End of World’s Businessman Chapter 7.2

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Chapter 007.2 — Mouse Killing Cat [2]

Wu Ye drew another question mark while saying, “You’re welcome.” 
Still communicating silently, Ji Yun asked out loud if he could thank Qin Wuhua in person. As he asked, he shook his head at Wu Ye then wrote, ‘He is an evolved person.’ 
Wu Ye was shocked. He suspected Qin Wuhua might be awakening some special powers, but the system kept mum about it that he tossed his suspicions aside. He did not expect that there were really special powers in this world. No. Now is not the time to sigh. If Wang He possessed special powers, he had no chance of winning. Ji Yun offering him to cooperate was most probably because he had misunderstood that his ‘brother’ was also an evolved person, and also had a special power. 
What now? 
 【 System, can you help me kill him directly? 】 The second young master’s eyes were dark and filled with evil thoughts. 
【Can you give me poison on credit? I’ll kill him.】Wu Ye’s two eyes gave off a sinister light.
【This can’t be done, that can’t be done. Why are you so useless? If my little life is over, what can you ask for?】The second young master of Wu’s family fury was filled to the brim after getting rejected twice. 
How could it be blamed when its remaining energy was not enough to make poison? There’s no use complaining about it being useless, stupid host! 
Static sound was heard and the system pretended to be dead once again. 
Ji Yun wanted to cooperate because of his ‘brother’. But his ‘brother’ is just a cheap trick. On the other hand, Ji Yun himself is cautious. He won’t lose the falcon until he sees the hare*. He needs to see Qin Wuhua face-to-face to hash out a plan because he certainly couldn’t do it with a ‘child’. The two of them failed to reach an agreement at the moment. Instead, they decided that Ji Yun would help them stall Wang He, while Wu Ye and his ‘brother’ would help him kill Wang He.
[T/N: Chinese idiom meaning “one doesn’t act without some incentive]
Night fell as Wu Ye took out a tube of nutrient he previously bought on credit, ate a few mouthfuls, and fed the rest to Qin Wuhua. He didn’t want to touch the canned pork at the moment as he feared that Wang He would make a move tonight. His fears kept him awake even when lying next to Qin Wuhua. Every time he hears the floor creak, he would reflexively prick up his ears and anxiously hold his bow and arrow, completely lacking of any sense of security. 
The rain poured heavier and louder. Wu Ye felt even more sure that Wang He would do something tonight. 
Ji Yun wasn’t the type of guy to silently wait for his death. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have survived up to this day. Although Wang He did not say anything, he shared Wu Ye’s thoughts and their intuition told them that Wang He is highly likely to act tonight. 
The reason is simple. Heavy rains could tamper with zombie’s sense of hearing and smell. The zombies could definitely notice loud noise once the rain stopped. No one could survive without a car, and their care lacks petrol. Wang He’s chances for survival will be less likely to happen if he didn’t act tonight. 
Also, the ‘master’ who had been silent all these time suddenly has spoken. If he had been silent because of an injury, hearing him speak now only meant that he has almost fully recovered. If Wang He wanted to do something, it would be foolish to do it later. He would definitely choose tonight to act. 
Once Wang He succeeded in getting the supplies he wanted, he, Ji Yun would surely be the next one in line to be sacrificed to his knife. 
When dinner was over, Ji Yun began thinking about the countermeasures he could do. 
An hour before midnight, Wang He got up and went downstairs. As soon as he reached the stairs, Ji Yun opened his eyes and slipped into the next room with a knife. He carefully made several slice marks on the rope that bound Wang Jian and loosened the knots on his feet and hands. Wang He feared that Wang Jian’s grunts would alert the ‘master’ downstairs after he had completely transformed into a zombie. So, he destroyed Wang Jian’s throat, saving Ji Yun some extra effort. 
Afterwards, Ji Yun hid his precious field knife in his boots, quietly tied a large chain to his waist, and stuffed two light sticks in his trouser pocket. He pretended that he was awakened by Wang He and ran downstairs to the toilet as if in a daze. 
“Boss, are you okay? I’m going to take a dump. I can’t hold it anymore,” Ji Yun screamed outside the toilet while covering his stomach. His voice was loud enough to attract people’s attention. 
Wang He cursed and shook his little brother, pulled his pants, and stepped out calmly. “Hurry up, don’t dilly-dally for long, and don’t bother this grandfather while I sleep.” 
Ji Yun rushed into the toilet eagerly, closed the door and said, “Don’t worry boss. 10 minutes, I would take 10 minutes at most.” 
“So troublesome.” Wang He knew that Ji Yun had constipation problems, and often took a long time squatting in a pit. “Do it fast.” 
“Well boss…” Ji Yun did not say anything more when a loud long ‘poof’ came out from inside the toilet. Wang He curled his mouth as he tossed his doubts away. Ji Yun held his breath until he head Wang He go upstairs. Once he heard his retreating steps, he quietly crept out of the toilet like a cat. Once he reached Wu Ye’s room, he scratched the wooden door quietly with his fingers.
Wu Ye had been listening to the movements outside with his alert ears. When he heard the gentle scraping sound, he knew it must have been Ji Yun. He did not want to alert Wang he so Wu Ye went to the door and opened it carefully. Ji Yun used the light stick he brought, he mouthed ‘Go’ and made a gesture.

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