Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 13.2 —Green Plums and Hobby-horse {childhood sweethearts}

Seeing that Lou Yao Yao was watching him, Dong Dong revealed a mouthful of white teeth, “Jie, what are you looking at?”’

Lou Yao Yao glared at him; she was too lazy to look away from him. She was the youngest within this group, but she was always called ‘Jie’. The reason behind this was because, when she was younger, she had loved to excessively stir up trouble. This group of guys had been tossed around until they were all tired. She couldn’t remember who had said this sentence, “You’re my Jie. Please Jie, you old woman, don’t keep troubling us!”

It is a term of respect saying she is their respected elder.

She was very pleased with herself when she heard this. Every time this group of older boys called her ‘Jie’, she would become a little more honest. Afterwards, when they had all grown up, ‘Jie’ became her nickname, but for the boys, it still meant troublesome spirit. Thinking about it now really made one smile. She had really thought it was praise.

Dong Dong didn’t have snot and tears dripping from his face anymore; he no longer paid attention to how he dressed, whilst pretending to be a melancholy prince. He now wore flowery shirts, short pants and had on a pair of flip flops. His head of hair was a mess, just like a bird’s nest. His skin was tanned by the sun and as he sat amongst this group of beautiful youths, he looked like a dreadful uncle. He really stood out.

Lou Yao Yao looked at the others in the group. The person, who had played the most wildly, to everyone’s shock, had entered a government branch. He now wore glasses and had a serious face. It seemed that his daughter was three years old.

The one, who had the shyest personality, was now a well-known singer. He now had the loudest voice.

“Dong Dong, why were you willing to come back this time?”

“There was no other solution. In a few days, it is grandfather’s birthday and a military order was handed down. If I didn’t return, then he wouldn’t recognize me, this grandson. Oh, by the way, why didn’t you bring your wife?”

“She couldn’t come because the young devil in my house was fiercely tossing her about.”

“I really didn’t think you be the first to marry. I always thought that Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi would be first down the aisle.”

“Who said it wasn’t? Oh yeah, Qin Zhi, when are you two marrying?”

Lou Yao Yao sprayed out her drink. Qin Zhi hurriedly pulled out a tissue and gave it to her.

Perhaps he saw that Lou Yao Yao’s expression was too shocked, as Dong Dong shifted the topic, “I reckon we’ll still have to wait two years. Lou Yao Yao is still studying. Right, where’s Nangua?”

“I just called him. He said he was bringing someone.”

“Bringing someone? A girlfriend? Crap. This development is really quick. He’s already leading her to see his family.”

Many people seemed to realize the indiscretion of the last remark, so with just a few words, they started to talk about another topic. Lou Yao Yao held her cup, in a little bit of a daze. Originally, everyone had seen very clearly. Only she was in the dark.

Qin Zhi listened to the group talk, but didn’t participate. Only when someone occasionally asked him a question, would he reply with a few words. Most of the time, he was observing Lou Yao Yao’s face. Her expression was calm. Other than the surprise at the beginning, she didn’t have any other change in expression. If she had shown anger, then he could still say that they were joking. But, Lou Yao Yao’s expression was too tranquil. He completely didn’t know what was going through her mind right now. Perhaps, she simply didn’t care. But such a peaceful Lou Yao Yao made him feel nervous. He had a bad premonition.

“What do you want to eat?” Qin Zhi asked as he leaned down next to Lou Yao Yao’s ear. She hadn’t eaten much during dinner; she was definitely hungry.

Lou Yao Yao shook her head.

After sitting for a while, one would discover that Lou Yao Yao was abnormally silent. Everyone’s conversation gradually started to die off. Knowing she was affecting the atmosphere, Lou Yao Yao said she would go and sit at the bar.

Qin Zhi originally wanted to follow, but was rejected by Lou Yao Yao.

Seeing Lou Yao Yao leave, Dong Dong was baffled and pushed Qin Zhi, “Yao Yao doesn’t seem like herself, did you two fight?”

“It should be so.” Qin Zhi wasn’t very definite.

“What ‘should be so?” Dong Dong stared at him, “How long are you two going to play around? You still haven’t laid your cards on the table?”

Qin Zhi wrinkled his brows, annoyed, and said, “Later, don’t mention these things in front of Yao Yao.”

“Crap, what’s the matter with you two?”

“Dong Dong, let it rest.” Another person, who was clearer about the situation, held onto Dong Dong and explained the circumstances to him.

Qin Zhi looked at Lou Yao Yao sitting at the bar. Listening to his own story being told by someone else, he felt, even more, that he lacked willpower.

