Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13 Green Plums and Bamboo Horse {Childhood Sweethearts}

Lou Yao Yao started a cold war with Qin Zhi.

However, this was only within Lou Yao Yao’s mind, as Qin Zhi simply didn’t know what she was angry about.

Frankly speaking, the number of times Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi had quarreled was certainly not small. For any young male student, let alone a young Qin Zhi, the experience of having a tail following him wherever he went was a kind of torture. Heaven knows that, on countless occasions, he had almost succumbed to impulse and thrown this shadow into the river.

In memory, the most serious quarrel they had was when he was in high school. It was a time when youths started to be interested in the opposite sex, interested in female students. In the end, each and every time, before he had even started to love, the possibility of a relationship would be destroyed by Lou Yao Yao, this light bulb.

Qin Zhi became rebellious and angry. He had once resolved to hide far away, and no longer pay attention to this troublesome devil.

Finally, Lou Yao Yao didn’t say or do anything. She just opened her pair of big eyes to look at him, silently crying. As a result, his earlier determination disappeared into thin air, and so he had no way out.

Therefore, the feeling of being childhood friends was the most helpless in the world; one cannot give it up, nor can one throw it away.

The sentiment from childhood; the one who was ruthless enough to suppress their heart was the winner.

Qin Zhi wasn’t ruthless enough. Thus, Lou Yao Yao won. He couldn’t throw his feelings away, thus, he could only acknowledge the reality and accept his fate. In fact, there was evidence that having Lou Yao Yao as a girlfriend was actually quite good. Though she may be unruly and willful, but she wasn’t inherently bad. She was very easily enraged, but at the same time, she was also very easily moved. In addition, she always only had him in her eyes. As a man, this made him rather vain. His friends teased him many a time because of this matter. They all said he was shameless for bearing to lay his hands on her, even though she was so small.

He didn’t think it was embarrassing. On the contrary, he treasured this sentiment more and more. His attitude towards Lou Yao Yao changed day-by-day. The initial impatience slowly transformed until he could bear any hardship without complaint. If a man started to learn how to treasure a woman, then he had really grown up.

If nothing had changed, Qin Zhi would probably have spent his life like this, with Lou Yao Yao, until he died.

However, a variable had unexpectedly appeared. Lou Qing Qing’s appearance took away most of Lou Yao Yao’s attention. Perhaps, it was because she was too lonely. Although she always played with that group of boys, and was not short of friends, Lou Yao Yao, who lacked female companionship, really liked this half-blood jiejie. She was just like a tigress, protecting her timid and weak “jiejie”.

Unfortunately, this sentiment of being sisters didn’t last very long before it burst. Then there was also Chen Hao’s sudden appearance. Since that time, Lou Yao Yao and Qin Zhi walked farther and farther apart. The promise from so many years ago, Lou Yao Yao seemed to have forgotten it. But he could only pretend it had never occurred, like everything was just something he had imagined.

Ruan Si Nan said to either stake everything on a single throw of dice, or give up.

Unfortunately, neither was an option for him.

Thus, the situation remained at an impasse.

A cold war. It seemed that there hadn’t been one for many years.

Qin Zhi drove the car while thinking. Lou Yao Yao, sitting in shotgun, turned her head to look outside. She didn’t even glance at him.

This situation had already continued for an entire day, and Lou Yao Yao knew that she was being unreasonable, but she couldn’t help feeling angry. How could there be such a stupid man in this world? What was his mind thinking? If he had confessed, would the ending of her previous life have been different?

Would it have been different? Lou Yao Yao vaguely knew the answer in her heart. The more she knew the answer, the angrier she was at herself. She was the one who was really stupid. How could she have never discovered Qin Zhi’s feelings towards her?

She had always believed that Qin Zhi thought of her as a younger sister……….because, starting from when she was twelve, there were no changes in their interactions. Therefore, in her previous life, when Qin Zhi had confessed his love, she didn’t know when he had fallen in love with her.

Originally……..he had always acted the same, so she had never discovered it.

This really was a truth that made people want to go crazy.

They were surely a pair of silly fools.

The two fools sat silently in the car, both thinking of their own matters.

They had to attend a gathering now. Originally, it was supposed to have been held yesterday; it had rained so the time was rescheduled for today. The meeting place was a bar that one of the members had opened. Compared to the innumerable styles of all the other nightclubs, this bar was purely a place to sip wine and chat.

The staff were very familiar with Qin Zhi, as he was a frequent visitor. After handing the car key to a parking attendant little brother, Qin Zhi and Lou Yao Yao entered together.

Although the bar was decorated luxuriously and was very refined, it didn’t quite measure up enough for the high and successful public figures. Youths, with their abundant fervor, also didn’t like this kind of reserved place. So, although it was the weekend, there weren’t very many customers, so Qin Zhi and Lou Yao Yao easily found their group of friends in the corner.

The two of them seemed to have arrived late. Dong Dong had the most active personality, and when he saw them, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Over here.”

There were 7~8 men while Lou Yao Yao was the only female student. She casually selected a place to sit down, then listened to them chat.

The one who spoke the most was Dong Dong. He was also the main reason for the meeting today.

Actually, Dong Dong was very interesting. He probably was the most useless person in this group. When they were small, he had had an impressive appearance whilst fighting. However, in the end, he would be beaten up, with snot and tears running down his face. But, he was someone who liked to stir up trouble and was always taught a lesson (punished) every other day. He was similar to Lou Yao Yao, this troublesome soul (spirit). Unexpectedly, he was rather good at playing the piano. Coupled with his delicate and fine face, he could deceive many young female students.

Afterwards, as he grew older, he would, more often, put on airs. He left the country to study at a music university. When everyone thought that he was going to be a musician, and his family had also prepared to send him further abroad to continue his studies, he suddenly stated that he wasn’t going to study. He found someone to repair a broken RV, and went travelling all over the nation with this RV. He had already been traveling for a year now.

Afterwards, as he grew older, he would, more often, put on airs. He left to study at a music university in a different part of the country. When everyone thought that he was going to be a musician, and his family had also prepared to send him abroad to continue his studies, he suddenly stated that he wasn’t going to study. He found someone to repair a broken RV, and went travelling all over the nation with this RV. He had already been traveling for a year now.

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