Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 17.1

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Chapter 17  Nobody loves you more than I do

When Ruan Si Nan wandered past again, even Qin Zhi whose patience was astoundingly strong was irritated. The entire afternoon, this guy seemed like a fly. He buzzed and circled restlessly nearby.

“What do you want?” Qin Zhi closed the document and leaned back into his chair.

Ruan Si Nan continued to circle very seriously. When Qin Zhi was already  full of impatience, he finally said, “Say, why would a woman who clearly likes you reject you?”

“You bothered me this entire afternoon for this?” Qin Zhi had a headache and pressed his temples, “ Don’t you always brag that you understand women the most? Why would you ask me?”

“This. Can’t you see that I’m very worried. You’re my best brother1, unexpectedly, you’re so indifferent to your best friend. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Qin Zhi wasn’t even a bit ashamed. He just expressionlessly looked at Ruan Si Nan.

Ruan Si Nan reluctantly spread out his hands, “Forget it, I also didn’t expect you this blockhead, to come up with anything constructive. Come on, accompany your frustrated brother in drinking.”

Qin Zhi lifted his hand to check his watch. When he looked at his left wrist and the string with blue stones on it, he suddenly remembered that he didn’t have a wrist watch. This bracelet was exquisite and attractive, but on a man’s wrist it was unavoidably a little odd. But because it was Lou Yao Yao who helped him wear it, even if he faced everyone’s astonishment and mocking gazes, he still wouldn’t take it down.

Drawing his shirt cuff up to obstruct the bracelet from view, Qin Zhi looked up to see the clock on the wall. Then he said, “I can’t today. Later, I have to go pick up Lou Yao Yao.”

“Pick up Lou Yao Yao…….” Ruan Si Nan stroked his chin and looked at Qin Zhi oddly, “Say, recently when you leave the company early, it wouldn’t be to pick her up?”

Qin Zhi was disinclined to care about him. He continued to read documents.

“That’s not right. It isn’t the weekend. Why would you pick up Lou Yao Yao? It could be that……you guys are living together?” Ruan Si Nan’s expression was a little shocked. He looked at Qin Zhi like he couldn’t believe this, “It couldn’t be that something happened between you two that I don’t know about?”

Seeing that Qin Zhi wasn’t paying any attention, Ruan Si Nan stroked his chin and pretended to be a detective. Although in the last meetup, Lou Yao Yao was drunk and their crowd of friends had created a disturbance to bet whether Qin Zhi would be a beast; actually, they were just messing around. They all knew in their hearts that Qin Zhi absolutely wouldn’t do anything. Because with, Lou Yao Yao’s personality, if something occured when she didn’t want to do anything, then she would definitely hate Qin Zhi, hate him forever. How could Qin Zhi do anything that would make Lou Yao Yao hate him?

But, the event that could let the feelings between the two accelerate, the greatest possibility was……normally living together. In any case, they already lived together during the weekends. There was nothing strange about them living together when it wasn’t the weekend.

Actually those two were really laughable. They had already “lived together” these many years; however their relationship was unexpectedly chaste. If it was said out loud, who would believe it?

If Lou Yao Yao was unable to see clearly, then Qin Zhi was pitiful. That was because everyone knew that the only reason that Qin Zhi lived there was so that it would be more convenient for Lou Yao Yao. When Qin Zhi first moved in there, they called that place “Qin Zhi and Lou Yao Yao’s sweet nest.”

Wasn’t it Lou Yao Yao who initially said that as it only had one bedroom, friends wouldn’t be able to disturb them?

Those two were a perfect match. One obviously had someone she like, but she refused to let go of him. One was suffering to the point of death, but refused to voluntarily let go of her. That Lou Yao Yao’s personality changed to be like this had a lot to do with Qin Zhi’s indulgence.

“Heavens!” Ruan Si Nan face-palmed. Why did couldn’t he help gossiping when he saw other people’ matters, but didn’t want to understand his own matter.

Seeing Ruan Si Nan leaving the office with a face full of bitterness, QIn Zhi finally relaxed. Why did he have such a friend?

However, this woman who clearly didn’t like you, but insisted on associating with you, why was that?2

I think this is typo. In the beginning it said like, but now it says doesn’t like. I’m not sure which is correct.

Perhaps it wasn’t wanting to understand, but wanting to know an answer.

After packing up everything, Qin Zhi took his car key and left the office. His company was located in the 27th floor of this commercial building. The time riding in the elevator wasn’t short. It was good that it wasn’t the peak time, moreover, he used the high-level special-purpose elevator. At this time, the possibility of bumping into someone was low.

However on the 15th floor, he unexpectedly encountered someone. Qin Zhi distractedly waited for the 15th floor person to board the elevator. He saw the opposite party and was surprised.

Chen Hao quickly curbed the surprise on his face. He hung a warm smile on his face and said, “Qin Zhi ge.”

“En.” Qin Zhi nodded his head. His expression was as cold as before.

In a single elevator, were the two men that to a certain extent understood each other the most. Their encounter seemed to be very ordinary with no great waves, but their confrontation had never stopped. Only they were clear in their heart specifically how they dueled.

Suddenly a ring broke the silence, singing the cover song, “This man was once mine”. Chen Hao eyes’ flashed. He was very familiar with this sound; it was clearly Lou Yao Yao’s.

Qin Zhi took out his phone. When he looked at the familiar name, his constantly ice-cold face finally had a happy expression, “Hi, Yao Yao.”

“Qin Zhi, are you still at the company? I am at home now. Why don’t you pick me up after dinner?”


“That’s settled then. See you this evening.”

“See you in the evening.”

After the phone call, the elevator fell into silence again. After going down a floor, Chen Hao went out of the elevator first. Then he discovered that Qin Zhi hadn’t gone out of the elevator. The elevator doors closed with a ding.

The other party’s cold indifference unconsciously made Chen Hao clench his fist. It was always like this. That crowd of guys who considered themselves infallible always regarded him as a clumsy mischief-doer. A foreign businessman. A rich upstart. Those two labels were like two immovable mountains, exerting a killing pressure on him. Taking a deep breath, Chen Hao revealed a neurotic smile. Even if they were even more arrogant, what use would it be. Ultimately they would all be defeated at his hands. Continue to pretend, one day, you must kneel on the ground and beg me.

Actually, overthinking was a sickness.

FirePegasus: I think Chen Hao’s sickness is beyond curing. But it’s okay. He can get together with Lin Fei and they can just infect each other.

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  1. I’m most of the time frustrated with most of the “commentary” that Chinese authors just want to insert on their work, specially when it’s inconsistent with the story they are writing, feeling like it’s… forcing the emotion that they weren’t able to portray in their scenes, it’s kinda weird to read how someone noticed someone else doing things for her and then the author saying something along the lines of “oh but she doesn’t really care about that” undermining the scene.

    In this story those commentaries don’t feel forced, there were like 2 that felt awkward but in this whole novel they feel appropriate and encompass the rhythm of the novel very well and even give it a humorous touch…

    I’m really enjoying this author.

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