Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 12.1

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Chapter 12 — You dare not provoke

When they arrived at the apartment, Qin Zhi forced Lou Yao Yao to enter the bathroom.

When Qin Zhi graduated from university, he rented a single-person apartment in a block of apartments not far from the university city. There was one bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom as well as a balcony. It was only a few tens of meters big. However, in a single man’s point of view, this kind of apartment was absolutely perfect.

After he was making money, he brought this apartment. He seemed to favor this apartment as it was the first one he himself had bought. Even if he had to drive half an hour to go to work, he never thought of moving out.

This was convenient for Lou Yao Yao. A ten minute journey couldn’t be regarded as far away. Thus, after attending university, when she didn’t want to go home during the weekend, she basically stayed here.

Lou Yao Yao comfortably took a bath. When she came out with a wrapped around her, she didn’t see Qin Zhi. However, she didn’t think it was strange. She took the fruit plate to the table. She forked a Hami Melon and ate it. Oh…….it wasn’t sweet.

When she had just eaten two pieces, she heard the doorbell ring. Lou Yao Yao put down the fruit plate and walked to the door while eating a Hami Melon. She thought it was Qin Zhi who had forgotten the key. However, when she looked through the peephole, she saw a female.

Hesitating a while, Lou Yao Yao opened the wooden door, revealing only a crack. She looked at the woman through the metal door.

Some houses in China have two doors: one metal, other wood.

That female saw Lou Yao Yao’s head through the crack and was slightly stunned. Then she raised her head to smile pleasantly and asked, “Hello, is this Qin Zhi’s house?”

Lou Yao Yao raised her eyebrows and pretended to ask, “En, Who are you?” Actually, she definitely already knew this female. She was Zhou Yun Rui, Qin Zhi’s secretary. However, at this time, they definitely “didn’t know” each other.

As a expert in the affairs of love, how would Zhou Yun Rui be unable to sense Lou Yao Yao’s hostility. However, she still maintained her smile and said, “ I am Qin Zhi’s secretary, Zhou Yun Rui. Is Qin Zhi at home right now?”

“No, he isn’t here.” Although it wasn’t polite, Lou Yao Yao had no intention to open the door to let her in and speak. “Why are you looking for him?

Zhou Yun Rui raised a briefcase, “Qin Zhi forget to take home a document so he had me bring it to him.”

Lou Yao Yao was about to say to give the document to her so that she could pass it on, but the words hadn’t come out when she suddenly changed her mind. “Come in and sit. He’ll be back soon.”

Finished speaking, she opened the door. Then she let in this woman who coveted her Qin Zhi.

Zhou Yun Rui originally thought the other party would ask for the documents. Then she would speak righteous words of rejection. She had been prepared to been locked out by the other party. She wanted to use this to gain a little bit of sympathy. In the end, she was allowed in.

After coming in, she saw Lou Yao Yao’s state of dress and was stunned. Lou Yao Yao, however, hadn’t noticed this point. She took a pair of shoes from the shoe cabinet and placed them on the ground. She pointed at the shoe cabinet, “Place the umbrella there. Come in and sit first. I’ll go and change my clothes.

Finished speaking, she didn’t mind Zhou Yun Rui and entered the only bedroom and gently shut the door.

One hand was holding the bag with the documents, the other hand was holding the umbrella still dripping with water. Zhou Yun Rui was still staring at the shoes on the ground in a daze. Afterwards, she placed the umbrella according to Lou Yao Yao’s instructions and wore the shoes. Then she proceed to start looking at this small apartment.

The kitchen entrance was in the hallway. The small kitchen had all kinds of cooking implements. Looking at the where they were placed and how old they were were, they should be used often. The living room was separated into two by two fully-packed bookcases. On the outside wall, there was a set of cabinets. In the middle were four sofas and a glass table. Inside the bookcase, against a floor-to-ceiling glass window, there was a large double sofa. On the sofa was a snow-white blanket that made people want to go up and roll about. There were also two pink cushions on the sofa. Opposite of this was a computer table. There were also a few exquisite small objects. Considering Qin Zhi’s present circumstances, living in this kind of apartment was a little shabby.

However, to a pair of ordinary sweethearts, this was a simple but warm place to live together.

Zhou Yun Rui placed the briefcase on the sofa. She took a closer look at the decorations of this apartment. These decorations were intensely telling her a fact : There was already a mistress here.

Feminine objects could be found everywhere in the room. The most conspicuous thing was the large class schedule pasted behind the computer table. It was clear it wasn’t Qin Zhi’s.

Lou Yao Yao didn’t make Zhou Yun Rui wait too long, she changed clothes and came out. However, what she wore made Zhou Yun Rui be more speechless than when she wrapped a bath towel around herself.

She wore a shoulder-less pink top and small white pants only a few inches long. She saw Zhou Yun Rui standing in front of the computer and showed a  artificial smile, “What are standing here for? Please sit. Do you want to drink anything?”

It was the hostess’ manner.

Zhou Yun Rui’s eyes flashed. She sat down at the sofa where she had placed the briefcase. “Clear water is good.”

Lou Yao Yao handed her a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator. Then she placed the fruit plate on the table. She retreated into the sofa opposite of Zhou Yun Rui and ate fruit. She asked Zhou Yun Rui if she wanted some. When Zhou Yun Rui said she wasn’t going to eat, she ate fruit while looking at Zhou Yun Rui who was lost in thought.

Zhou Yun Rui felt a great deal of pressure under those large, blinking eyes that were attentively watching her. She thought she had nowhere to hide under the vision of the opposite party. That pair of snow white thighs lying on the sofa was especially glaring. The matter was completely unlike what she had thought!

Ruan Si Nan, this swindler! Didn’t he say Qin Zhi had no girlfriend?! Didn’t he encourage her to pursued Qin Zhi?! Didn’t he say that other than Qin Zhi’s childhood friend, he didn’t have anyone he liked?!

But now looking at it, it completely wasn’t like that!

FirePegasus: Good job Yao Yao. Establish your ownership of Qin Zhi!! Fighting! 🙂

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