Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12.2 You dare not provoke


Qin Zhi walked through the door with an assortment of bags. He saw Zhou Yun Rui sitting on the sofa and looked at her somewhat surprised, “Why did you come here?”

Zhou Yun Rui stood up and said in a pleasant voice, “Manager Qin, I came to give you the documents.”

“Didn’t I say I would get the documents tomorrow? Why did you come to deliver them?”

Qin Zhi looked at Zhou Yun Rui, a little disgruntled. Today, he had left the company early to meet Lou Yao Yao, and hadn’t finished all of his work. He knew very clearly the thoughts of this woman. However, half of the decision-making power was in Ruan Si Nan’s hands. So, providing that she didn’t touch his bottom line or make any mistakes in work, he couldn’t do anything about her.

The most important thing was if Lou Yao Yao misunderstood, what was he supposed to do?

That thought flashed through his mind, before completely vanishing. How would Lou Yao Yao be concerned enough to misunderstand?

Zhou Yun Rui stammered and didn’t know what to say.

Lou Yao Yao watched enough of this play. She acted as peacemaker, with no sincerity, whilst eating Hami melons.

“Okay, she helped you by bringing the documents, out of good intentions. Don’t put on a scary face, Qin Zhi. I’m hungry.”

She then turned her head towards Zhou Yun Rui, “It’s still raining outside. Why don’t you stay and eat dinner with us.”

“Thanks.” Zhou Yun Rui naturally didn’t refuse.

Qin Zhi knitted his brows and looked at Lou Yao Yao, but didn’t say anything. He put the things in his hand down, before finding a blanket in the room, and placing it on Lou Yao Yao. He took the fruit plate in her hand and said, “Don’t eat too much. You’ll ruin your appetite for dinner.”

Then, he took the fruit plate and entered the kitchen. Soon, one could hear the sound of chopping vegetables.

Waiting for Qin Zhi, who wore a cartoon illustrated apron to serve three dishes and one soup, Zhou Yun Rui was very disillusioned. This family man, was he really that cold faced boss who kept his promises in the company?

This meal was very stifling. Other than Qin Zhi occasionally giving Lou Yao Yao some food, the three people didn’t speak. The food Qin Zhi made was very delicious, however Zhou Yun Rui felt it was flavorless.

During this period of time, Lou Yao Yao ate in an unrestrained manner, while observing the expressions of the other two people.

She looked for a long time, before finally feeling relaxed. Fortunately, they weren’t dating.

She remembered in her last life, in these two months, she had heard from Ruan Si Nan that Qin Zhi had a girlfriend. This girlfriend was Zhou Yun Rui. Later, she stirred up a big scene. However, looking at the expressions of these two people, Zhou Yun Rui really did nurture evil intentions, but Qin Zhi completely didn’t have any abnormalities. He hadn’t even glanced at Zhou Yun Rui. Moreover, if she wasn’t wrong, then Qin Zhi should like herself.

Then…….why would Qin Zhi have a change of heart in such a short amount of time?

Thinking of this, Lou Yao Yao’s look towards Zhou Yun Rui became very bad. It wouldn’t be because she used extreme methods, would it?

After finishing dinner, Zhou Yun Rui helped Qin Zhi clean up the table. She wanted to help wash the dishes as well, but was rejected by Qin Zhi’s cold, “Please, go sit.”

In the end, she hadn’t even settled in her seat, when Lou Yao Yao said in a loud voice, “Ah! Are you going to go? …………Why don’t you stay awhile? ……..Oh, you have a date with your boyfriend ……..Then, since it’s like this, I won’t detain you. Have a safe journey.”


No words could express Zhou Yun Rui’s current feelings. Towards Lou Yao Yao’s complacently smiling face, she simply wanted to throw a shoe at it.

Lou Yao Yao got the result she wanted and waved her hand goodbye. Sorry, but making bogus accusations, this type of thing, I’m rather good at it.

Zhou Yun Rui naturally didn’t want to go, but with Lou Yao Yao’s big voice, Qin Zhi, who was in the kitchen, had definitely heard it. Could she disregard her face and stubbornly refuse to leave? Or quarrel with Lou Yao Yao? Get into a fight?

Lou Yao Yao sent a furious Zhou Yun Rui to the door, smiling and waving her hand.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” When Zhou Yun Rui said this sentence, she gnashed her teeth.

“You’re welcome.” Lou Yao Yao beamed and then beckoned with her hand. Seeing that Zhou Yun Rui didn’t come over, she was forced to move over to the other’s ear and said, “Say, if you were expelled from the company for failing to seduce your boss, what company would dare to use you?”

“You…..” Zhou Yun Rui didn’t dare to believe what she heard and opened her eyes wide.

Lou Yao Yao innocently looked at her, “Didn’t anyone tell you? There are some men you can provoke and then there are some you can’t. Sorry. My man, you can’t afford to provoke him.”

Speaking the last sentence, her face was already completely cold. Her cold expression made people cold to the bottom of their heart. She had already died once so what did she have to fear? Whoever dared to snatch what’s hers, she would dare to go all out.

With a bang, the iron gate forcefully closed, really close to Zhou Yun Rui’s nose. Zhou Yun Rui recovered after a while. It seemed that she  really had provoked a man that she shouldn’t have………..Ruan Si Nan was simply digging a pit for her to jump into! Which part of this girl showed that she disliked Qin Zhi!?  Lou Yao Yao basically regarded him as her own exclusive property. She wasn’t able to tolerate other people coveting him.

