Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 21.2

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 Chapter 21 Growing Up

Afterwards, the two people walked on without speaking. When they took the elevator, Lou Yao Yao even turned her head aside. Qin Zhi looked at her facial expression with great interest.

He had seen her angry. He had seen her curse at people. But, he had seldom seen her shy.

Lou Yao Yao thought she was only flustered by the heat. This was probably all the wine’s fault. She had low alcohol tolerance. She only had to drink a little to become drunk, so she normally didn’t drink.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot and the elevator doors closed, Qin Zhi suddenly grabbed Lou Yao Yao’s hand, pressed her against the wall, and lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Lou Yao Yao opened her eyes wide. As she was staring, Qin Zhi raised his hand to cover her eyes. At the same time, his tongue slipped into her mouth.

Having been blindfolded, Lou Yao Yao felt that her other senses become more sensitive. She moved her teeth and bit the chaotically moving tongue in her mouth. In the end, she couldn’t bear to bite harder. After a gentle bite, she let go. That tiny bite roused the Qin Zhi’s wild side。 Men seemed to have more talent at being predators than women. In this plundering kiss, Lou Yao Yao was the passive party.

Simple kisses didn’t really bring much pleasure, but that numbness that came from the bottom of her heart and spread out in her body made her befuddled. Lou Yao Yao wrapped her hands around Qin Zhi’s neck. She placed her whole weight on his body. She really felt like she was drunk.

Qin Zhi had to stop kissing Lou Yao Yao who was confused by passion. He really regretted kissing Lou Yao Yao in this situation. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have stopped at kissing. He left Lou Yao Yao and helped her tidy up her not very messy clothes. Although he was very aroused, he didn’t forget where he was. Other than that fiery kiss, he didn’t do anything else.

Not only did was Qin Zhi not satisfied with this kiss, Lou Yao Yao also wasn’t satisfied. She wrinkled her small nose and her watery big eyes looked at Qin Zhi. Her small round face looked pleadingly at him and her lips were even more beautiful.

“Let’s go.” After determining there was nothing inappropriate, Qin Zhi pushed down his discomposure and reached out his hand to lead Lou Yao Yao.

But Lou Yao Yao rejected his hand.

Qin Zhi, who knew he was in the wrong, thought that she was shy. He couldn’t help laughing and followed behind her.

When they returned home, it was already late. Lou Yao Yao took a bath and lay on the sofa and read notes. In a few days, she would have a test. She still had a lot of things to memorize, but now she totally wasn’t in the mood to study. The door of the bathroom was closed and she listened the sound of water running. She couldn’t help but thinking of those dirty matters. How could she read, let along sleep?

Lou Yao Yao felt that time was passing very slowly. She felt that Qin Zhi was taking a very long bath. When she heard the door open, Lou Yao Yao who had been lying of the sofa, continuously staring at the door, immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Qin Zhi dried his hair as he went out of the bathroom. He saw Lou Yao Yao had already closed her eyes and gone to sleep. He was helpless. She was so mindless. How could she just go to sleep? He put down the towel and bent down to pick her up. In the end, he discovered that she was stiff in his arms. How could he not guess that she was faking sleep?

However, Qin Zhi could only pretend not to know. Like usual, he brought Lou Yao Yao to the bedroom. After he put her down and had just turned around, the corner of his clothes was grasped by Lou Yao Yao.

Qin Zhi turned his head to look at her. She flinched and avoided his eyes, but the hand that was grasping his clothes didn’t loosen at all. There was no intention of retreating.

“Yao Yao.”

She lowered her head and didn’t look at him. Heaven knew how much courage she had to muster up to hold him. Even though she was said that there wasn’t anything wrong; in the end, she only had theoretical knowledge. She was still young without any practical experience. At the last moment, she was scared.

Perhaps because she had waited too long, Lou Yao Yao’s hand began to loosen her strength. Once you summoned courage once, it was difficult to do so again. Using this reason, Qin Zhi persuaded himself. If he dared refused this time, it would probably become a thorn in her heart. In the future even when their affections were stronger, it would become difficult for her to take the initiative.

If he missed this opportunity, then he really didn’t know what he was waiting for.

Moreover, Qin Zhi had waited too long for this moment. Before, if he hadn’t been afraid that Lou Yao Yao wasn’t willing, how could he have continuously endured it?

In everything where water flows, a canal is formed[when conditions are right, success will follow naturally/]. The two rookies slowly fumbled about. All of Lou Yao Yao’s courage seemed to have been used up just now. She continuously dodged and hid, not looking at Qin Zhi. However, because of Qin Zhi’s provocations, she quickly focused on it.

When all of the obstacles were removed and his hand touched her thigh, the innocent Lou Yao Yao shrank in fear. But when Qin Zhi indicated he would stop, her bashful sentence, “I want to be your woman.” drove him insane.

The two people’s first time, because of their coordination became very smooth. Other than Lou Yao Yao crying noisily in the beginning, later, the two, man and woman who first tasted love, were completely immersed in another world.

He waited 8 years until finally his girl grew up.

In the future, he would be her man.

FirePegasus: Finally, they are actually together! It took them long enough. But, it is so sweet.

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