Qin Zhi saw Lou Yao Yao leave the table and left with her. WIth a natural expression, he held her hand and asked, “Are you going back?”

Lou Yao Yao touched her flat stomach, “Going downstairs to the ball to eat something. I haven’t eaten anything.”

Qin Zhi naturally had no objections.

Dong Dong’s family invited a lot of people for this birthday banquet. There was even a ball set up downstairs for the young people. The senior generation were basically all upstairs while the younger generation were basically all gathered downstairs after offering birthday congratulations. Lou Yao Yao wore a natural and simple white princess dress today. She didn’t need to change clothes again. Qin Zhi didn’t need to change. Being male was much more convenient, just by wearing a suit, they could go to nearly any banquet.

While waiting for the elevator, Lou Yao Yao suddenly pinkie-promised and said, “Qin Zhi, if one day I become hard of hearing, you can’t feel it’s bothersome. You should say what you want to say a few more times. Don’t ignore me because I can’t hear you.” Like Dong Dong’s grandfather, though he wasn’t actually hard of hearing, he just wanted people to accompany him to talk. Unfortunately, those people were all too impatient.

Qin Zhi looked at her thoughtfully, then lowered his head to kiss her forehead. He smiled as he said, “ Then you can’t think I’m bothersome in the future.”

“Okay.” Lou Yao Yao nodded with a smile.

When they went downstairs, they found a seat in the corner. Qin Zhi had just give Lou Yao Yao a plate of snacks when he was dragged off by Dong Dong and the others to be interrogated.

Lou Yao Yao sat in the corner by herself, slowly eating the snacks. She ignored the various gazes fixed upon her and ate her snacks in satisfaction.

After finishing the last snack and wiping her mouth, she saw a hand in front of her.

“This beautiful young lady, are you willing to dance with me?”

Perhaps it was because of the light, Lou Yao Yao felt that the scene in front of her was dazzling. He bowed and extended his hand toward her with that gentle smile that once made her be infatuated with him on his face. She had once lost to that smiling face.

He was not very handsome, but his smiling face made people captivated. Lou Yao Yao had never seen anyone whose smiling face looked better than him.

But that day at Lou Qing Qing’s funeral, he also smiled like that.

It was absolutely horrifying.

FirePegasus: Chen Hao is really terrifying. To be able to smile the same way at his own lover’s funeral. She was even pregnant with his child. Doesn’t he have human feelings?

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