Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 14.1

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Chapter 14.1 — This Man is Already Mine

Lou Yao Yao was sweating all over. The result was that she hadn’t hit any of them once. On the contrary, she had tired herself half dead. She sat by herself, directing a killing glare at them.

That group of thick-faced guys naturally didn’t care. They quickly put together two tables, then drank alcohol and played mahjong 1. Qin Zhi and Ruan Si Nan were being isolated at one side. However, Qin Zhi didn’t say anything and sat by Lou Yao Yao’s side, accompanying her. In any case, whenever there was a party to play around, he never part of it. He was already used to it. However, Ruan Si Nan who was being being isolated for the first time was very unsatisfied. In taunting mode, he mocked all of the people. The result was that all the people paid no attention to him.

Perhaps she was uncomfortable being with a group of men. After looking all around, the girl that Ruan Si Nan brought along came over to sit by Lou Yao Yao.

Qin Zhi saw this and conscientiously went away to leave some space for the two women.

This woman was quite beautiful. Lou Yao Yao thought she looked quite familiar so she took the initiative to ask, “What is your name?”

“Qi Bei Bei.”

Her voice was soft and glutinous. It was very nice to listen to. Lou Yao Yao tried to remember where she had seen her before. But she felt sorry for her, unexpectedly having a boyfriend like Ruan Si Nan. As a result, her favorable impression of Qi Bei Bei shot up, “I’m Lou Yao Yao. Let’s sing together.”

Qi Bei Bei naturally had no objection.

The person stationed to sing recognized Lou Yao Yao and knew she was the boss’ friend. Therefore, (s)he tidied up her things and left her seat.

Lou Yao Yao flipped through the electronic list. After flipping through for half a day, she asked, “What do you want to sing?”

“This song.” Qi Bei Bei randomly chose a song.

Lou Yao Yao looked and saw that she could a song she could sing. It was one of the ones she had added to the list. The guys only liked to sing a few songs. Every time they went out to play, it was Lou Yao Yao dominating the mike. Her personality was overbearing. When she sang the songs she had chosen, it was off-tune, causing that group of guys to mock her. She still sang with gusto. She had actually managed to train some knack for it.

The songs that all girls choose were emotional love songs. The first song that Qi Bei Bei chose was ‘Don’t wait until I left to say that you love me’. The singing of the two girls each had their own characteristics. Qi Bei Bei’s voice was gluttonous. Lou Yao Yao’s voice was bright. Their voices blended together, enhancing each other’s singing. It was very euphonic.

Lou Qing Qing wasn’t a good female friend. In the past, when she had take Lou Qing Qing out to play, Lou Qing Qing was too timid. Forget singing together, whenever she spoke, she kept on stammering. This was her first time singing together like this with a female. After finishing the song, the two women glanced at each other and smiled. Afterwards, they continue to sing, this time a song that Lou Yao Yao picked, ‘A pity it wasn’t you’.

However, the singing felt wrong. The listeners clearly heard the sadness in the singing. If one didn’t know, then they would think that the  two young women had been flung and were heartbroken. Not mentioning Lou Yao Yao, even Qi Bei Bei didn’t appear to be in love!

Qin Zhi and Ruan Si Nan suffered through countless glances as sharp as knives. It was depressing, listening to two sorrowful women sing. It would be better to watch two women drink wine.  

The two women were enthralled with singing, singing one song after the other. A song that Qi Bei Bei didn’t know appeared, so Lou Yao Yao took the microphone to sing by herself.

“ The sky started to clear, the clouds started to disperse, I cry in your embrace. I am prepared, my heart must shatter. Watching you leave helplessly………”

“This man was once mine. In the end, he belonged to someone else. I am willing to give you all, already you don’t require it. I can feel that you have changed and become unhappy. This man was once mine……..”

This man was once mine……..

Lou Yao Yao was singing this song with a wooden face. Rather than saying she was singing, she was reading the lyrics out loud.

“Yao Yao.”

Lou Yao Yao heard someone call her, but she didn’t know who called her. Her eyes were very clear but the faces of the people around her completely didn’t match up with her brain.

“What happened to her?”

“Nothing, she just drank two cups of ‘Sober’. She’s likely to be drunk.”

“Sober? No wonder! You let her drink that thing!?”

So noisy. Too many people were talking. Lou Yao Yao wrinkled her brows and looked all around. She didn’t recognize any of them. Starting to be a little confused, she grasped the microphone in her hand and probingly shouted into it, “Qin Zhi, where are you?”

“Yao Yao, I’m here.”  Lou Yao Yao was embraced by familiar arms. Her heart calmed down.

Looking at Lou Yao Yao who was nested in Qin Zhi’s embrace and looking at them like strangers, Dong Dong said, “Qin Zhi, go first and take her home.”

Qin Zhi nodded and held onto Lou Yao Yao while going outside.

Seeing the two people leave, many people continuously praised Ruan WenYu for his great idea. Afterwards, they bet on whether Qin Zhi would be a animal 2. Half of the people bet that he would, and the other half bet that he wouldn’t. Like that they passed the time. Not in the mood to drink and chat, they decided to go eat a midnight snack. Ruan Si Nan didn’t go and brought along Qi Bei Bei who had also decided to leave first.


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