Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 — What are you doing?

All the people could feel that the Lou Yao Yao who always read magazines in class and went window-shopping right after class ended had changed. First, not even mentioning that she no longer talked with the two other people in her dormitory, she seriously attended class without being absent. She didn’t care about the long distance and traveled halfway across the campus to attend other classes. After school, she went to the library. She was simply the model of a improving student. To everyone that was watching, it was an inconceivable matter.

Regarding the students of the administration faculty, Lou Yao Yao practically half an invisible person. Normally, if one wanted to find her, then they would have to find her in a compulsory class. At other times, one basically couldn’t see her shadow on the campus. However, there were of all kinds of high-profile rumors about her flying about.

Today evening, Lou Yao Yao was with Tang Qin in the library studying, as usual. She had missed so many classes and was separated by so many years from her time as a university student. Frankly, she only had a smattering of knowledge left. However, this didn’t obstruct her from listening in class with great eagerness. Perhaps it was became of her change in attitude, the business anecdotes her teachers cited were particularly interesting. The experience she gained by working as her mother’s assistant all those years in her last life allowed her to harvest greatly. Lou Yao Yao didn’t understand the theories that she saw in the brick-like books in the library. However, many books would have some example insides. Like this, she could this guess at the general meaning. She took out her phone to check the time. It was almost 9 o’clock. Lou Yao Yao looked the number that she knew by heart and sent a SMS.

“Have you finished work?”

“En. I’m on the road.”

“You’re later than yesterday by an hour!”


Nangua, this narrow-minded, gossipy male! Does he dare not let you not work overtime!?”

pumpkin is the literal meaning. It is insulting nickname for Ruan Si Nuan.

“The company is still at its beginning stage. It’s normal to be so busy. There’s no way around it.”

She complained about the chief criminal Si Nan Ruan who made Qin Zhi work overtime to him, then suddenly remembered that Qin Zhi was driving. Consequently, she remedied this by sending a short text message.

“You’re driving, right? Don’t reply back. Just focus on driving.”

Sure enough, Qin Zhi really didn’t reply back. Even though she was the one who made him do that, Lou Yao Yao thought that she felt lonely and at a loss. She propped up her chine and stared piteously at her phone.

That appearance, in other people’s eyes, was particularly cute. Although she wasn’t the sexy, glamorous type, her face and skin were delicate like a doll’s. These days, girls that were the foreign doll type were also very popular. Although these kind of girls were very troublesome, most people were unable to bear their personality. However, at that moment, her snow-white glossy skin was bright under the fluorescent light. It was so white, it was almost translucent. Looking at it, she was very beautiful.

Several males sitting at a table had already looked at her for a long while.

“Is that sophomore Lou Yao Yao?”

“What, do you want to pursue her?”

“I’m thinking about it. She doesn’t seem to be like the rumors. She looks like a very pure girl.”

“If you want to poke a hornet’s nest, go ahead and pursue her.”

“Oh? I say, you seem very familiar with her.”

“How can not be I be familiar? Laozi was in the same school as her all of elementary, middle school and high school. In those years, I dared to write her a love letter. I was tormented until I couldn’t live.”

I, your father” (in anger, or out of contempt)

“Wasn’t the school you went to a very famous private school? Does this Lou Yao Yao have a big background?”

“What background? Her family opens a apparel company. However, her friends aren’t simple.”
“What do you mean?”

“You aren’t from here. Not knowing is very normal. You know in this city, there is Old Town. The people who come from there are particularly xenophobic. That female is the only female in that circle. You should think it over carefully. If you aren’t careful and pursue her but don’t let it go, then you would be finished. Your fate would be to wash your neck and wait for death.

wash your neck-for the executioner’s blade

“Damn, then isn’t that just hanging myself.”

The the administration faculty’s people’s families to some extent all had some property. Otherwise without any property, what would they administer? Even if other big companies lacked a talented manger, there were many people with diplomas coming abroad from N country to struggle for a job. How could it be the turn of these people were without solid foundation or training? One had to choose one’s major correctly, otherwise, after graduating, one would continue to do odd jobs as before.

