End of World’s Businessman Chapter 21.1

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Chapter 021.1 — Old Industrial Zone [1]

Author: He Feng Yan  
Translator: HeXie  
Editor: Dry  
The system had always hoped that Wu Ye would return to the zombie’s plane, so when he bought things on credit for Wu Ye, the system told him that he would charge interest, to save him a few more points and crystal nuclei. On top of that, Wu Ye had kept exchanging things and strengthening genes during this period of time, therefore the system was able to accumulate some points and energy. Thus, according to the rules and regulations, it was able to raise its capabilities a little bit. As a result, with great effort and slight squeezing, it was able to get enough energy to send Wu Ye back to the zombie’s plan through the wormhole.
The system told him the truth:【Within three days, I can open up the portal on credit, and allow you through. After three days, there’s nothing I can do about it.】
【Why?】Wu Ye asked, curious.
【It took a lot of energy, and when the system reserved energy falls below the safety threshold, the system will enter dormancy until the host finds the right energy to turn it on again.】
The three day time limit was a little tight, but the matter of Ah Li’s body couldn’t be delayed anymore. He’s only 16 years old right now, but he was very smart. Maybe after he’s cured, he could go to university with his peers to study, and enjoy an ordinary life.
【System, thank you.】The brain waves that the system perceived from Wu Ye this time were genuinely sincere.
The system suddenly felt that the constant temperature of its chip had risen sharply by several degrees. Was it infected by a virus? The system calmed down as it hurried back to check its chip’s condition.
Wu Ye had been sitting in the hospital for a while, but saw that Wu Li had not woken up, so he could only return to his house in the school districts with his parents by taxi.
One event had completely squandered their time. It was almost 1 A.M when they returned home. Wu Ye saw that his parents were already very tired, so he asked them to go have a rest first before they discussed any follow-ups that they’d needed to do tomorrow.
After a month of painstaking search for his son, he had finally came home. This let the big stone pressing on Father Wu and Mother Wu’s heart to fall to the ground, finally they were relieved. For the two elders, the change of the group’s ownership had become a foregone conclusion, and no matter how sad it was, it wouldn’t be changed anymore. The most important thing for them was Wu Ye’s safety. He had been missing for a month, and Wu Li  had told him that Wu Sen had called the second son out.
Therefore, Father Wu had always thought that Wu Ye was in the hands of Wu Sen and others. Thus, Father Wu did nothing in order to prevent harm to the innocent Wu Ye. However, Zhou Wang Yuan who got some insider information from Wu Sen, revealed vague messages to Father Wu, stepping on his weakness, wanting a mile after being given an inch.
Besides, in actuality Wu Sen had long used Wu Yong to gain authority and eventually his seal. That was why Wu Sen was able to draw the company’s flesh and blood by various methods, and registered the funds under another company’s name. This led the Wu’s Group to become an empty shell, that then was given to Zhou Wang Yuan as a reward. Zhou Wang Yuan had made a lot of efforts to aid in Wu Sen’s ‘gouging of flesh and blood’. The benefits he got for his efforts were not few either. Now he was jumping for the Wu’s Group leadership was not only because of his obsession, but to extract more benefits from Wu Yong. Besides, Wu Sen was constantly fanning the flames, purely to force Wu Ye out.
He did not believe that a living man would disappear for no reason. If Wu Ye had the ability to escape from his plot with his life, once he genuinely matured, and able to stand by himself, it’s possible that he’d pay him back for what he’s done. All these while, Wu Sen had boasted that there was nothing that was out of his calculation. He could not allow Wu Ye to become a variable in his calculation.
In this game, the missing Wu Ye had become a crucial point.
Now that he had reappeared in front of people again, the situation is bound to change dramatically.
This night, many people were doomed to not have any sleep.
After his parents fell asleep, Wu Ye took the ID card that his mother kept, and left the house quietly.
The luxury apartment in the center of the city had a security system that was proportional to its price. Regardless of how many flies packed closely together, the surveillance camera would be able to distinguish its parents with no trouble, thus don’t even think of trying to let someone unknown in. It’s simply impossible.
However, Wu Ye was an above board owner. He took his ID card and went directly to the property management center to check his registration. The beautiful receptionist who had not yet obtained tenure saw the international famous brand on Wu Ye’s body, and her eyes became as bright as light source. When one looked at the faintly discernible smiling expression in Wu Ye’s beautiful peach blossom eyes, one could only see the word ‘Kaizi’ all over him.
Taking all these facts into mind, the beautiful receptionist’s heart suddenly started pounding randomly. In just 12 minutes, she efficiently found the spare room card, and the owner card for him. And while her colleagues were surfing the internet, she wrote a small note and put it under the room card behind their back before forming a smile that looked like flowers. She put everything in Wu Ye’s hand, and also did not forget to stroke Wu Ye’s palm gently as her last move.
Wu Ye thanked her with a meaningful smile before he left under the fervent gaze of the beautiful lady. Once he got to the right corridor, he accurately threw the small note into the dustbin.
With the owner’s card, Wu Ye walked unimpeded all the way to the 6th floor of building C. The sound insulation of the apartment was very good. For a second, Wu Ye stood outside, hesitant before he decided not to ring the doorbell, and just swiped the card directly.
Since Lian Yu was not benevolent, don’t blame him for being unjust!
Tonight, he must asked Lian Yu. Why should he be drugged!
After the apartment was ‘rented’ to Lian Yu, Wu Ye rarely came here unless Lian Yu invited him, or on a special day. Because he really liked her, he gave Lian Yu enough respect. Now, standing downstairs in the warm and elegant hall, Wu Ye seriously took in everything that was in this place for the first time, and felt that everything was suddenly so surreal.
There was a voice upstairs.

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