Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 15 Your Ending, My Beginning

Seeing her reaction, Qin Zhi could guess that she already knew last night’s matter. Originally, he had wanted to hide the truth from Lou Yao Yao. He hadn’t realized that he had made so many traces. A moment ago, he had clearly noticed the traces on her neck and collarbone. It was impossible for her not to have noticed. It seemed that the worst possible scenario had occurred.

Qin Zhi closed his eyes. A moment later he entered the bathroom as in the past and changed. After quickly showering, he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

As a man, moreover a man pampered by his family, when he first moved out he didn’t know how to cook. The first day of his move, Lou Yao Yao had come over to cook something in celebration. Not even mentioning the entire kitchen made into into a total mess by her, the food she made was inedible. Afterwards, Lou Yao Yao researched how to make food. In the end, Lou Yao Yao didn’t know how to make anything; on the contrary, he had single-handedly improved his culinary skill. Actually, was that Lou Yao Yao’s genuine goal?

Qin Zhi couldn’t help but smiling at the thought of Lou Yao Yao’s small thoughts.

Lou Yao Yao searched a long time for clothes. Finally, she found a high-necked shirt. In this weather, wearing this would be foolish, but she couldn’t afford to worry about that. After wearing the clothes, she quietly opened the door and stuck her head outside the door to peek outside. Only when she discovered that Qin Zhi wasn’t there was she reassured enough to walk outside. When she heard the sounds in the kitchen, she guessed correctly that Qin Zhi must be making breakfast.

Lou Yao Yao peeked inside the kitchen and saw Qin Zhi’s back busily making breakfast. In the past she hadn’t thought so, but now she thought it was sweet.

Seeing Qin Zhi suddenly smile, Lou Yao Yao’s heart impulsively made her act.

Being suddenly hugged from behind by Lou Yao Yao, Qin Zhi was in daze, “ Yao Yao.”
“En.” Lou Yao Yao tightened her hands. Although it was spur-of-the-moment, once she had hugged him, she didn’t want to let go.

Qin Zhi drain the oil from the half-ripe egg and set it down on the plate. He turned of the fire, then pulled off Lou Yao Yao’s hands. “Good, let’s go eat breakfast.”

His body was warmer than hers. The scorching temperature of his hand on her made Lou Yao Yao unable to help but remembering last night’s events. She couldn’t help but be a little shy. But she didn’t want to let go, “Let me hold on a little longer.”

QIn Zhi was silent, but didn’t try again to pull off her hands. After a while, he said, “Yao Yao, I don’t want to continue on like this.”


Immersing herself in the sweetness between lovers, Lou Yao Yao was startled by him.
Qin Zhi pulled off her hand and looked straight into her eyes, “Yao Yao, let’s talk about this.”

His expression was too calm. There was no trace of the expression of someone who was in love.
Qin Zhi pulled her out of the kitchen. They sat at the two extremes of the two-person sofa. Qin Zhi’s expression was calm while Lou Yao Yao was confused. What this was about?

Qin Zhi saw her confused expression and was somewhat unable to be cruel enough to do this, but he forced down his heartache and said what was on his heart, “I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was thinking a lot. I thought if you forgot, then I would pretend that nothing had happened.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Lou Yao Yao unconsciously replied.

“Yes, you haven’t forgotten.” Qin Zhi continued to speak. “Sorry, Yao Yao. I can’t continue to pretend nothing had happened. Last night you were really drunk, but I wasn’t. I am very clear on what I did.”

“”What do you actually want to say?” Could it be that him liking her was just her own self-delusion? But it didn’t seem like to be like that. Lou Yao Yao was unsure.

“Yao Yao, perhaps you really think of me as a older brother, but I never saw you as my sister. I can’t continue to deceive myself.”

Ah? Lou Yao Yao blinked her eyes. What situation was this?

