End of World’s Businessman Chapter 6.3

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Chapter 006.3 — Temptation[3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Ji Yun was silent. Although this had been his first time working with Wang He, he had already seen what kind of person he was. He did not believe in anything he said.  
A dazzling flame suddenly burst on Wang He’s palm. He smiled and looked at Ji Yun with amusement. “Top student, you’re not planning to abandon our employment contract, are you?” 
That was a blatant threat. 
Ji Yun is just an ordinary person with no special power. The reason why Wang He took him into the team was because he was able to tamper with a zombie detector which enable them to monitor zombie movement within 800 meter radius. Because his setup was still in its trial stage, it often bugged down, and so Ji Yun was needed to constantly debug it. In fact, he often tagged along with other hunters to gather data. 
Ji Yun has successfully helped many hunters in avoiding disasters because of his setup. However, there had been some teams how had lost their money due to data errors. This incident, coupled with Ji Yun’s lack of fighting ability, made hunters unwilling to take him to their teams. Besides, he also had to feed his old teacher, which made life even harder.
According to Zombie Hunters Union rules, violating employee contract would require him to pay three times the salary stated in the contract. Ji Yun could never afford to pay this fee at all, and he is no position to oppose Wang He. He had witnessed Pang Zhong Lin’s death and how crazed Wang He had become trying to raise his brother’s zombie corpse. No matter whether he deserved it or not, Wang He would never let him go from the moment he witnessed his action. 
Trying to escape would be futile. Wang He’s hearing as an evolved human was much stronger than a normal human being. Should he dare step out of the gate now, Wang He would never hesitate to burn him down to ashes or chop him up to feed Wang Jian. 
He could only take risks.
“Boss was joking. That little boy, Wu Ye, looks really delicious. I’ll find out about his brother and their situation in a minute. Don’t forget what you just promised.” 
Wang He diffused his flame, laughed and said, “Listen to what you just said, even I am a little tempted. Now, quickly go and find out.” They had spoken so loudly but there was no movement downstairs. He was afraid that there was something wrong with Wu Ye’s big brother, who was supposedly an evolved human. Some theories said that if an evolved human became a zombie, their nuclei level would be higher and their strength bigger than the average zombies. 
The sky was overcast. Wu Ye had locked the door and sat next Qin Wuhua with wrinkled brow. He was frowning so hard, he could kill flies. 
In these two days, especially last night and today, Wang He had persistently mentioned his wish to meet with Qin Wuhua to personally thank him. While Wu Ye had found many reasons to deceive him, it had obviously made Wang He suspicious. At first, he had frightened Wang He by acting like a tiger, but as Qin Wuhua continues to sleep, Wu Ye is stuck on the back of a tiger with no way out. Once Wang He saw through his bluff and decided he had supplies, his fate was obvious. 
Wang He was not a good person. This is a fact Wu Ye had noticed the first time they met. Yesterday afternoon, he received a random mission issued by the system, ordering him to remove the zombie from the building he was currently in. He, Qin Wuhua, Ji Yun, and Wang He were obviously healthy human beings in this house. Aside from them, there was only Wang Jian, whose face he had never seen, that could be the zombie. Who else could it be? 
Wu Ye was ordered to take over the task, and since the task was still labeled ‘ongoing, unfinished’, what did that mean? It obviously showed that Wang He and his teammate did not kill Wang Jian who had turned into a zombie. He also noticed how Ji Yun would often looked tense looked around him, and look at him with conflicted eyes. He could guess that Ji Yun himself did not agree with Wang He’s decision. 
Could Ji Yun be that weakness he could use to free himself from the difficult situation he is in?  

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