Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 15.1

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Chapter 15 Your Ending, My Beginning

Lou Yao Yao seemed to have had a very good dream. When she woke, she felt content because good dream. However, no matter how hard she tried she wasn’t able to remember what the dream was about. Her brain was in a state of complete relaxation.

She rolled over twice on the bed. Her consciousness was gradually awakening. Immediately, she became aware that her body felt sticky. It must be because she hadn’t washed.

Originally, she wanted to sleep a little more. However, the feeling of stickiness was too much to bear. Lou Yao Yao rolled over twice. Only then was she willing to get up. The alarm clock at the head of the bed read a little over 7 o’clock. Lou Yao Yao got off the bed and searched around the bed for half a day, but wasn’t able to find slippers. As a result, she was forced to walk on the floor barefoot. The ice-cold touch of the floor transmitted itself to her brain, letting her waking her up a little.

Perhaps it was because it was too early, it made her step softly. She quietly opened the door. Sure enough, she saw Qin Zhi sleeping on the two-person sofa. He was still wearing yesterday’s clothes which were now very disheveled. Two buttons on his shirt were unfastened, revealing his chest and the distinct muscles of his abdomen. Dawn came early during the summer.

Despite lying in front of the window with curtains drawn closed, the sunlight was still glaring. Perhaps, because he thought that the sunlight was uncomfortable, he used his arms to shade his eyes from the sun.

He was obviously was the owner, but he was reduced to sleeping on the sofa.

Lou Yao Yao noticed that he didn’t have anything covering him. So she quietly crept back into the room and fetched a thick blanket to put over Qin Zhi.

After finishing this, Lou Yao Yao entered the bathroom. She didn’t notice that after she had entered the bathroom, Qin Zhi removed the arm that was blocking his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot, clearly he hadn’t slept all night.

After adjusting the water temperature, Lou Yao Yao took off her clothes. When she took off her nightclothes, she was shocked. Although the traces were very light, her shoulder had very distinct red marks. It wasn’t just her shoulder, her collarbone also had red marks. Lou Yao Yao was alarmed and hastily removed all her clothing. Finally she discovered that she had red and purple traces all over her body, even the inside of her thighs had light marks. Lou Yao Yao stood in front of the mirror in a daze. Her skin was very tender. Normally, even if one used a little strength to pinch her, her skin would be red for a long time. There weren’t a lot of traces on her body, but her neck was full of red marks. With one look, one could tell they were hickeys. Last night’s memory was slowly coming back to her. She seemed to still feel the hot breath breathing on her neck and his warm lips licking and biting her.

Dammit! Lou Yao Yao shivered and ran underneath the shower, letting the warm water wash away the strange feelings in her heart.

The reason that ‘Sober’ was called sober was because even though you were drunk, you were just half drunk and half sober. It wouldn’t affect the thoughts and memories of the intoxicated person.

Therefore, although the event of last night were blurry, she hadn’t forgotten them.

She remembered that she sang with Qi Bei Bei. She was gradually immersed in her own thoughts. At that time, she was in a very strange state of mind. She was able to hear and hear the people next to her, but it was like being in a dream. She knew what she was doing, but she wasn’t able to control any of her actions like in a dream.

In a dream, when one was responding to people, their words and actions were the most honest. When Qin Zhi asked her if she knew what she doing; actually, she ……….. was sober.
She knew what she was doing and knew what she wanted to do. At that moment, she was prepared to face anything. Finally, Qin Zhi stopped shy of the very end.

She didn’t regret her decision. If she had to choose again, she would still choose to entrust herself to him.

Lou Yao Yao discovered her heart was more honest than her. When she was still conflicted over the issue of her whether she loved him, her heart had already made the decision for her. Now, if she was still conflicted over the issue of whether she loved him or not, then she would think she had a problem. Wasn’t too late to consider if she loved him when she had already entrusted herself to him?

No matter the final conclusion, at the beginning, any girl wished that the first person she was with was the person she would hold hands for the rest of her life.

Lou Yao Yao was no exception. Even she had some purity in her love. She had loved Chen Hao those many year, but she had never done anything improper. This was because from the beginning what she had wanted was one person for a lifetime, not strong emotions. Everyone said that distance led to one beautify the other person. She was too distant with Chen Hao so she was unable to see the facts and had thought that he would be her husband. Actually, if Lou Qing Qing’s accident hadn’t happened, then it was possible that she would have become a runaway bride.

Initially her heart only moved for a moment, it wasn’t enough to last for a lifetime.

Being in a daze and washing, unknowingly her shower had taken up half an hour. The skin on her fingers started to wrinkle. Lou Yao Yao turned off the shower and took a dry towel and started to dry herself. Looking at the various traces, she was getting more annoyed the more she dried herself.

Didn’t men think with their bottom half? How was he able to bear this? Was Qin Zhi a monster?
Lou Yao Yao absolutely didn’t acknowledge that she was frustrated.

Actually…….if he had really done it, would she complain that Qin Zhi didn’t treasure her enough? Women were contradictory like this.

Lou Yao Yao dried off all the water, only to notice that she had forgotten to bring a change of clothes. She could just wrap a towel around herself and go to the room to change clothes like she had done in the past. However, this was to be so awkward, especially when she had marks all over her. If he say them, what should she do?

Okay. she was being unreasonable. She looked around in the bathroom. Other than a towel and the nightclothes she had just worn, there was nothing else to wear. Because of the weather, the bathrobe had already been put away. After dillydallying for a long while, Lou Yao Yao finally decided to go out with the towel around her.

When she opened the door, she almost hit Qin Zhi. Lou Yao Yao panicked; her first instinct was to close the door. Qin Zhi was also scared by her. He realized that Lou Yao Yao hadn’t come out for a long time and decided to wait outside the door for her. When he was hesitating on whether or not to knock, Lou Yao Yao had opened the door. From his elevated angle, he could clearly see one side of of her snow white chest. He was a bit uneasy. When he saw that Lou Yao Yao was closing the door, his hand moved faster than his brain to block her.

The two people stood in silence for a moment, not knowing what to say. It was Qin Zhi who moved first, moving his body so that Lou Yao Yao could get out. Lou Yao Yao saw this and practically fled to the bedroom.

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