End of World’s Businessman Chapter 3.2

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Chapter 003.2 — The Mercenary System [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Nevermind


The repellent’s smell was so bad that Wu Ye dared not to wait any longer. He quickly walked to Qin Wuhua, picked his climbing backpack, and went to great pains to get him up and drag him to the empty house.


“What a pig, he’s crushing this daddy.” Wu Ye panted and placed him at the dusty concrete floor, and took out a syringe with a vaccine from his backpack. Recalling the ‘Resident Evil’ and various other American dramas he watched, there were three places he could use to inject the vaccine: neck artery, buttocks and the arm vein. He decided to inject it in arm vein, since he had some experience with that.


“Shit, what a big loss, it’s my only vaccine and I gave it to you. When you’re awake, your life will belong to me, do you understand me?” After he finished injecting the vaccine Wu Ye dropped the syringe and sat down, patting Qin Wuhua’s face absentmindedly as he scolded him ‘fiercely’.


After a short break, Wu Ye became hungry and felt his stomach gnawing on his insides. He took out a tube of nutrients from his backpack. It didn’t have any label as well and looked like a toothpaste, whether in appearance or size, so he unscrewed the cap and squeezed a big chunk into his mouth.


What the fuck is wrong with this smell?!


It smells like dinner that was left overnight! It’s sour and sticky, is it really something humans should eat?


Wu Ye could neither swallow or vomit it out, so finally he prepared his heart and drank more than half a bottle of mineral water to finally swallow it down. He resolved himself to never, ever touch that disgusting thing again.


Wu Ye put the nutrients away, tampered with the system, and found out that he had completed a mandatory mission【Escape from the Zombies】, mission rating: G.


[Will you receive the mission reward?]


Wu Ye looked forward to the reward but at the same time he was also uneasy about it.


Rewarded: 10 points, medical alcohol x1.


“It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad ranking, it’s still a mandatory mission, so how come I only received 10 points? It’s way too little” Wu Ye was very disappointed with this reward. It took 1000 points to open the portal, which meant that based on current rewards, he had to complete 99 more difficult tasks to reach his goal. Would he still have the same luck next time? Wu Ye was discouraged when he thought of the ferocious zombies.


Never mind, we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it. Anyways, couldn’t he get the points for killing zombies? No matter how much meat mosquitoes have, it’s still meat. Gathering 1000 points from killing them is still in the realm of possibility.


He didn’t know how his parents feel right now, they should have realized he’s missing by now. They must be worried. Wait a second, didn’t the system say it activated automatically when he was in life threatening situation? He remember he got in the car, and then… he seemed to fall asleep, what happened after that?


“System, what kind of life threatening situation did I experience?” Wu Ye asked as he faintly realized that he seemed to have forgotten something.


【Lethal dose of hallucinogens, high-speed car accident.】


“How is it possible?” Wu Ye was very surprised. While he was playful, his old man kept a close eye on what he played with, so he never played with something dangerous like drugs. However there was no need for system to deceive him, and it was impossible for him to take drugs.


Wu Ye had a vague feeling that he forgot something important. But no matter how he tried, he could only remember getting into the car that his eldest brother sent to pick him up, and getting into it before he fell asleep. The next thing he remembers is opening his eyes and waking up in this strange and terrible world.


No, something else seemed to happen when he fell asleep.


Wu Ye couldn’t recall it. The only thing he could do was to ask the system, but the only reply he received is.【No data recorded prior to the activation.】


In the end, what happened after he got in the car?


He didn’t have a grudge against anyone. Was it possible that his family was in danger? After all, he just somehow survived a near death experience.


Furthermore he didn’t even know against whom the grudge is. Was it aimed at him, or maybe his whole Wu family. Wu Ye was lost in thought.


Another time and space, in a bright and elegant office.


“Are you sure he was in that car?” The man in the suit asked as he sat behind his desk whilst frowning, tapping his fingers on its surface. The atmosphere in the room was stifling..


The man in a black suit standing in front of the desk bowed respectfully. Although he was not really handsome, he possessed an awe inspiring aura around him as he murmured ” Yes boss, I personally witnessed Wang Jian getting into that car and followed him on the highway all the way up to the incident.


“What about that man?” The man frowned and asked, his eyes blazing with fire.


“… I’m really not sure, boss.” He also wondered how did the body disappear into thin air. “She has given him enough hallucinogen that even if, by any chance, he escaped it’s impossible for him to survive.”


“Jingzhou, you’ve been with me for so many years, so you should be able to understand that I hate unexpected things happening the most.” The man is still carelessly speaking, but Li Jingzhou knows that he has become extremely angry.


“Sorry, I messed up.”


“Forget it, anyway, our plan is almost successful. You’ll go inform Andrew later and tell him that the cooperation plan is ahead of schedule. I’ll go home in the afternoon, and help me book L’amour table. Tonight, I’m going to propose to Miss Ouyang.”


HEXIE: Sorry for the late update, I’m a little busy with moving back to my home. -bow-

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