Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 14.2

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Chapter 14.2 This man is already mine

Qin Zhi fetched the car. Lou Yao Yao absolutely refused to let go of him. Because of the alcoholic intoxication, Yao Yao heard everything he said but refused to listen to anything but what she wanted.

Qin Zhi knew it was because of “Sober”. “Sober” was that bar’s specialty drink. The flavor was light and it seemed to have none of the taste of alcohol; however, its kick was strong. After one got drunk, it would seem as though one had entered a dream. You could see, hear and think. She knew what she was doing, but she would only do what she desired to do. She couldn’t control herself. Anything anyone else said to her would be of no use.

Lou Yao Yao kept on agreeing, but she absolutely refused to let go of Qin Zhi.

The staff saw this and approached to politely ask if he needed a replacement driver.

Qin Zhi was just about to comply when Lou Yao Yao suddenly said, “Qin Zhi, carry me.”

Perhaps, because she was aware of her body’s condition, her face continuously had a dull expression. After waiting a while, she didn’t hear Qin Zhi reply. Lou Yao Yao uncertainly looked around everywhere, “Qin Zhi.”

Sighing, Qin Zhi handed over the car key to the staff and said that he would come tomorrow to retrieve the car. He bent down. Lou Yao Yao used her hands and feet to crawl on and held on tightly to his neck.

Qin Zhi was having troubling breathing. He tried quite a few times; finally, Lou Yao Yao loosened her hold a little.

12 o’clock had just passed. The streets were very peaceful. Going home, it seemed as though there were no pedestrians. Qin Zhi carried Lou Yao Yao on his back while slowly walking. The streetlights had cast their shadows very far.

She placed her face by his neck. Occasionally, her face bumped into his skin. QIn Zhi thought that his self-control was good, but in this time it was hard to avoid indulging in fits of fancy. It was easiest to get an intoxicated person talking.

But in the end, he didn’t ask anything.

Lou Yao Yao lay prone for a while, then started singing. She sang, ‘This man was once mine’. Singing on and on, her voice became lower and lower until she was inaudible. After a while, Lou Yao Yao said, “I let him wait for me.”

“Even though I deceived him, he definitely is still waiting for me.” The words were clearly sad, but her tone was completely serene. Lou Yao Yao thought aloud, “Chen Hao deceived me. Lou Qing Qing also decieved me. They’re all deceiving me.”

Qin Zhi understood little of it. He didn’t know what she was referring to.

“Qin Zhi, do you still remember that you promised to wait for me to grow up.” Lou Yao Yao moved around on his back.

Qin Zhi hurriedly stabilized her, then said, “I remember.”

“Swindler.” After saying this word, Lou Yao Yao didn’t say anything else.

Qin Zhi also didn’t know what to say. A swindler? He truly was a swindler, but the only person he was deceiving was himself.

“Qin Zhi.”


“Can you deceive me once again?”

Qin Zhi was silent.

“Qin Zhi, say that you won’t wait for me.”

“Yao Yao.”

“Say you won’t wait for me.”

After finishing saying this sentence, she cried. One by one her tears were falling down from his neck down to his chest. The tears were boiling hot. His voice became hoarse and he once again obeyed her wish. “Alright, Yao Yao, I won’t wait for you.”

Lou Yao Yao………It this what you want? In the end, we have come to this?

Lou Yao Yao didn’t detect the difference in Qin Zhi’s voice. After hearing a satisfactory answer, she only replied, “ Really good. You won’t wait for me.”

“Yes. it’s really good.” Qin Zhi unconsciously echoed her in a low voice.

Louo Yao Yao heard him say this and softly laughed. She heard it. She really heard him say that he wouldn’t wait for me. That was good.

“Qin Zhi, afterwards, I’ll be with you.”


It was probably his delusion.

“You said you would wait for me to grow up. I already grew up. Why aren’t you saying anything?”
Qin Zhi started to suspect if ‘Sober’ had a problem. In the past, he had always borne everything patiently, but now at this moment he had impulse to throw her off1.

