Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 11.1

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Chapter 11.1 — No need to be ambiguous

Eventually, the last class of the day ended. Lou Yao Yao placed the books she needed to read over the weekend in her bag. The other books that she didn’t need, she handed over to Tang Qin, so Tang Qin could help her bring the books back to the dorm. Tang Qin was packing up two books when she suddenly smiled faintly and pushed Lou Yao Yao. Lou Yao Yao turned her head over to look.

She saw a young male student standing at the classroom door with both hand in his trouser pockets. He was leaning lazily on the wall. His hair was longer than most male students. His tight-fitting black shirt made his waist seem slender. Two of his buttons were undone. In addition, he had a handsome face. His entire person seemed sexy and charming. Several female students who were confused by his beauty went up to talk to him. That person had a good personality and accompanied them in talking, making several female students continuously laugh tenderly. Lou Yao was annoyed and wrinkled her brows, “Really is haunted by a ghost.”

unwilling to leave

“Haven’t you made it clear to him?” Tang Qin actually thought it was very interesting.

“I did, but his head has a problem. It’s not at all clear to him.” Speaking of this, Lou Yao Yao was somewhat vexed. She had no idea how she had provoked such a troublesome person.

Towards this, Tang Qin was also powerless. She joked, “Why don’t you give him an opportunity?

“I already have someone I like.” Lou Yao Yao firmly refused.

Tang Qin also had heard about the person that Lou Yao Yao liked, school leader Chen Hao in junior year. It was said that these two people were formerly in the same high school. However, the school leader already had a childhood sweetheart who studied in the next-door art school. Thus, Tang Qin thought that Lou Yao Yao’s hope wasn’t very big. Moreover, Tang Qin didn’t like the school leader after several meetings. He was too perfect; on the contrary, it made it seem artificial. The most important thing was that Tang Qin thought he had some other objective for approaching Lou Yao Yao.

She forced down those ideas and didn’t speak again. She stopped joking. That male student didn’t suit Lou Yao Yao. Then again, even if he did suit, she couldn’t try to control Lou Yao Yao’s thoughts.

The road to go the dormitory and to leave school were different. Lou Yao Yao and Tang said goodbye and separated at the classroom door. The male student waiting in the doorway saw them and pushed his way through the crowd of female students. He blocked Lou Yao Yao and started to walked alongside her while inviting her, “Senior, can you give this junior the chance to have dinner with you?

Lou Yao Yao glanced at him, “This junior, am I very familiar with you?”

“We aren’t familiar.” The man smiled, his entire person looked like demonic evil, “However, feelings can be slowly nurtured. Even if we aren’t familiar right now that doesn’t represent that we won’t be familiar in the future.”

It means something like he looked demonically handsome, but the literal translation is the above.

“Feelings really can be slowly nurtured, but you still have to see if the other party is willing.” Lou Yao Yao sent Qin Zhi a text message to let him know that she had already finished class. Only then did she raise her head to continue speaking, “I thought I had already been clear enough. I already have a boyfriend.”

“Until you arrive at the end of a relationship, no one can rashly draw any conclusion. You should give others an opportunity and give yourself an opportunity.”

“According to your theory, isn’t that the same as saying that I’ll prepare a mistress in advance for when I might divorce? Your girlfriend or wife is really pitiful.”

The male student was stunned for two seconds by Lou Yao Yao’s argument. Then he immediately recovered and pursued her, “Senior, you’re deliberately twisting my meaning. Marriage and love aren’t the same.”

Lou Yao Yao didn’t deny it, “ It really isn’t the same. But the two-timing nature is the same. You can’t believe that just because you haven’t gone to the marriage stage, that two-timing is correct. Moreover, if you love for love’s sake, then I love for marriage’s sake. There are many people willing to accompany you to play these love games, but I am not one of them.”

“Is that so?” The male shrugged and showed a very worried expression, “What should I do? Because of your words, unexpectedly, I don’t want to give up more and more.”

Lou Yao Yao stopped walking and looked straight at this young man whose name she didn’t remember, “Whether you give up or not is your business. But what I want to say is that you doing this is making me sick of you and my feelings toward you are starting to become loathing. Moreover, when I see you, I have an impulse to slap you.

“Really is ruthless……” The male student shook his head and made a expression that showed nothing could be done, “Even if you aren’t interested, you don’t have to speak so heartlessly. Actually, you are the first female student to reject me.”

“That is because you haven’t confessed enough times. If you confess to one hundred female students, there will definitely be a few that will reject you.” Lou Yao Yao good intentionally gave a suggestion.

The man unexpectedly thought it was interesting and said, “Another day, I’ll try it.”

Lou Yao Yao rolled her eyes and didn’t pay any more attention to him. She avoid him and continued walking. In her eyes, this was just only one grown “young male student”, she didn’t need to care too much.

“Wait. “ That person pursued her, “Okay, since you are so determined, I’ll draw back one step. Can you give me the opportunity to just be ordinary friends?”

Ordinary friends? Lou Yao Yao didn’t think and refused, “No.”

“No? We can’t even be friends? Having such an outstanding pursuer as a friend is very enviable.” In order to support with his argument, he pulled up his collar and changed his expression. His entire aura transformed. In a moment, he changed from a slovenly delinquent to a mature, serious, aspiring man.

This man was really an evildoer. She estimated that he could compete with Nan Gua. But, Lou Yao Yao didn’t have much feeling toward him, “Sorry, my boyfriend is enough. I don’t need to draw legs on a snake. The most important thing is that I dislike being ambiguous with someone the most. “

meaning enchanting/ makes many girls fall in love- not the english definition of evildoer

to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous

Ambiguousness? In her last life, she was harmed greatly by ambiguousness. Between a male and a female, could there really be a chaste friendship relationship? Perhaps there could be. However, a friendship that had love pulled in was not pure, even more when a confession had already happened. In her previous life, her entire youth was harmed by Chen Hao’s ambiguousness. Qin Zhi’s life had also been completely destroyed by her ambiguousness……..

Wait……. What had she just thought…………

Her ambiguousness…….. Her ambiguousness……..

Lou Yao Yao stopped, dazed. Just then a light had gone off in her head, making her feel that she had faintly grasped a important idea. But when she wanted to understand it deeply, the idea became more and more indistinct.

“I can understand why you hate ambiguousness. Is Senior afraid that I’ll swoop in?”

Looking at the face that suddenly approached, Lou Yao Yao was so startled that she stepped back. That flash of light was gone before she could consider it deeply. She frowned, annoyed at this male student who believed he was infallible. Her patience had already been worn down.

Even if he was a “small child”, she didn’t want to endure any further. “What gave you such confidence? I am not one of those girls who can only cry and not do anything. If you provoke me, I will use my fist.”

A virtuous woman? Sorry, she was never that.

After speaking, Lou Yao Yao didn’t look at him again. She had been delayed by this guy.

FirePegasus: Because the chapter are too long, from now on, I decided to divide the chapters into two. I’ll also try to post a part of chapter every Monday. Please have mercy if I forget to.

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