End of World’s Businessman Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 020.1 — Gene Repair Solution [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
Under the threat of the group’s senior management, father Wu was starting to hand over his equity shares. Due to the huge amount of debt, the assets owned by him and mother Wu have been handed over under the premise that the police were not allowed to intervene in accordance with the agreement.
They were expelled from the villa, and had to move to the old house near the University that was under Wu Ye’s name. Fortunately, it was very close to the hospital where Wu Li was treated, and the traffic nearby was also very convenient, this saved father and mother Wu a lot of trouble.
Wu Ye asked his father to hide what he had brought back. He casually took a set of clothes from the wardrobe and replaced his T-shirt and trousers, which had holes in it. Just in case, he pinned the pistol to his back and added a casual coat to make sure it was completely hidden before he went out with his parents.
People relied on clothing. They felt as though the clothes they choose changed their temperament. This fact along with all the life and death experiences Ah Ye had experienced over the past month made him feel as though his baby face of the past had matured.
When they left the house, although mother Wu didn’t ask Wu Ye what had happened this past month, she still held her son tightly in her hand as if afraid that he would suddenly disappear.
“Mom, you and Dad wait for me here.” Not far from the neighborhood, Wu Ye broke away from mother Wu’s arm, and disappeared into the night in a flash.
“What is Ah Ye doing?” Mother Wu asked nervously.
“He must have noticed those people.” Father Wu sighed as he answered.
In the dark alley, an unattractive man raised his hands and struggled to swallow as he begged for mercy. “Big brother, big brother. We have something to say, take it easy okay, don’t get so excited!” With the cold gun barrel pressed against his temple, he could not bow his head. Motherf*cker, who told me that the second young master of the Wu family was a loser? Once he went back, he’d go and make their face’s bleed! His skill was better than him, the retired veteran!
Wu Ye’s eyes glowed dangerously, and buckled his arms to the man’s neck, adding two more points of pressure.. “Who told you to follow us?” Damn it, they were already restrained to some degree, but must Wu Sen kill them all like this?
This time, Wu Ye really wronged Wu Sen.
The man hesitated for a moment, “No…” However, before he could say more, Wu Ye ruthlessly kicked him hard in the abdomen. The man immediately felt like his internals were turned upside down from that kick, and couldn’t help but  let out a blood-curdling screech. The pain nearly made him unable to stand steadily. At that moment, all thought of confidentiality agreement was forgotten. “It was Mr. Zhou Wang Yuan who asked us to do this.”
“Us?” Wu Ye snorted, “If you don’t want to die, tell your people to go away. Now go back and tell that old bastard, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s done. Don’t tear away that last bit of face you still have and make everyone look bad. Worst case scenario we go all out in a life and death struggle. We have nothing to lose after all. I’m only afraid that someone might not be able to handle it when we go all out.”
That man saw Wu Ye’s eyes that were filled with dense murderous spirit, and felt himself trembling from the bottom of his heart. He had only ever seen this type of ice-cold and tyrannical atmosphere from some of the special veterans.  Wu Ye was not a simple person. The man came to the conclusion that this task could no longer be completed.
With a change of heart, the man changed his expression to an apologetic one as he whispered, “Yes, I will tell you the truth. I also promise that my friends and I will never appear before you again.”
Wu Ye snorted coldly, “You better remember what you said, just now. The next time I found you, I won’t be as easy to talk to as I am right now.”
At a close distance, Wu Ye could clearly see the fear in the man’s eyes, and in the depth of his heart, there was a voice constantly bewitching him. ‘Kill. Kill him so he won’t become a trouble later.’ For a moment, the man was no different than a smelly, lowly zombie in Wu Ye’s eyes. He just had to gently pull the trigger. Then, the man would be no more. Wu Ye snapped out of that state, released the man whilst feeling a cold sweat on his back before leaving that gloomy and unmanned alley. Under the dim street lamp, Wu Ye stretched out his white slender hand, hardly being able to see it. At this moment, he could no longer deceive himself or others.
Even if he returned to the world he belonged to, he could not go back to who he was a month ago. Just like how opening Pandora’s box had released everything inside and could not be taken back. Now that the devil inside had tasted the sweetness of blood, nothing could go back to how it once was.

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