As a commercial metropolis that kept up with the times, H city had countless foreigners coming in. There were innumerable people trying to establish a company, but the businessmen of H city were xenophobic. As a result there was Old Town, foreign businesses, and local businesses, these three factions. Among these the one whose power was greatest yet was also the most difficult to integrate into modern society was Old Town, the conservative faction. They had started early so their foundation was steady. A slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole, it was very difficult to deal with.

At that time, when Lou Yao Yao killed Lou Qing Qing, there weren’t just a few doubtful points in the case, but in the end Qin Zhi was quickly sentenced to be punished. For this to happen, the people in the other two factions contributed greatly.

Certainly, Lou Yao Yao, this single-celled organism, didn’t know anything about this. Right now, she was just a female student distressed because of love. In situations that Lou Yao Yao didn’t know about, her hidden pursuers lifted their feet in order to step on the path to pursue her one moment, then decisively retracted their foot.

In fact, Lou Yao Yao seemingly had never been pursued from when she was small till when she had grown up. Love letters, these kinds of things, were just an existence in a fable. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Chen Hao to confuse her until she was head over heels in love.

Moreover, the time that Chen Hao appeared was too opportune. Her youngest playmates were all at least two years older than her. At that time, they had all graduated. Otherwise, how would it be possible for Chen Hao to jump up? When her playmates discovered her affair, it was already too late.

However, although Lou Yao Yao’s “backer” kept off some troubles for her, it also simulated several conceited men looking for novelty. This made Lou Yao Yao vexed. Not mentioning being stopped in class, but she also frequently received incomprehensible things. Also there were “chance encounters” in various places. Unexpectedly, the other party would also give all kinds of invitations with a face like he was bestowing a great honor.

This wasn’t in the script! Lou Yao Yao was utterly speechless. How come she didn’t know she was so attractive? In her past life, there was basically no one pursuing her! Actually, that was because other people basically weren’t able to meet her. Even if people wanted to give her a love letter or go on a date, with those two roommates, how would the letters or information be able to reach her? Furthermore, after walking out of the previous life’s haze, Lou Yao Yao had an indifference towards people and matters that she didn’t realize. After experiencing the extreme madness, very little was able to enrage her now. She lost her thorns and her appearance wasn’t ugly. Her character appeared to be cold and somewhat a challenge. Having people pursue her was very normal.

However, Lou Yao Yao didn’t like this at all. She currently had no interest in anyone other than Qin Zhi. Only, when she stated she already had a boyfriend, the pursuer, whose name she didn’t remember, unexpectedly didn’t give up. His mouth was full of flowers that would annoy people to death. Today, he followed her to the classroom.

Full of flowers- honey-tongued/smooth talker

If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a required class with roll-call tomorrow, she would want to skip class. However, tomorrow was Friday, she didn’t need to be tortured again.

AdvertisementShe disgustedly glared at the male student sitting in front of her. Lou Yao Yao also didn’t have to mood to listen to class. She grabbed her phone to send Qin Zhi a text message.

“What are you doing?”

She waited a little for the other side, and received two characters back, “Meeting.”

In Chinese, this is two characters

She frowned and lay down her phone. She propped up her chin for a while but was unable to resist sending another message.

“What are you doing?”

The reply was quicker this time. It was the same two characters as before, “Meeting.”

This let Lou Yao Yao be a little amazed. As a result, she asked, “You can send messages when you’re in a meeting?”

The other side was silent for a long time, then replied, “I can. Ah-Nan is in charge. I just have to attend.

Ah is used before names for people who you are close to

After receiving this answer, Lou Yao Yao with a clear conscience started to send over innumerous messages with both hands flying over the screen. She complained about this, then complained about that. All of it was complaints.

Looking at the messages that Lou Yao Yao was sending, Qin Zhi knit his browns. He stared at the screen for half a day {figurative}, then realized there wasn’t any sound in the conference room. He raised his head to stare at the standing male employee and said, “Continue.”

That employee was stunned and said with a bitter face, “Boss, I already said it twice.”

Qin Zhi was also stunned, then turned his head to look at Ruan Si Nuan. Ruan Si Nuan had lowered his head and was flipping through an entertainment magazine. Once in a while, he would laugh. He totally wasn’t paying attention.

The response of the assistant on his right was quick. He pushed his own notebook over to Qin Zhi at once. Glancing over at lightning speed the records written down, Qin Zhi calmly said, “This proposal, does anyone have an objection to it?”