Having fled that lively atmosphere, Lou Yao Yao was sitting at the bar. She turned her head, and happened to meet Qin Zhi’s eyes. Qin Zhi was taken aback, before moving his gaze away.

“What would you like to drink?”

A gentle and magnetic voice awoke Lou Yao Yao out of her daze. Lou Yao Yao turned her head and politely addressed, “Ruan dage.”

“En, why are you sitting here by yourself? Did you fight with Qin Zhi?” The one speaking was the boss of this bar, and was also Ruan Si Nan’s older brother, Ruan Wen Yu. Compared to enchantingly handsome Ruan Si Nan, Ruan Wen Yu was the same as his name. He appeared elegant and gentle. The feeling he gave people was like a warm piece of pure jade.

“No, I’m angry at myself.” Ruan Wen Yu, because of his age, didn’t play with Lou Yao Yao and their group, but had a different circle of friends. However, because his temper was good, Lou Yao Yao often visited his bar and she especially liked chatting with him.

Ruan Wen Yu started to give her a glass of wine with very low alcohol content. Suddenly he stopped, thought for a moment, then changed the glass of wine and pushed the new glass in front of her. “Try it. It’s a new blend.”

Lou Yao Yao obeyed his words and sipped. The wine was light and didn’t taste of alcohol. She drank the rest before pushing the glass towards him for a refill.

“Why are you angry at yourself?” Ruan Wen Yu poured her another glass.

“I’m just thinking that I’m so foolish.”

“You really are a little foolish.” Defying Lou Yao Yao’s angry glower, Ruan Wen Yu smiled, and peacefully said, “A girl’s tears and her anger have the same effect.”

Lou Yao Yao rolled her eyes at him.

“For a guy who cares about the girl, both emotions will cause him to feel sad. So an intelligent girl knows when to be angry and when not to be.”

After saying his piece, Ruan Wen Yu turned around, and continued mixing cocktails.

(Editor Note: For whom? Me, I hope! Not that I can drink it T-T)

As expected from the brother of that gossipy guy, Lou Yao Yao thought to herself. She pondered over his words; however, she just didn’t understand. The advice seemed to be very reasonable, but she couldn’t explain why.

For a period of time, Lou Yao Yao sank into her own thoughts, when suddenly, that side became very lively. She turned her body to have a look. She saw that Ruan Si Nan had arrived when she hadn’t noticed and he had brought along a petite female student. Lou Yao Yao thought the girl seemed familiar.

The group was causing a ruckus. Ruan Si Nan was protecting that female student and saying something.

Lou Yao Yao couldn’t help but think of when she had first started to hang out with this group of friends. Qin Zhi had also protected her like that. She was the only female student among them, and her position had been relatively unusual. To be able to make a group of male students accept an intruder, especially since she was very troublesome, Qin Zhi naturally had to have put in a lot of effort.

She hadn’t thought of it before, but now she was at a loss. Seeing them, she kept on thinking of how Qin Zhi had always taken the blame for her. How that group of male students would always indulge her, or scold her with anxious eyes.

However, not a single one of them forced her to turn herself in. They clearly knew what had actually happened, but they still chose to protect her.

They were her childhood friends. Despite however many wrongs she might commit, they were always willing to be her support.

But……..in her heart, they had been unimportant to her. Because of a single Chen Hao, she had gradually become alienated from them. Until subsequently, there was almost no contact. Now she was………….ashamed.

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. Tears fell down, pitter-patter.

Dong Dong, who had just come out of the bathroom, saw this scene. He got scared and hurriedly rushed over to her, “Jie, how are you? Did Qin Zhi bully you?”

“Dong Dong, am I really annoying?”

Dong Dong tilted his head and thought a while. He solemnly nodded his head, “You really are very annoying.”

“Scram!” What she thought was one matter. What other people said was another matter. Lou Yao Yao used her foot to kick him. (Looked up Chinese insults and the closest would have been about mothers… so not appropriate. The one I have put in is the next closest. Don’t have to use it but I think it flows better and makes more sense)

“Hey, stop! Jie, you’re the one who asked. Can’t people speak the truth? Then why ask? Brothers, do you think Lou Yao Yao is very annoying?”

“Do you even need to ask this?”

“I haven’t seen a girl more annoying than her!”

“A girl? Saying that she’s a girl is too insulting towards females!”

Other than Qin Zhi, everyone stated similar opinions.

Okay, why did she even bother feeling ashamed? Get the hell out! Lou Yao Yao’s temper ignited. This group of scoundrels, would it hurt them if they didn’t speak the truth? Would they die?!

Quickly, the bar was in chaos. However, it was basically just Lou Yao Yao hitting while the others were hiding.

An intelligent female would know when to be angry. An intelligent male would know when to enrage a female.

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