From chapter 12.1, the iron door that Lou Yao Yao looked through

Lou Yao Yao turned her head and saw Qin Zhi standing at the kitchen entrance, looking at her. Because he stood with his back to the light, his face was covered with a shadow; she wasn’t able to see his expression.  

He heard…….. He definitely heard……..Lou Yao Yao no longer had the imposing manner from a moment ago. Her heart was beating quickly; she opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t the first time doing a misdeed or threatening people, but she had never been so anxious. At last, she wrote herself off as hopeless and resolved to act recklessly. “Qin Zhi……..I –”

“Don’t just stand there. If you wear so little during such a heavy rain, you’ll catch a cold.”

After Qin Zhi finished speaking, he turned around to enter to kitchen. It seemed that he probably hadn’t heard her words just then.

Lou Yao Yao’s fire had been totally extinguished by Qin Zhi’s sentence. She rushed up and kicked him with her foot, “Qin Zhi, you’re simply a pig!”

Qin Zhi, who had been kicked for supposedly no reason, looked speechlessly at the enraged Lou Yao Yao running away. How did he offend her?

When Qin Zhi cleaned up, it was still raining. Lou Yao Yao, who had taken a hot bath earlier, fell asleep on the sofa; satiated with food and drink.

Just like a small cat, she shrank into a small ball on the sofa. Her small nose was wrinkled, as if there was something troubling her. Other than the chest area of her strapless blouse, the waist area’s material was nearly transparent. The originally short pants, because she was curling her body, looked even shorter. Vast expanses of her snow-white skin were on display. She slept in front of him, like this, without any defenses.

She acted as if she wasn’t aware that she was a girl. Could it be that she had never thought of how dangerous it would be, to be in a room with an ordinary, single guy?

It’s probably because she was too reassured towards him. Or, more likely……..that she basically didn’t see him as a man.

Qin Zhi bitterly smiled and stooped down to pick up Lou Yao Yao. His hands felt a soft and smooth sensation. He forced down the strange thoughts that were arising. Qin Zhi placed Lou Yao Yao on the bed and covered her with a light blanket.

During this time, Lou Yao Yao hadn’t woken up. When she was placed on the bed, she bent her body and shrank into a ball again.

Qin Zhi stood by the head of the bed and looked at her sleeping face. He couldn’t help but recall the sentence she had recently said, “What can I do? I can’t walk out.”

Actually, he also couldn’t walk out.

But, he was really very tired. He didn’t want to pretend anymore.

Should he say that she was too heartless, or that he was too naïve? He, unexpectedly, had believed the words of a twelve-year-old. Furthermore, he seriously kept her joking words within his heart.

——I, Lou Yao Yao, will definitely become Qin Zhi’s woman. So, until I grow up, you can’t have any girlfriends. Otherwise, you’ll regret it. I am the girl doomed to defeat them.

——Haha, then I’ll wait.

Look, he really was too naive. Nothing but a joke and he had remembered it for so many years.

At the age of 17, Lou Yao Yao had placed him in a corral. He stood in the corral, waiting for many years. In the end, he finally discovered, Lou Yao Yao had never enclosed herself inside. From start to finish, it was just an enclosure for him alone.

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19 thoughts on “Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 12.2

  1. She definitely needed more female friends in her life because if I were there I would’ve already cursed her out for being an ingrate with no sense of appreciation. The fucking key thing is she should’ve immediately stated to him that she doesn’t like Chen Hao and wants nothing to do with him. DOESNT NEED TO CONFESS BUT TELL THE DAMN MAN THAT AT LEAST THERE’S NO ONE ELSE IN THE WAY. After how many fucking years of her stringing him along and even death she can’t see such a simple fact? How many times had she used him as a spare tire, how the hell is he supposed to have any courage that her possessiveness is any different than before. I can’t. I want to slap her so badly. Also that ru nan bastard who sexually harasses women and sends women to QZ, honestly questioning why I’m still reading this…

  2. OOOOOOoooooooohhhh I was wondering what kind of attachment had made him like this, I really liked their interactions (from when they were young) but I didn’t really get a “couple” feeling from them (until now that she’s actively pursuing him), so it wasn’t just a one sided relationship but she actually also liked him… this made me respect Qin Zhi a whole lot!

    And I’m actually glad that she didn’t just straight up went and confessed to him, it wouldn’t be fair for him, her first thoughts were accurate “I need to grow to accept him, let us develop feelings with time”.

    I know it would have being a much rosier story if she just went and told him “I like you!!!!!!” but this developments where he is confirming and doubtful, just as her, feel more realistic…

    I love that feeling of “does she love me? am I good enough? I want to be better for her”… and they are both in sync, this feels much sweeter because of it!!!!

  3. Thank you for translating and I really love this novel because of all the hidden secrets there are in this novel.

  4. The more I read this story, The more I’m sure that Lou Yao Yao is a terrible person. Then again, the title kinda gives it away. I find no redeeming qualities about her. I guess she’s just not the type I can relate to.

    1. But the author give why she is like that she don’t have lovely family (the mother is cold , the aunt are employee ) , she have only money. She only a tsundere

    2. Honestly same but I find that kind of refreshing? I’m glad to see a female character that is allowed to be loud, domineering and stubborn. If a male character was like this people would either not care or be singing praises.

  5. *screaming incomprehensible noises*
    Qin Zhi better not give up. He should study Qin Jiran’s example: faithful regardless of the other party’s feelings.

    Many thanks

    1. Well he doesn’t see about the umbrella ?? That show her interested it’s in he. Week the female going to need to past the action to words or action more strong , like a ??

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