End of World’s Businessman Chapter 5.1

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Chapter 005.1 — Rainstorms [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Due to the hot weather, Wu Ye soon finished the mineral water he fished out from the system. He was affected by the horror movies he had seen that he dared not drink the water from the well directly. When he needed to drink the water from there, he could only take down leftover wood boards from the house for firewood and boil the water. Only after boiling the water could he consider it safe for drinking. 
After some time, the Wu Ye who was originally terrified of this apocalypse experience, slowly calmed down and considered a plan for his return home. For the time being, he still had to stay in this world, Qin Wuhua had not stirred yet, and his supply of nutrition packs was running out.
Wu Ye did not want to sit down and wait for death. He would constantly go out to look for food, hoping to meet any passing survivor who could help both him and Qin Wuhua. Wu Ye did not have much luck hailing a passing car along the country road.  If there ever was one, it just roared past him, leaving him with a face full of exhaust gas, before he could call out for help. He was even almost mobbed by a group of zombies who got attracted to the sound of the car engine.
 At this critical situation, Wu Ye decided to take action and defend himself. He traded the 12 points he had earned and the only crystal nucleus in his possession for a bow, and also bought 30 arrows on credit. Then, he used the beginner level archery skills that the system provided. Using all these, Wu Ye managed to escape while getting rid of more than 10 zombies that had been persistently chasing him.  Now, the points Wu Ye had earned and the crystal nucleus he had gained had been spent to pay the system for his equipment and skills, leaving him with only two points and one crystal nucleus. 
 Even if Wu Ye was not good with bows and arrows, he still chose the weapon because it was what the system had advised him to do at that moment. Due to his poor skills, only five or six arrows could be reused from the original bundle of 30. He also had to exchange his remaining points and crystal nucleus for 10 pure steel-forged arrows, which could shoot better. 
 Moreover, Wu Ye had bought two tubes of low-level nutrients on credit and now owed the system 10 points and two first-grade nucleus. He was so vexed, he couldn’t help but curse the system countless times. 
“Why are the nutrients more expensive than pure steel arrows? Do your researchers know how unreasonable your prices are?” Wu Ye yelled resentfully at the system.
The system was silent for a while before it responded to him for the first time. “The exchange rules are calculated according to the law of energy conversion. Is there anything wrong with that?” the system asked in a puzzled tone. 
“You algorithm is wrong,” Wu Ye retorted. “How can such foul-tasting nutrient be sold at an unbelievably high price?!”
The system was silent for a long time before it uttered, “Oh”. Then…
Then, there was no more. Whatever arguments Wu Ye wanted to raise, was met by the system’s unyielding silence.
“If this goes on, when would I be able to save enough points to go back home?” Normally, Wu Ye was not easily discouraged. The nutrients he had bought was enough for him for two days, but the zombie repellent was almost used up. Without the zombie repellent, he wouldn’t be able to hold off the zombies much longer. Moreover, zombie repellent was priced twice as much as the nutrients.
Aside from that, the system also said that only when the system had enough energy could it allow Wu Ye to buy things on credit.  Without energy, it couldn’t do anything.  The system’s credit scheme was not without its cost. Wu Ye’s credit purchases were 30% more beyond the official exchange price. In its rarely generous mood, the system said that it would claim “loan interest” once Wu Ye had earned a balance.
Wu Ye did not know how much more things he could buy on credit. But right now, he could only see his future as one burdened with debts. When he reconsidered how he had spent a lot of money on silly things last month… forget it! The more you thought about it, the more it would bring you to tears.

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  1. … indentured servant Wu Ye buying on credit from the company store.


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