End of World’s Businessman Chapter 20.2

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Chapter 020.2 — Gene Repair Solution [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
【System, you screwed me.】Wu Ye grumbled.
System:【If it hadn’t been for me, you would have died a month ago. Being tied to a useless host like you screwed me over.】
【……】Second young master Wu discovered that the system was no longer pretending to be dead, and its mouth had become more and more poisonous.
“Ah Ye, are you okay?” Mother Wu asked with concern, pulling her son left and right, assuring herself that no harm had come to him.
“It’s okay. Old man,  do you know that Zhou Wangba sent someone to spy on you?” Wu Ye turned his head to ask Father Wu. 
[T/N: Wangba (王八) is tortoise/cuckold/old male owner of a brothel/pimp. Basically insulting nickname. I don’t know which one Wu Ye apply to Zhou Wang Yuan, so I just retain the original pinyin.]
“What old man, impudent brat!” Wu Yong glared at his son before slapping the back of his head. Only when he looked at his son’s grimacing expression, did he realized that his son deliberately said that to amuse him, and he couldn’t help but feel warmth in his heart. And the depression he was feeling before had dissipated a lot, since t Wu Ye had returned. He took a long breath, and laughed to himself. “He’s afraid that I’ll run away with your mother, and make him unable to receive the equity and money.”
“Son of a b*tch. I told you he was a good for nothing, but you didn’t believe me. If it was not for you, he might be guarding the door somewhere else now.” Wu Ye indignantly said.
Zhou Wang Yuan was the first old man who followed Wu Yong from Jiang Shan. While he only had a junior high school degree and didn’t have a lot of wisdom, Wu Yong originally thought that he was loyal to him and keep to his role. That’s why he always took him along. Though it was undeniable that Zhou Wang Yuan did expend a lot of painstaking efforts to achieve all he had now. It stands true that without Wu Yong’s support and protection, he would not have been able to get 20% of the group’s shares and a fortune of more than 1 billion.
Wu Ye didn’t like Zhou Wang Yuan, not because he was close to Wu Sen’s uncles. The reason he disliked him was because every time he attended a banquet, Zhou Wang Yuan would begin to boast about his achievements once he had drunk a few drops of alcohol. Like how he had saved Wu Yong’s life several times, or how he sold his house and land to help the factory survive during a crisis when the critical moment of the factory’s life or death would be decided, or how fellow villager’s businesses relied on him for a loan, and so on and so forth. Listening to him speak made it as if all the success the Wu family had today was all due to Zhou’s own work.
Wu Ye disliked the way he blew his own horn bigger than the sky. He also disliked the way Zhou Wang Yuan always put an elder face in front of him, often lecturing him regardless of the occasion. Thus, Wu Ye didn’t give him any face, and this led them putting each other in an awkward situation. And these awkward situations would happen quite frequently. For this reason, Wu Ye was often scolded by his own father.
Wu Ye was so angry it was unbearable, he immediately gave Zhou Wang Yuan a new nickname, which was ‘Zhou Wangba’. It was only after that nickname was spread that Zhou Wang Yuan almost died from anger, and their relationship with each other became increasingly vile.
Father Wu sighed wistfully, “Yes, it’s all my fault. All my life, I’ve been bragging about my unique insight, I didn’t expect that in the end I couldn’t see anyone around me clearly.” the Wu Group was rich in assets, but it was not a listed company. It was composed of many large and small companies, spanning many fields. That’s why some of the areas were rendered ineffective by subordinates.
The group had been developing for more than 20 years, and even without an excellent background, Father Wu had accumulated some connections during those times. However, he no longer had any energy like when he was young to deepen and reform the company from the top down. Originally, he planned for Wu Sen and Wu Ye to do these things for him. One person to understand the company’s operation, and the other to stabilize the position of the company. However, he had no idea that Wu Sen simply couldn’t tolerate Wu Ye’s existence.
He remembered the moment his prided eldest son sneered at him while he said, “Wu Ye is a loser who can’t support the wall. Wu Li is a sick son. Why should they inherit as many shares as I do? My mom even spent her entire life to build the group. Why should she let other people take advantage of her work?”
His old subordinate, who he regarded as his own brother, said to him, “Wu Yong, the Wu Group is where it is today not just because of you. I’ve given no less than you have. At the beginning, when the factory was on fire, and my only son was burned alive in it, I didn’t say anything, did I? Emperor’s take turns to reign. You have been in charge of Wu Group for so many years already. Isn’t it time for my surname, Zhou, to be the boss, right? Don’t be unwilling. Don’t hate me. Hate yourself for having a good son.”
“Ah Ye, don’t say anything anymore. Your father is already upset.” After her marriage, Mother Wu worked as a general manager of a company under the Wu Group for a few years. Later, after giving birth to Ah Li, she decisively retired from her post because her son suffered from a serious congenital illness. Since then, she had lived as an ordinary lady for more than a decade. All she thought of was taking care of her son, and taking care of her family. Thus she seldom asked about the company.
However, like Wu Ye, she also didn’t like Zhou Wang Yuan’s method. So she had mentioned to Father Wu that she’d like Zhou Wang Yuan’s share be taken away. Yet, Father Wu considered old feelings between them, and the matter came to an end with nothing changing, which ultimately led to today’s bitter pill.

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