“Qin Zhi, why aren’t you speaking?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Say you like me.”

His mood was already fluctuating wildly because of her. Qin Zhi gave up in despair and went along with her, “I like you.”

Ok, why was he being serious with a drunkard. When she woke up in the morning she would have forgotten everything. So, sometimes saying the truth would hardly matter.

“Really good.” Lou Yao Yao smiled on Qin Zhi’s back, “You can’t renege on a debt.”

“I won’t renege on my debt.”

“Qin Zhi, I’ll sing for you.” After Lou Yao Yao finished speaking, without waiting for him to answer, she started singing by herself. “A man was once mine, he is still mine, in the future he will still be mine……”

Her singing was off-tune and in a mess. However, her singing was very cheerful.

She kept on repeatedly singing the lyrics that she had changed on the road. Qin Zhe expended a great deal of energy to carry her. A half an hour’s distance, even if Lou Yao Yao was light and he usually exercised, he was unbearably tired.

Once he was at his home, he placed Lou Yao Yao down on the sofa. Lou Yao Yao was still singing that song. He helped her take off her shoes and brought a hot towel and cleaned her face, hands and feet. He also found pajamas, but then didn’t know what to do.

The shirt didn’t need to be changed, but her pants had to be changed. Lou Yao Yao had worn jeans today. Sleeping in jeans would definitely be uncomfortable. He thought a while, then gave Lou Yao Yao the pajamas so that she could change herself.

Lou Yao Yao listened for long time without perceiving anything he said. Just when he had decided to give up, Lou Yao Yao suddenly took off all her clothes then took the pajamas and put them on. Her speed was too fast. Qin Zhi didn’t even have time to block her.

Looking at Lou Yao Yao who was singing softly while lying on the sofa, Qin Zhi didn’t know what to say.

After entering the bathroom to change clothes and freshen up, Qin Zhi wanted to carry Lou Yao Yao into the room. In the end, when he had carried her there, Lou Yao Yao wasn’t willing to come down. She held his neck tightly while wrapping her legs around his waist. Whatever, he did, she refused to coming down.

He could pull her down with brute force, however, he wasn’t able to use force on her delicate arms and legs.

Finally, he used sweet words to persuade her, “Yao Yao, be good. You need to sleep. First, why don’t you let go of my hand?”

“En. En. Sleep.”

Lou Yao Yao nodded, but didn’t come down.

Twice, they had reached a deadlock. Lou Yao Yao suddenly moved close to Qin Zhi’s ear and breathed out a warm breath, “Qin Zhi, I already grew up.”

Her cheeks were dusted with red. Her large pair of eyes blinked at him, looking shy and full of expectation.

Qin Zhe was dumbfounded……..Was this………an invitation?

Qin Zhi thought that his mouth was parched. “Do you know what you’re saying?”

The inside temperature was higher than the outside temperature, even the air seemed to be hot. Lou Yao Yao was so hot she felt uncomfortable. Her body seemed to be on fire. She twisted her body back and forth. Then she looked at him with moist eyes that looked at him piteously, “Qin Zhi, I’m uncomfortable.”

His reason finally collapsed. He hugged her and fell on top of the bed. His body fit snugly with hers. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. Feeling the difference, they twisted around his body. The friction brought about a pleasurable sensation that made Qin Zhi gulp in a breath of cold air.

Looking at Lou Yao Yao’s misty eyes, Qin Zhi gulped in two deep breaths. However, he immediately was aware that that was bad decision. His body was so close to hers. When he was breathing, his chest was sticking even closer to hers. Was he an animal or even worse than a animal, this really was a problem…….

When he was enduring silently with all his might, Lou Yao Yao suddenly moved closer and dropped a kiss on his lips, “QIn Zhi, you are mine.”

Her expression that was half drunk and half sober was enchanting and charming.
At that moment, he heard the last thread of “reason” in his head snap.

FirePegasus: Sorry this chapter is so late. I was really busy lately. First I was sick, then I had to take the ACT, finally I had finals. I only the chance to post this chapter now. 

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