Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 16.1

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Chapter 16.2 Why bother making things difficult for yourself

Their relationship seemed be unexpectedly smooth. There was none of the setbacks and trials that they had anticipated. Everything went smoothly

The two people mutually liked each other, making everything simple. However, perhaps it was too satisfactory, it made Lou Yao Yao who had great difficulty in love previously be anxious.

After confirming their relationship, other than the two people occasionally engaging in intimate activities, they didn’t progress any further. Their behavior wasn’t very different from what it had been in the past. Perhaps it was because it was Lou Yao Yao’s first time taking the initiative, when they interacted, Qin Zhi seemed to be the passive party. Even when they kissed, he first ascertained that Lou Yao Yao was willing.

The feeling of being respected was good, but she always felt that it felt a little too good.

“Oh.” Lou Yao Yao couldn’t help but heave a sigh.

“Oh.” Probably because she had heard Yao Yao sigh too many times, Tan Qin who was sitting next to Yao Yao couldn’t help but sigh, “Lou Yao Yao, if you have the time to sigh, you might as well focus on class.

Lou Yao Yao looked at the textbook that hadn’t even been opened on the table. She propped up her chin, depressed, “Tan Qin, I’m quite worried.”

“If you don’t want to be even more worried, then you should concentrate on your textbook.”

Tan Qin was fully concentrated on the teacher on stage. The multitasking Tan Qin wrote notes while talking, “Lou Yao Yao, have you forgotten that we have a test next week?”

“What?” Lou Yao Yao was somewhat shocked.

Tan Qin finally glanced at her. She speechlessly said, “You unexpectedly actually forgot.” She had thought that the reason that Lou Yao Yao studied so hard last week was for the test.

Lou Yao Yao face-palmed. She really had forgotten. These last few days her brain was just filled with Qin Zhi Qin Zhi. Today, she didn’t really want to go to class.

God! She was definitely going to fail.

Seeing Lou Yao Yao pitifully lying down on the table, Tan Qin smiled, “These next two weeks, take my notes and study hard. You probably won’t be able to get a good grade, but passing won’t be too difficult.

“Tan Qin, you’re definitely my savior!” Lou Yao Yao happily threw herself toward Tan Qin.

Tan Qin held out a finger to repel her face and pushed her away. She used her eyes to indicate the teacher on top of the stage. Lou Yao Yao hurriedly behaved and sat properly. In the end, after behaving for a while, she started to be lost in her imagination again.

At last class finished. Although it was already lunchtime, the burning hot weather made people lose their appetite. Walking along the sidewalks under the shade of a tree, it was hot enough to make people faint. The two people ultimately decided to go to a cold drinks shop inside the school and have desert.

They looked for a vacant two person table and ordered two coconut milk tapioca pudding 1. Lou Yao Yao scooped out a spoonful and ate it. The coolness simply penetrated her heart. It was extremely comfortable.

Although Tan Qin was also hot, her behavior wasn’t as exaggerated as Lou Yao Yao’s. She ate a little by little, slowly. It looked very refined.

Lou Yao Yao gulped down a few spoonfuls to chase away the heat, then started to eat slowly. She suddenly thought of a problem. After finishing the sophomore year exams, it was time for internships. That was to say that she could enter her mother’s company ahead of time. That was good. She was still worrying about studying clothing design. Entering the company to study was definitely the best choice.

The two people quietly thought about their own concerns. Tan Qin suddenly said, “Yao Yao, are you in a relationship?”

Lou Yao Yao blinked, “How did you know?”

Tan Qin naturally touched the side of her neck. Lou Yao Yao immediately blushed. The hickeys on her neck had mostly vanished, there were only a few very light traces left. One could only see them up close. Seeing her expression, Tan Qin knitted her brows. “Yao Yao, can I ask who you are seeing?”

“Qin Zhi. Have you seen him?” Toward her best friend, Lou Yao Yao didn’t want to conceal her relationship. Then again, she didn’t need to hide it from anyone. She looked forward to marking Qin Zhi as hers.

Tan Qin’s expression relaxed, “I’ve seen him.”

“What do you think he’s like?”

She didn’t know if it was her misconception, but Tan Qin felt like Lou Yao Yao had “quickly praise him” written clearly on her face. Tan Qin thought a while, but didn’t know how to praise her good friend’s boyfriend. She couldn’t bear to disappoint Lou Yao Yao’s hopes so she said, “He looked like a really good man.”

“And then?”

“He’s very good to you.”

“Anything else?”

“He’s very handsome.”

Tan Qin sighed. Her personality was indifferent. She was a little unable to bear Lou Yao Yao love-struck face. Originally, according to her temper, she wouldn’t say too much about her good friend’s love. However, she was worried that Lou Yao Yao was associating with Chen Hao and would be hurt by him so she asked. Now because of she had questioned Lou Yao Yao closely, she immediately regretted speaking too much. She immediately shifted the topic, “Were you worried about this today morning?”


“Is your relationship not going well?”

“No, it’s going too well.” Lou Yao Yao propped up her cheeks with both hands.

“Tan Qin was somewhat puzzled, “Then what are worried about?”

“I think the development is too slow.”


Lou Yao Yao wasn’t a loose girl. However, she thought that she had confirmed her relationship with Qin Zhi. From the beginning, she had wanted their relationship to last a lifetime. Qin Zhi wasn’t a irresponsible person. So it would be fine to progress a step further.

It was no embarrassment to think of this. It wasn’t strange to have a need as a physically mature woman. But every time he teased her, he stopped short of the last step. It really made one spit blood2.

Why would she spit blood? She still slept apart from Qin Zhi. Did he have any awareness that he was her boyfriend? Could it be that she had to do a night assault!?

Was what wrong that her need was unsatisfied? But, this type of thing could it be that she, a girl, had to start it? Was that being in too much of a hurry?

Certainly, this kind of private matter, it would be better not to to tell Tan Qin. Although she had the tender skin of a 20 year old, her heart was already approaching 30 years old. It would be better not to poison another family’s girl.

Seeing that Lou Yao Yao didn’t answer, Tan Qin didn’t ask again. Originally, she wasn’t curious about this.

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