End of World’s Businessman Chapter 20.3

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Chapter 020.3 — Gene Repair Solution [3]

 Author: He Feng Yan  
Translator: HeXie  
Editor: Dry  
However, even without Zhou Wang Yuan’s existence, there were Wu Sen’s ambitions, so there was no guarantee that there would be no Li Wang Yuan or Chen Wang Yuan. In the end, who would have thought that a person who’s a loved one would turn around and give you such a lethal blow? It can only be said that wealth of others touched people’s hearts and desires, and moved their soul.
Wu Ye saw that the old man was depressed, and felt bad for causing it. He patted his father’s shoulder and comforted him. “Come on, old man. If worst comes to worst, we can always start over again. What’s there to feel sad over? The old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best. I believe that in a few years, the Wu family’s achievement will be even more brilliant than they are now!” 
[T/N: The old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best is an idiom that I think I better keep as it is. It means a blessing in disguise.]
“Impudent brat, only knowing how to talk big.” Father Wu stared at his son, “The taxi is coming, why don’t you hurry up and flag it down.”
“You know how to enslave me!”
Seeing her son’s unwilling face, Mother Wu at long last smiled. No matter what lay ahead, as long as her son could come back to her side safely, she would be satisfied.
[TN: …mother’s love knows no bounds. I feel very, incredibly touched right now as I translate this sentence.]
Ten minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.
Wu Li had temporarily escaped from death’s clutches with his life, and had been transferred to the general ward. He was now asleep. Wu Ye, seeing his brother with an oxygen mask on his face, felt a heavy amount of sorrow.
【System, could I exchange for a new heart that would replace my brothers and make him healthy?】 Wu Ye put Wu Li’s exposed hand back into the quilt carefully.
【Yes,】The cold mechanical sound of the system didn’t have emotions, so it would only objectively tell Wu Ye its analysis.【but he is not young. With your world’s medical technology, a heart transplant is not the best choice for him. Besides, he is very weak. Even if you can exchange for a heart, he has a 90% chance of dying from the surgery. 】
Wu Ye’s heart ached like a needle was inserted in it.【…is there anything else you can do to help him?】
The system didn’t speak. However, it popped up the control panel, and showed Wu Ye a picture of a syringe with red liquid in it.【Low level gene repair solution?】
There’s a note at the bottom of the picture: the drug is used to repair damaged genes, awaken cell vitality, stimulate life potential, repair defective organs, and correct malformed organs to a certain extent.
This thing was almost tailor-made for Ah Li!
【System, can this thing really cure Ah Li completely?】Wu Ye asked excitedly.
【At least five low-level gene repair solutions are needed.】Under the system’s ice-cold machine voice, there was a trace of joy of the fish taking the bait.
As long as he could cure Ah Li, not to mention five, even if it was fifty or five hundred, he would find a way to get it!
【This thing is low-level, don’t you have a middle-level or high-level one? Something that can solve the problem at once?】
【Yes, but you can’t afford it.】
Wu Ye was a little discouraged at hearing this.【By the way, how many points and nuclei are needed for a low-level gene repair solution?】
【10000 points, 100 orange crystals (third-grade nuclei).】
“Sh*t, why don’t you just rob me!” Right now, red crystal (quasi-third grade) were still scarce. He hadn’t even seen a single orange crystal. Where could he find it? However, the conversion criteria of the system was irreversible. High-grade nuclei could be converted to a low-level nuclei, but the other way around was simply not possible. No matter how many low-level nuclei there were, it could never replace the high-level one.
The system went silent.
Meanwhile, Father Wu, seeing that Wu Ye didn’t look very good, hurriedly lowered his voice and asked, “Is the thing that is able to save Ah Li too expensive?” Father Wu had little knowledge of the system, and while he hoped that his youngest son would survive, he didn’t want his second son to pay an unbearable price.
Mother Wu also looked at Wu Ye anxiously.
“It’s just a little expensive. Don’t worry. I’ll find a way.” Wu Ye pretended to be relaxed, trying to assure his parents.
【Can you give me a genetic repair solution on credit now?】Wu Ye’s smile was always especially sincere when he was seeking other people’s help.
【There is not enough residual energy to synthesize.】
Wu Ye’s smile was a little bit stiff in the corner of his mouth, thinking These deceptive goods (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻。
In order to appease his parents, Wu Ye was patient as he told them the low-level gene repair solution’s function, “…so, you can rest assured that Ah Li will certainly be able to get better. However, we do not have the materials needed to synthesize the genetic solution right now. I have to go to the other world to look for it, and it may take a while. Dad, there’s something we have to plan before I leave.”
Wait a minute. Something suddenly occurred in Wu Ye’s mind, his face turned pale as he busily asked the system.【System, do you have enough energy left to take me back to the zombie’s world?】 

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