End of World’s Businessman Chapter 9.2

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Chapter 009.2 — Departure [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

Another zombie dog was mid-air when Ji Yun heard the warning, so he leaned back as Wu Ye’s steel arrow came whistling through the air. It pierced through the dog’s throat and pinned its head to the ground.

Just then, a zombie dog leapt stealthily from the back of the truck. When Wu Ye sensed it, he turned his head only to see a shadow flash by. By the time he could see clearly, the dog was already so close, he could smell the stench coming from its mouth.

‘Zap!’ A thunder boomed and the zombie dog was thrown away from Wu Ye.  It crashed heavily and its brain matter splattered on the concrete floor. The rest of its body was charred black with smoke still coming out from its corpse.

Once again, death was so close.

Wu Ye turned pale. It took him a lot of effort to keep his cool and avoid losing face in front of his younger brothers.

“Pick up the nucleus and let’s leave at once,” Qin Wuhua said calmly, without showing any emotion.

Ji Yun nodded and instantly jumped off the car. With his field knife, he skillfully gathered the spoils of war.

Wu Ye was still shaken that he squatted down, unmoving.

Before the apocalypse, Qin Wuhua served as a special forces coach for a brief period of time. Those who got admitted into the force under his training called him the “Devil Teacher” behind his back. If the soldiers under his charge dared to be a cowardly as Wu Ye, he would simply kick them, no questions asked. However, when he looked at Wu Ye’s pale face, he couldn’t say a word.

Qin Wuhua hesitated for a while before he stretched out his hand to pat Wu Ye’s head. “Don’t be scared,” he coaxed.

Wu Ye sprang out like an angry cat and roared, “Who’s scared? Who the hell are you talking about? This daddy is not afraid!”

Qin Wuhua wrinkled his eyebrows. “What sort of tasteless language are you using? You’re still young.”

“… You’re the one who’s young! Everyone is your family is young! This daddy is 23! Do you hear me? 23!” Second Young Master Wu’s pride was shattered again and again that he instantly exploded in anger.

Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun, who were busy collecting crystal nuclei, gave him an incredulous look.


This encounter had been profitable. All 11 zombie dogs they’ve killed had crystal nuclei.  All of them amounted to 2 transparent Level 1 nuclei, 3 pink quasi-Level 2 nuclei, 5 bright red Level 2 nuclei, and one larger red nucleus with orange tint inside. It should be a rare quasi-Level 3 nuclei.

Seeing all these nuclei, Ji yun sighed as he lamented, “The speed of zombie transformation is getting faster than ever. I don’t know how long we, humans, could hold out.”

“Don’t lose heart. I believe you can defeat the zombies and reclaim your country.”

Qin Wuhua found Wu Ye’s words strange, but he chose to ignore it and wondered if there were quasi-Level 3 zombies in a place so close to the base, then what about in disaster zones? Would those places have even higher level zombies?

Ji Yun was a little discouraged and listlessly said, “I hope so.”

Right now, Wu Ye has nothing to offer to his younger brothers, so he divided the nuclei amongst themselves according to the amount of work that each one had done.

Ji Yun got a Level 2 crystal nuclei, Wu got a Level 1, a quasi-Level 2, and a Level 2 crystal nuclei. The rest were given to Qin Wuhua since he hunted them all. Qin Wuhua was not polite and instantly received all of the nuclei, since he needed them to supplement and enhance his ability.

On top of the crystal nuclei he gained, Wu Ye also scored 20 points in this mission. He got 1 point for the first grade zombie and 5 points for second grade zombies. In total, he got 10 points for those 2 second grade zombies, and an additional 4 points for completing the random mission according to mission standards.

Wu Ye immediately paid off all his debts and became a ‘rich man’ with a small balance. He wanted to use these points and nuclei to trade for a gun with a silencer and bullets with the system. However, the system still kept mum. Before Wu Ye could complain, a button appeared on the system’s control panel. It read ‘Gene Enhancement.’

[What is this?] Wu Ye wondered as he reached out and clicked it. The moment he pressed on to click, he felt a slight numbing on his finger, as if he had been electrocuted. When he looked again, the integral balance in the system read: 5 system points, and 0 crystal nucleus.

Wu Ye fumbled in his pockets and found out that the crystal nuclei he just earned earlier had turned into a pinch of fine powder. He was so shocked he couldn’t help but should out loud, “How could this be?!”

“What’s the matter, boss?” Ji Yun asked politely.

Qin Wuhua regarded him silently.

“It’s  nothing!” Wu Ye exclaimed angrily as he stared at the green progress bar under the Gene Enhancement button in the system’s control panel. It read: Progress: 2.1%.

[System, what is going on here?] [Transforming nucleus energy, strengthening gene, and enhancing host’s body type.] the system explained coldly.

[Why don’t I feel anything?] [………….] [Fine. What will happen when it reaches 100% strength?] [First-level gene chain unlocked.]

Wu Ye sensed a taste of domineering power, but suppressed his excitement with reason. [What would happen after the gene chain was unlocked? Would it be possible to have special abilities?] While he had a sturdy and powerful little brother, he was still not confident to assert his authority as a boss, knowing that he was not as strong.

The system reminded him the cost. [It takes 1000 points to unlock the gene chain.] [………] In an instant, Second Young Master Wu, was left with no more questions to ask.

After noon, the temperature gradually returned to its usual heat. Unknowingly, Wu Ye and his group had gone closer to Lang Cheng Base after fighting with the zombie dogs. Soon, they could hear roaring cars passing by the road. All kinds of vehicles can be seen, from luxury cars to powerful armored vehicles. The most conspicuous vehicles, however, were the wear-resistant, practical trucks that might be loaded with people.

As night approached, most of the cars could be seen heading towards Lan Cheng Base. Teams that could afford to buy a car to go out of town to hunt and kill zombies, all had experts in it. Riding a car holds more advantage for hunters. Those with good harvest drove directly into the town. Those who didn’t, would find some way to make a profit before they entered the base. Anyway, as long as they did not cause trouble in the base, no one would care about how they got the kills.

After Qin Wuhua used his ability to scare numerous number of looters, Wu Ye finally saw the towering walls in the distance.

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