Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 17.2

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Chapter 17 — No one loves you more than I do

Taking out his phone, Chen Hao dialed that phone number. However, it was the system message, “Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unable to meet your call. Please dial later. Chen Hao clenched his fist with a cold face and his phone produced a “kaka” sound.

On the other side, Lou Yao Yao  hung up and opened her blacklist. When she saw the series of identical phone number, she couldn’t help revealing an expression of loathing. It was really hilarious. In the past, he had called her on his own initiative just a handful of times,but these few days the number of times he had called her was equal to the number of all the previous times. She put down her phone and continued to sort out her clothes.

After determining her relationship with Qin Zhi, she usually lived with Qin Zhi. Finally, she discovered that she didn’t have enough clothes to wear in the closet, so she chose a day to go back home and pick up some clothes. After filling two suitcases, she unwillingly called a stop. It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to take more, but Qin Zhi’s house didn’t have enough space. However, she didn’t want to move. After all, they had lived there so many years.

Also, although a big house was good,  it wasn’t as warm as a small house.

When Fang Xilei and Lou Yuanzhi entered the house, they saw two suitcases next to the shoe rack. Lou Yuanzhi had no reaction, but Fang Xilei frowned.

Lou Yao Yao was accompanying the two aunties by watching television. She saw her parents come back and beamingly greet them.

After dinner, Fang Xilei called Lou Yao Yao upstairs.

“What’s with the two suitcases downstairs?” The mother and daughter pair sat on Lou Yao Yao’s bed. Lou Yao Yao leaned her head on her mother’s shoulder, “Mom, I want to move out.”

“Move out?”

“En. Mom, I want to live with Qin Zhi.” When she said this, Lou Yao Yao was somewhat nervous.

Fang Xi Lei wasn’t actually surprised. She pulled Lou Yao Yao upright, looked at her daughter and said, “Yao Yao, are you dating Qin Zhi?”

“En.” Thick-skinned Lou Yao Yao blushed under her mother’s gaze. Even if a woman skin was thick, when discussing emotional matter with her mother, she would always be shy.

Fang Xilei sighed and brushed Lou Yao Yao’s bangs off to the side. “Yao Yao, have you truly decided?”

Lou Yao Yao bit her lip and said, “Mom, are you going to stop me?”

“If you are determined to do this, then mom won’t stop you. But I still don’t want you to do this.”

“Mom, I know you worry for me, but…….” Lou Yao Yao lay in Fang Xilei’s arms and said softly, “I believe that in this world, there won’t be another man who loves me like Qin Zhi”

Fang Xilei had known Qin Zhi as long as Lou Yao Yao. You could say that she had watched the two children grow up. She was very clear how Qin Zhi treated Lou Yao Yao. Yet in matters of love, no one could rashly surmise the ending. Perhaps, their relationship was good now, but it didn’t represent that  their relationship would be good in the future. Moreover, her daughter was just 20 years old. There still many days awaiting them, how could she give up her daughter to a man. Even if the other party was even better, she still wouldn’t be willing.

However, her daughter had grown up. She already had her own determination. It was impossible to continue to prevent her daughter from loving.

AdvertisementFurthermore, Qin Zhi was someone that truly let one be reassured. Fang Xilei couldn’t help but remembering another person. If it was Chen Hao, she definitely wouldn’t agree.

The mother and daughter pair spoke of  intimate matters in their little nest. Lou Yao Yao originally wanted to ask about her mother’s feelings toward her father, but, after all, Lou Yuanzhi was her father. Other than his personality having a problem, he hadn’t done anything too excessive. On what basis could she criticize her parent’s sentiment. Ultimately, Lou Yao Yao swallowed a lot of words down.

Her mother wasn’t a small child. She knew what to do. According to her mother’s personality,  if Lou Yuanzhi ever did anything unfair to her mother after their marriage, then wouldn’t they have already divorced? Furthermore, if her parents broke up because her father was indifferent to her, wasn’t that too presumptuous of her?

In the final analysis, Lou Yuanzhi was very good to Fang Xilei. He probably wasn’t satisfied that Fang Xilei gave birth to a girl.

In the end, Lou Yao Yao told Fang Xilei about her desire for an internship. Fang Xilei listened to her reasoning and didn’t hesitate. She agreed to let her enter the design department.

When Qin Zhi came it was already close to eight o’clock. Qin Zhi helped carry the suitcase to the car trunk. Lou Yao Yao sat in the passenger’s seat and waited for Qin Zhi. In the reflector, Lou Yao Yao saw Fang Xilei and Qin Zhi standing by the car trunk and saying something. Their voices were too low, she wasn’t able to hear anything.

She waited for Qin Zhi to board the car and smilingly asked him, “What did you talk about with my mom?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Perhaps because his mood was too good, Qin Zhi unusually cracked a joke.

Seeing Qin Zhi’s smiling face, Lou Yao Yao moved over and kissed his face, “Humph, now you’re finished. If you dare have illicit relations but abandon me later, then I’ll stay at your family’s house and refuse to leave. Later, you won’t be able to do anything.”

“Then I need to hurry and inform my mother not to let you in the next time she sees you.”

“Haha, your mother won’t refuse to let me in.” Lou Yao Yao was like the second child in Qin Zhi’s family. She was treasured. If the two of them quarreled, it was uncertain who would be refused to be let in. Qin Zhi’s mother longed for her to marry into their family.

Thinking of this, Lou Yao Yao was dazed. In fact, probably everyone was aware of their feelings, only she didn’t completely understand.

Seeing that Lou Yao Yao suddenly fell in a daze and stopped speaking, Qin Zhi also didn’t speak again.

He always thought it was a little unrealistic. Lou Yao Yao truly wanted to live together with him.

She wasn’t jesting or cracking a joke?

He couldn’t help but remember the words that Fang Xilei had just said.

——I originally didn’t approve of Lou Yao Yao moving out. However, Lou Yao Yao that in this world there won’t another man who loves her more than you do. Do you think you can live up to those words?

Of course. How could there be someone who loved Lou Yao Yao more than he did in this world? Qin Zhi was very self-confident regarding this point.

Lou Yao Yao, there isn’t anyone who loves you more than I do.

Qin Zhi couldn’t help smiling. Regardless what had brought on Lou Yao Yao’s change, he had to treasure this opportunity. He would hold on to it. He wouldn’t drop it.

FirePegasus: So sweet. Qin Zhi, I believe you. No one will ever love Yao Yao like you do. 

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