End of World’s Businessman Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 019.1 — Family’s Failure is Like a Mountain Fall [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
Wu Ye disappeared for a whole month.
During this month, the Wu family underwent earth-shaking changes. A once envied powerful family unexpectedly fell so fast.
Wu Group initial ascent began when Wu Yong quit from the workshop director position, which everyone was envious of. At that time, people did not approve of his decision to throw away his iron rice bowl and go into business. At the start of his business, he chose to buy and sell electronics. This was to establish the electronics component factory. After  the electronics component factory was set up, he set up a precision instrument factory. Once he accumulated rich initial funds, through discerning insight, Father Wu then entered the real estate market. In the short period of 20 or 30 years, he had accumulated billions from nothing, and was considered to be one of the most rich and powerful influences in the country.
Wu Yong was undoubtedly a proud man. Compared with those who had big backers, he earned everything through his own intelligent and discerning insight. But since he did not have a big name backing him, he would refrain from flaunting his success. Few people outside knew of his high status. In addition, after his eldest son took over the company, he retired in a hurry. Since then, he had accompanied his son and wife in a semi-retired state, and lived in a simple home. He also has never appeared in a financial magazine. This invisibility was envied by all of those who were part of the rich and powerful.
Although the second son was not ambitious, and the youngest son was suffering from congenital illness, but he was fortunate to have a capable son who inherited his shrewd mind. Whenever outsiders were envious and talked in a sour tone that he had a good son, he only felt a kind of unspeakable pride in his heart. He felt that he had not lived in vain since he had such a great family and career.
However, he had never imagined that his eldest son, whom he had always been proud of, not only inherited his shrewdness and ability, but also learned Yin’s ruthless calculation. He had watched his seemingly perfect family and career turn on it’s head in just a month. Wu Ye was missing, and his perfect family had been smashed to pieces.
The second son disappeared in a bizarre way; the eldest son resigned on the grounds of poor management, not before emptying the company’s funds and marrying into the family that owns the company opposing theirs. The seal he had given to his eldest son unconditionally, became the ironclad evidence of illegal embezzlement of the group’s funds. This forced him to surrender all his shares and give huge compensation to calm the public anger. He also had to endure the fact that all his hard work for the company was gone, and he had to watch as the group’s company ownership was changed in the blink of an eye. It didn’t stop at that, he could still face prison time at any moment as well.
When the youngest son learned the truth, he had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. The doctor asserted that if he couldn’t find a suitable heart, he would probably not survive past winter. His wife couldn’t withstand the ensuing blow and fell down.
For the first time in Wu Yong’s life, he finally realized what ‘lacking strength to reverse a desperate situation’ meant.
If these things had happened ten years earlier, Wu Yong would probably still have the confidence to do something to turn the tide but he was now 55 years old. His physical discomfort and leisurely life in recent years had smoothed out his edges and ambitions. When he thought he could enjoy his twilight years, everything was suddenly up-heaved. He had lost everything, and was heavily in debt.
And it was his prided ‘good son’, who he had taught everything to, that had caused him to lose everything.
Having seen Wu Sen’s ruthlessness, Wu Yong could no longer deceive himself and others—— Ah Ye had been missing for so long without any news, it was very possible that he had already faced a disaster. Ah Li was young and weak, whether he could survive this year was another matter. Once Ah Li had another accident, Wu Sen would likely be his last son, the last of his blood. 
Leaving aside the fact that he, who was halfway to the coffin already, was reluctant to send the last of his blood to prison. There’s also the fact that Wu Sen had been planning this for a long time, and had already colluded with the senior management of the company. Through working with those people, things were done seamlessly, even if there were loopholes, he was deliberately left behind to be the decoy. In case some people try to get involved and investigate, the first person to be thrown into prison would be him
To tell you the truth, Wu Yong had to applaud Wu Sen for his step-by-step planning, if it had been used on others. Yet, this scheme was used to trap his own father and brother. Now, Wu Yong only felt cold and disheartened when he thought about it.
“Wu Yong, what exactly did I do to Wu Sen to make him hate me, Ah Ye, and Ah Li so much?” He Wan Shu asked as she burst into tears. She then had an empty look in her eyes as she stared at the snowy white ceiling.
They all said that being a stepmother was difficult. When He Wan Shu married Wu Yong, Wu Sen was already 6 years old. And all these years, she had spent considerable efforts on him, to change him from being stubborn, and not saying a word to her to later calling her mother politely. He Wan Shu had spent more time on Wu Sen than on her own son, Wu Ye. In the end, the sincerity she had shown him was not reciprocated.
Now, she couldn’t help but wonder whether she should act like other stepmothers when it came to Wu Sen, quietly deposing him or if she should let him ‘disappear’ like what Wu Sen did to Ah Ye. Would there be so much tragedies like right now?

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