End of World’s Businessman Chapter 7.1

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Chapter 007.1 — Mouse Killing Cat [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

Speak of the devil! Ji Yun shouted from outside saying that he wanted to ask him something.

Wu Ye opened the door, went out, and seeing Ji Yun alone, he asked “What do you want?”

Whether it was for fear of Wang He’s threat or his own will, Ji Yun wanted to find out Wu Ye’s situation. When Wu Ye opened the door, Ji Yun caught a glimpse of a man lying inside despite the thick curtain and poor lighting. However, why hasn’t this man moved for the past two days? If what Wu Ye said was true, could it be that the man went out and got hurt? And, what on earth was that smell in their room? It smelled worse than a zombie!

Could it be that the man inside had transformed into a zombie just like Wang Jian? He remembered that the man did not seem to be tied up. Wu Ye was huddled in the same room everyday, and if the man really turned into a zombie, then Wu Ye would have been gnawed to bits already.

Does this really mean that the man was hiding from them because he had been badly wounded?

No matter how much Ji Yun speculated, he could only make a gamble now or else, he would die.

“We’ve run out of salt. Can we exchange some rice with you? Wang He came up with this excuse for him so that he could come out and talk with Wu Ye.

The kitchen was very ‘clean’. For the past two days, except for boiling water, Wu Ye had not visited the kitchen to cook. In the ground floor of this house, except for Wu Ye’s room, all the rooms are just heaps of mess with no functional supply. Wang He wanted to know where Wu Ye hid his supplies so he purposefully sent Ji Yun to exchange salt with Wu Ye. If he actually hid them inside the room, Ji Yun could take a peek and find out the situation inside when Wu Ye comes out.

Wang He’s excessive suspicion just gave Wu Ye the perfect chance to delay matters.

Wu Ye knew that Ji Yun was testing him, so he couldn’t show him any hint of timidity. Any hint of fear could mean grave danger for him. So, he acted impatient and said, “Why are you troublesome? Wait here.” Damn it! Fortunately, he had a small bag of salt in his pocket. Otherwise, he would have to purchase it again through system credit and add more to his debt.

When he entered the room, Wu Ye tried to seek help from the system using his brain waves. “System, ah, could you help me impersonate this man to say a few words, please?”

The system was silent for a long time before giving a cold answer. [A level 1 nucleus crystal.]

Shit, that’s ruthless!

Second young master Wu’s eyes showed a glint of fierceness as he agreed. “Deal!”

[T/N: Wu Ye is the second son of a well-to-do family, surnamed Wu.]

“Brother, they want to exchange rice for salt.” Wu Ye took out the salt bag from the climbing backpack and pretended to talk to his ‘brother’.

“Hn, change it.” The voice was cold and sounded a little like the voice of the man that day.

“How much do you think is enough?”  Wu Ye couldn’t accept using his only level 1 crystal nucleus just for those three words the system uttered, so he asked again.

“…whatever.” The system cherished its words like gold, and Wu Ye couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

After the short ‘conversation’, Wu Ye slightly opened the door and threw the salt bag to Ji Yun. “I don’t want rice. I want canned pork.” Since Wu Ye couldn’t cook and there was no food to go with the rice, might as well ask for canned pork. Besides, it’s better to eat nutrients than consumer porridge that was more water than rice. In the first place, it didn’t appease hunger at all.

“But we only have one can.” Ji Yun said with a troubled voice. However, when he heard the voice of the man inside, he became even more determined to cooperate with Wu Ye.

To this, Wu Ye overbearingly answered, “One can is one can.”

“Then, wait a minute. I’ll get back to you right away.” Ji Yun said, stuffing a small note into Wu Ye’s hand before turning to the kitchen.

Wu Ye opened the note which says, ‘Beware of Wang He.’

Did Ji Yun really want to work with him, or was he just testing him in Wang He’s stead?

Thoughts raced in Wu Ye’s mind as he put the note away quietly. Using the rain water, he drew a big question mark on the dry ground under the eaves. When Ji Yun came out, he saw the question mark and immediate understood. He thanked Wu Ye with a loud voice, while on the ground, he wrote, ‘Cooperation.’

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