“Perhaps you wanted to act as if nothing happened, but I can’t. Lou Yao Yao, the next time something like last night happens, I won’t be able to stop myself. Yao Yao, I don’t want to deceive myself and accompany you play this game of brother and sister together.” In fact, when he left yesterday night, he regretted it. All night long, he had been struggling with himself.
Lou Yao Yao continued to be stunned.

After he had said everything in his heart, Qin Zhi felt more relaxed. It could be finished with this.
Lou Yao Yao was struck dumb for a long time, then finally said, “ You mean you thought that I wanted to act as if last night never happened?”

Qin Zhi replied with silence.

Lou Yao Yao was really angry. She raised her hand, but was unable to hit that silent face. She coldly said, “Then what are you planning to do?”

“We can maintain some distance afterwards. If you have something you can still look for me, but not as an older brother.”

It seemed to cost Qin Zhi a great deal to say those words. After he said this, his upright body seemed to suddenly lose all strength. He exhaustedly leaned back on the sofa.

“Pu” In front of Qin Zhi’s questioning eyes, Lou Yao Yao couldn’t help but laugh. She was laughing and crying.

“Yao Yao.” Qin Zhi wanted to approach, but in the end didn’t move.

“Sorry, I was just too happy.” Lou Yao Yao wiped her eyes, looked at Qin Zhi whose entire face was full of doubt and said, “Have you finished saying everything? Then it’s my turn to speak.”
“You think that I still like Chen Hao, right?”

Although Qin Zhi didn’t reply, his expression showed his answer. Lou Yao Yao frowned, unsure of how to explain. “You might not accept what I say. However, currently I really don’t like Chen Hao.”

“What I said yesterday night is true. I also knew what I was doing. Qin Zhi, I want to be together with you. I want to be your girlfriend.

Lou Yao Yao finished speaking and waited for Qin Zhi’s reaction. However, his reaction was too calm. He was basically just expressionless.

Lou Yao Yao couldn’t help but be worried. She stared widely at him, looking straight into Qin Zhi’s eyes. “You don’t believe me?”

Believing her was a little difficult. After working so hard for so many years, to suddenly encounter a favourable turn of events so easily; rather than being pleasantly surprised, he was shocked. It made him unable to believe.

However, Lou Yao Yao’s expression and words were both serious, making him unable to help but want to believe.

Seeing his indistinct look of hesitation, Lou Yao Yao clenched her teeth and suddenly pounced on Qin Zhi’s body. She held onto his neck and yelled, “Aren’t you going to take responsibility for me? I’ve been touched, hugged and kissed by you! What are you still thinking for? Qin Zhi, listen up. I like you! I like you! I like you!”

Lou Yao Yao’s rage finally made Qin Zhi recover. He looked down at the girl in his arms with his face full of shock and joy, “Yao Yao, was what you said real?”

“It’s fake!” Lou Yao Yao flatly denied it.

She unexpectedly said she liked him, even if it was false, he still wanted to believe it. Qin Zhi really thought so at that moment.

Looking at Lou Yao Yao pouting and had a face full of grievances sitting in his lap, Qin Zhi heart was mixed with all kinds of feelings. Was this finding a way out of an impasse 1? If he had known earlier, than he would have fallen down sooner.

The look in his eyes was too overt, Lou Yao Yao felt uncomfortable because of his very flagrant stare. However, she had always followed her heart. After a moment of hesitation, she expectantly closed her eyes, tacitly accepting his kiss.

Her eyelashes faintly trembled, tickling his heart. Qin Zhi caressed her face, lightly kissing her. Actually, in the past, when Lou Yao Yao was asleep, he had secretly kissed her many times. However, this was his first time kissing her when she was awake and sober. The taste was much better than in his imagination.

She just gently pushed twice. She didn’t stop him or reveal a expression of loathing. She even jerkily returned his kiss. He finally started to believe that she wasn’t joking with him.
“Lou Yao Yao, I love you.”

If this was a dream, then he never wanted to wake.

FirePegasus: So sweet~ They finally get together after so long. The last sentence really touched my heart.

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