End of World’s Businessman Chapter 21.2

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Chapter 021.2 — Old Industrial Zone [2]

Author: He Feng Yan  
Translator: HeXie  
Editor: Dry  
Wu Ye subconsciously held his breath and went upstairs quietly. From the open door, Lian Yu’s voice came out, “Wu Sen, what do you need now? What did you promise me that time? Now, aren’t you engaged to Ou Yang Xin? After you’ve asked me to seduce your younger brother, what else do you want from me now?”
It was unknown what the other end had said, but Lian Yu suddenly screamed again. “So what if I drugged Wu Ye? That medicine was given to me by your men, you wouldn’t have an easy time either if you let my name come out!”
He had speculated the truth of the matter a thousand times, so there was no shock when he heard the implicated party’s personal statement. Wu Ye thought that he would feel heartache, have his emotions stirred up, or even angry when he heard these truths with his own ears, yet he found that he felt nothing. He only felt that his heart was numb, as if it was not his own heart. Such a reaction was so unexpected that Wu Ye had to reflect on a question: Did he really like Lian Yu?
What did he like about Lian Yu? Is the Lian Yu he ‘likes’ the same person as the one behind this door?
Wu Ye’s expression looked blank for a moment. He didn’t know what Wu Sen had said, but Lian Yu had angrily dropped her phone. Even though she was dressed in translucent red colors, and feeling sleepy, she was still in rage. So the motion made when she opened the door was done in rage. However, she was unprepared to see Wu Ye’s ice-cold face facing her at this time in this place. Feeling frightened, Lian Yu retreated several steps.
How was Wu Ye here?
How much did he listen to the conversation just now?
Lian Yu hurriedly pressed down her chaotic state of mind and adjusted her panicked expression, putting on a face full of grievance and worry at the fastest speed she could. However, meeting Wu Ye’s scornful gaze, she somehow couldn’t put on those looks she usually would to play around with him. She had lost control and wasn’t able to put on a believable act no matter what she tried. Realizing this, several contrary expressions crowded her face, making her look a bit sinister.
Wu Ye was unexpectedly calm as he  said to her, “I do not rent this apartment. You need to move out of here by tomorrow.”
Lian Yu looked straight at Wu Ye as tears slowly started to overflow from her eyes. She complained, “Ah Ye, won’t you even listen to my explanation?”
Wu Ye chuckled, walked forward, pinched Lian Yu’s chin and forced her to look into his eyes; even though their height didn’t differ that much. He then sneered and said, “Explain what? The hallucinogens you gave me? Or is it about sleeping with Wu Sen while whetting my appetite on the side? Or, is it possibly about discussing how you can continue to lead me on? Lian Yu, are you insulting my intelligence? Or are you too confident in yourself?”
Lian Yu was in pain. Every time Wu Ye spoke, her face whitten, desperately struggling to get out of his grasp. Soon though, Wu Ye grabbed her neck with one hand and then lifted her off the ground easily. “Do you feel the taste of death right now? Don’t worry, you’re not worth enough for me to get my hands dirty.”
Lian Yu struggled endlessly. Hearing Wu Ye’s words, she didn’t relax. Instead, she was so scared that her hair stood up on ends.
“Remember to tell my eldest brother this. ‘Even if he regrets it one day, he is the one who forced it all to happen.’” With a cold voice, Wu Ye swung hard, and Lian Yu flew out like a broken puppet. Her slender figure that was like that of a snake hit the bedpost directly. She groaned and fell heavily on the floor, unable to get up for a long time.
After leaving the apartment, Wu Ye didn’t go home. Instead he found a taxi to take him to a remote industrial area on the outskirts of the city.
It was an old industrial area. A place where the infrastructure and equipment had not kept up with the times. Factories of some scale and ability had already moved out of this area, preferring to develop in county level cities below. Every year, the municipal government proposed to transform the old areas, and every year they’d be faced with various problems and in the end the proposal would be abandoned and tossed out in the end. Instead of being transformed, it had become a well-known cancer. There were only a few factories, big and small, that were still in normal production. Most of them sold dog meat in sheep’s clothing. Hanging the XX products brand on the outside, but actually producing something else.
Yes, the old industrial zone had long been a center for the production of fake and shoddy products.
Wu Ye naturally hid his identity there. And, it’s necessary to have ‘friends’ there. Among those ‘friends’, a relative of his family, who used his family’s trademark to produce fake and shoddy products behind their back. Then sold them through his family’s channels, which was very popular. Wu Ye accidentally heard that he mentioned a little doorway of the old industrial zone. He used to think of it as a story to listen to when bored, but he didn’t pay any particular attention to it. Unexpectedly, it came into use this time.
In the middle of the night, the old industrial zone was still brightly lighted. Large and small trucks came and went. It’s a very prosperous scene. He didn’t know how prosperous business here could be. There was some unspoken rules here that the acquaintances of old industrial zone knew. That was the fact that the goods were usually delivered only on specific days of each month, and on any other day the factory doors were locked so tightly that not even ghosts could be seen.
Wu Ye walked into the old industrial zone. He only walked for a short while before he saw an old janitor boredly watching others load the goods. He went over smiling and said, “Sir, do you know which one makes cigarettes here?”
There was no need to reference which brands of the old industrial zone were there. Wu Ye had just passed a shoe-making factory’s workers loading a box of a famous liquor in the truck. A knife factory loading all kinds of shampoo under the P & G brand. If you didn’t have an acquaintance with you, you couldn’t find a way out of this place.
The old man glanced at Wu Ye and swung his finger very quickly. Wu ye took out a piece of pink paper from his pocket. When the old man got the money, he immediately smiled, “You’re lucky enough to meet me, Uncle Zhang. If not, you wouldn’t be able to find the place you want until dawn. Let’s go. I happen to want to loosen my muscles as well.”
Under the guidance of the old man, Wu Ye followed him around the corner to a small chemical factory, just in time to see someone loading their goods. There were various brands of cigarettes in the boxes that the workers had just moved out.
A person in charge came over, cautious. “Lao Zhang, who is this?” In this business, the profit is high, and the risk is great. Hence, the person in charge had already trained his eyes to look for trouble. He looked at Wu Ye who looked like he had ten years of experience, and his temperament was not that of a cop. So, the person in charge winked at the tall security guard next to him. The man withdrew his eyes, and continued to stare at the truck loading.
This was obviously not the first time that old man Zhang had done this kind of leading work. “The young man is here to see you,” He said with a smile. “I’ve brought you here. You can talk about business by yourselves.”
Wu Ye opened up the conversation bluntly, “I want to order a batch of cigarettes. The boxes shouldn’t have any marks on it. If the price is right, I will always pick up the goods here.”
When the person in charge saw that Wu Ye was sincere, he smiled, and threw away the cigarette butt in his hand. “We have a lot of cigarettes here, and the prices vary. If you want to have a long-time supply of the goods, we’ll go in and talk slowly.”

HEXIE: My condolences to those who’ve lost someone due to the pandemic…

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