End of World’s Businessman Chapter 4.1

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Chapter 004.1 — Survival [1]

Chapter 04: Survival [1]

Author: He Feng Yan (荷风渟)

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro


Wu Ye’s savior had been suffering from a high fever and did not wake up. The vaccine, however, seemed to work, as his wounds stopped bleeding black pus. Bloodstains covered his frame due to the many wounds all over his body. Wu Ye was worried his wounds would fester due to the hot weather. If he truly died, Wu Ye would likely puke blood out of anguish.


“I have to take care of his wounds first.”


Wu Ye surveyed the house and found out there were six rooms in the two-storey farmhouse with several chambers on each wing. A kitchen, granary, and a pantry were located at the right wing while a pigsty and chicken coops were in the left wing. The pigsty and chicken coops were in a wreck with broken bones scattered on the ground. Whether they were human bones or animals bones, he did not know, and nor did he plan to find out.


The kitchen was in shambles and dried blood covered its floors and walls. Wu Ye covered his nose and looked around the kitchen several times. Most of the pots and bowls in the kitchen were still usable, although the oil, salt, rice, and vegetables were already gone. Upstairs, there were three bedrooms with some doors closed and some pushed open. One room had bones scattered on the floor while the other two had been looted clean, leaving only a bare wooden bed, an empty wardrobe, and a television smashed into pieces.


Wu Ye brushed away the cobwebs sticking from the bed board, raised his hoe, and smashed the rotten wood two or three times. He pulled down the moldy curtains from the window and used them to wrap the wood pieces and carry them downstairs to the kitchen. Wu Ye found a large iron basin and took it to the yard to fetch water from the water pump. After pumping hard for what felt like half a day, rusty yellow water came out of the outlet. He needed to pump for a long time before the water turned clear.

(E/N: I suspect a lot of people would react to this pumping scene but if you’ve used a manual water pump, you’ll know that there’s no other way to describe this scene. LOL)


He fetched several pots of water, then scrubbed the other pots and the stove with old curtains. Afterwards, he filled a cleaned pot with water, took out a box of matches he had found in the cabinet, and, after scratching the matchsticks for what felt like half a day, he was finally able to light one. He quickly threw in some dried leaves under the stove and a fire was ready to boil the water.


Thanks to his fun-seeking nature, he had often traveled and had learned some camping skills. Otherwise, there was nothing he could’ve done with this old stove.


The rotten wood fueled the fire well, and it didn’t take long for the water in the pot to come to a  boil. Once the water was done boiling, the first thing Wu Ye did was to take off Qin Wuhua’s black shirt and combat trousers, both littered with holes – he noted at least seven or eight of them. He fished inside Qin Wuhua’s trouser pockets and found only a small bag of salt and a lighter.


“What a poor man.” Wu Ye sighed before he took the clothes to wash them by the well. When it was somewhat clean, he took the knife he had found and used it to dip the clothes in boiling water to sterilize them. Afterwards, Wu Ye put the clothes aside, then washed the pot to boil more water. While the pot sat on fire, he cut the shirt into long strips of cloth with the sterilized knife to use as makeshift bandage. He also cut the combat trousers and used half of it, hanging the other half on a wire outside.


Wu Ye waited until the boiling water had cooled down before he ladled a bowl and carried it to the room where he had placed his savior in. Wu Ye sighed as he accepted his fate and twisted a sterilized cloth strip before wiping the stain off the man’s body.


“Motherf*cker, he looks handsome… only a little worse than me.” What Wu Ye said was not a lie. If one ignored the envy on his tone, Wu Ye really had a lovely face with his peach blossom eyes, straight nose, and full, sexy lips. He practically embodied the five delicate and exquisite Asian features with white skin tone inherited from his mother. The only flaw he thought he had was that his face still carried baby fat. He wished to be praised as “cool” or “handsome”. But despite having the five features, with his baby fat, his face could only be described as “beautiful” or “cute”.


At first, Wu Ye wasn’t able to appreciate his facial features as Qin Wuhua’s face was covered with blood. But after cleaning up this man, he had to admit that he was indeed very handsome. His deep-set eyes, straight nose, thin lips, and triangular jaw exuded an indescribable air of dignity. With wheat-colored skin and slightly furrowed brows, which Wu Ye longed to have, this man was simply superior in looks.


If Qin Wuhua’s face made Wu Ye uneasy, his figure simply drove Wu Ye mad with his hard rock chest, standard eight-pack abs, that  sexy mermaid line. He couldn’t find even a trace of fat on his waist. His eyes swept over Qin Wuhua’s entire body from his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs, but he skipped over the crotch area to save his male dignity.


Shit, this younger brother looked so fascinating, with him around how could Wu Ye himself ever be the eldest brother in the future. But regretting it now would be useless, having already given the man the vaccine. Aside from waiting for Qin Wuhua to wake up and become his younger brother and bodyguard, what else was there to do? He wouldn’t believe stories from X-Dian anymore and wait for this man to wake up, even if he felt suffocated and exhausted.

HEXIE: My other editor, Nevermind, is facing the dreaded trial all students face…so I’m very thankful for taro to offer her help! She’s a God sent. Honestly, I think I’m going to divide the chapter into more part after this one…cause it’s big and I have to leave some time for my own uni paper schedule. I hope for you guys understanding…

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