End of World’s Businessman Chapter 18.1

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Chapter 018.1 — Time of Departure [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
【The number of zombies burned must have been more than that. System, are you giving the wrong statistic?】When he hunted today, Wu Ye saw a lot of quasi-level 2, level 2, and maybe some quasi-level 3 zombies. That’s why he felt that the points he got should be more than that.
The system pulls up the control panel which listed the number of zombies eliminated today – 1100 level 1, 200 quasi-level 2, 50 level 2 zombies, and 5 quasi-level 3 zombies.【According to the operational standards, after deducting the effectiveness of the host, the host got 1580. This calculation is accurate!】The cold voice of the system spoke with a hint of grievance.
Wu Ye looked at the data verify what the system had said. Afterwards, sighed loudly and exhaled in exasperation【Shit, this is too ruthless! This 1200 points deducted from me was almost half of my final score. And the reason behind this deduction was even more ridiculous! Obviously, I bought the gasoline and the bomb; I hired people with my crystal nuclei, and I was the one who threw the bomb. All these were my labor. Why did you deduct my points over these?】
System answered,【They were hired by you but they were not approved by the system. According to the scoring rules, points must be deducted.】
【Whoever set the scoring rules was simply a bully! He’s too unreasonable!】
System:【It’s the development team.】
Second Young Master Wu could only keep silent【…】
Wu Ye was still unwilling, but after considering how he had already earned the cost of his journey going home, he felt lazy to argue with the system again. It’s now useless to argue. After all, could the system hang its developer?
【Hey, you’re so useless.】Second Young Master Wu said, hating on the system once again.
System:【Right back at you.】Did the stupid host manage to get enough points to go back to his home? The system felt a little reluctant to leave this world.
【You know how to talk back?!】Second Young Master Wu felt more surprised than angry at what the system said. Why did it seem like the system had its own temper? Could it be that AI or something exists?
【Heng.】With a guilty hum, the system stopped paying attention to Wu Ye.
Forget it, I’m in a good mood today. I wouldn’t stoop down to your level.
While the points he earned were enough for him to go home, his crystal nuclei had already been spent. He still needed 1000 crystal nuclei to go home and 600 more to pay the Yang brother and sister pair for their services. Also, there were Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun, who both had ‘life-long friendship’ with him. They had called him the eldest for so many days. If he left silently, wouldn’t it be too unjust for them? Anyway, he should leave something for them to use to save their lives should the need arise.
With Qin Wuhua’s ability, he wouldn’t be lacking in crystal nuclei. Ji Yun had a good brain, and he certainly wouldn’t suffer a loss if he continued to follow after Qin Wuhua. Even if they went their separate ways in the future, Ji Yun’s zombie detector had been successfully invented. With his and Professor Li’s ability to change something rotten into something magical, they’d surely be able to muddle along.
He didn’t know whether these people could create vaccines in the future or not, however, that’s the best thing he could exchange for which couldn’t be bought with money; Giving them vaccines was the perfect choice. That way, they would have one more life as insurance.
Exchanging for a vaccine needed 500 points and 100 crystal (second level crystal nuclei).  It wouldn’t be a problem to get a few doses of vaccines after he did this two more times. Anyway, he had been ‘missing’ for almost a month; It won’t be a problem if he stayed here for another two days before going home.
When he first arrived here, Wu Ye was really looking forward to go back home every minute.  But when he was about to raise enough ‘travel expenses’, he felt apprehensive. And when he thought about the things he’d face when he went back, he felt especially worried.
Forget it. Let’s not think about that and settle things down here first.
The zombies BBQ mission was completed very smoothly, that it was less than 11 A.M when they returned to the safe zone. After some discussion, they decided to hunt around the edge of the safe zone in the afternoon.
Everyone simply ate some deep-fried dough cake and canned beef for lunch. After eating, the three evolved people went to absorb some nuclei to restore their abilities to the best condition.
Once again, they came to the edge of the safe zone. But unlike in the morning, there were more hunters there, and most of the zombies hunters were in groups of three or five people. And there were more than a hundred people there, fighting separate battles. Each battles were accompanied with sounds of gunfire and murder. Meanwhile, the zombies kept pouring in to replace the one that were killed. The battle between the living and dead was very fierce.
Where there were people, there were rivers and lakes, and within those rivers and lakes, a struggle was bound to exist. Even with the dangers of hunting, a lot of people still fight over treasures and territory in this wasteland. 
Yang Qi and Yang Li Na, who both had rich experience in hunting, quickly chose a geomantic treasure land with open terrain and few strangers. Originally, some people were dissatisfied with this. But when Yang Qi raised his hand to create a trench in front of the truck, the disgruntled people immediately swallowed their words.
Lan Cheng base which had more than 100,000 survivors, had no more than 2,000 evolved people, most of whom were of the first and quasi-second level. From what they could see, Yang Qi’s ability obviously had reached the second level or higher. Such people were the objects of competition between the forces of different parties, and no one was willing to provoke them easily.
When Qin Wuhua and Yang Li Na came out, these people could say nothing more. Some of the zombies hunters who were acquaintance or worried about possible ‘bullying’, willingly moved aside.

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