Who would dare to have an objection? The employees were silent.

Seeing that no one voiced an objection, Qin Zhi made the final decision, “This being the case, this proposal is unanimously put into action. Then starting from today, the technology division will implement it. Can the technology division achieve making the end product within a month?”
“No problem.” The technology division’s head pushed up his glasses. He cast a glance at the Ruan Si Nuan who was still reading the magazine.

“Okay. This is the end of the meeting.”

The meeting which was originally supposed to last several hours, was decided by Qin Zhi in a few short minutes. He then single-mindedly started to accompany Lou Yao Yao texting. The speed at which she sent messages was too quick. He hadn’t even finished reading one message, when the next message was already sent.

After waiting for the last employee to leave, the still reading magazine Ruan Si Nuan closed his magazine. He smiled disquietingly, “I guess that they must definitely want to change companies.”

The assistant who was still tidying up the boss’ files nodded in his heart: Nonsense, can they not want to change jobs? This is a newly emerging company. The vice-president is someone who ignores one’s proper occupation. Never mind. Now even the workaholic CEO is starting to daze off when working. That can also be ignored. But, he unexpectedly sent text messages during a meeting. He even concluded an extremely important meeting early so he could be at ease to sent text messages!! This company……….is going down, going down, going down!!!

The words that the young assistant roared inside his heart, other people were naturally unable to hear. Qin Zhi glanced at Ruan Si Nuan. He didn’t pay attention to Ruan Si Nuan’s words and said, “During period of time, go and help the technology division.”

Ruan Si Nuan shrugged. He didn’t express an opinion and stood up to depart. In the middle of leaving, he turned around and said, “Right, Dong Dong came back yesterday. Bring Yao Yao over to meet up in the weekend.”

“I’ll pass on the message.” Qin Zhi didn’t lift his head.

Ruan Si Nuan left halfway. Suddenly he came back and sntached Qin Zhi’s phone. He swiped at the phone screen and glanced at it once, and was able to see nearly all of the messages on the screen. He took advantage of the time that Qin Zhi wasn’t yet angry to give him back the phone.
Ignoring Qin Zhi’s eyes filled with anger, Ruan Si Nuan was without a bit of pressure as he said to the assistant, “Young assistant, do you know the meaning of a female asking a male what he is doing?”

“I don’t know,” the assistant rolled his eyes and continued to pack the things.

“The meaning is that the girl is thinking of the boy. However……” Ruan Si Nan ran his fingers through his hair. He walked while speaking, “It could be because she was too bored. She couldn’t wait for the person whom she was waiting for so she could only find someone else to kill time. Women.”

After saying these baffling words, Ruan Si Nan walked off. This guy was as before, like a meddling woman.

Qin Zhi could help but agree with Ruan Si Nan’s evaluation. The assistant packed up everything and left. In such a big conference room, there was only Qin Zhi left.

Lou Yao Yao’s messages were incessantly being sent. The beep of a text message being sent never stopped. But Qin Zhi didn’t look at any of the messages.

What Ruan Si Nan said, how could he not understand? Lou Yao Yao also sent him messages in the past. However, after he replied, the other side had no response for a long time. After a very long time, there was finally a sentence : I’m chatting with Chen Hao, let’s speak next time.
Lou Yao Yao somewhat unusual these days. In normal circumstances, only when Chen Hao didn’t reply to her would she message other people out of boredom. Unfortunately, he was the one who would reply to her message at any time.

He knew. He knew everything. But what could he do? Ignore her? If he could do that, he would have already done that earlier.

The other side continuously sent a lot of messages. But, possibly discovering that he hadn’t replied, she stopped bombarding messages at him. After a while, she sent a message.

Qin Zhi opened that message : Yi, Why aren’t you replying? Are you busy?

Yi- exclamation of surprise

He didn’t think and automatically sent a message : No, the meeting just adjourned. I’m packing up.

Lying would became a habit. Saying it once. Then wait a while and one would be unable to bear saying it a second time.

Not waiting for Lou Yao Yao to reply, Qin Zhi sent another message.

“Should I pick you up tomorrow afternoon?”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

I’ll wait for you……..It was this sentence again………

Qin Zhi expressionlessly scrolled through the chat record. In these messages, 50% were asking him what he was doing.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m thinking of you.”

When could he reply like that?

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