End of World’s Businessman Chapter 17.3

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Chapter 017.3 — Zombies BBQ [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Nevermind 
300 crystal nuclei to recruit a second-level evolved person to do things for you was a very fair price. However, 300 crystal nuclei would be considered a very generous pay when it came to an assignment as simple and easy as the stuff Wu Ye was asking them to do.
Yang’s pair of brother and sister looked at each other and nodded slightly. Yang Li Na smiled at Wu Ye and said, “We have accepted this task! But the person who carries the machine gun has to be changed.”
Yang Qi laughed and said, “Yes, Li Na’s ability is metal. As such, she can shoot more accurately than I do.”
After that, everyone came together to readjust the battle plan. Yang Qi and Yang Li Na, this pair of brother and sister, belonged to the early awakening evolved people. They had been in Lan Cheng base for more than half a year, and had been working outside almost every day. They had visited many dangerous places, and knew the situation outside Lan Cheng base better than Ji Yun did.
Combined with the information they provided, Qin Wuhua decided that the location of tomorrow’s operation should be in a place where the zombies were the most tightly packed, but with an open terrain.
That night, Ji Yun went out to rent a modified military truck. Professor Li, in the meantime, assembled two spray pumps with a pile of scrap copper and iron, and offered him a small solar generator which he regarded as a treasure. These two things guaranteed the zombies would receive the greatest degree of ‘love irrigation’.
Early the next morning, after breakfast, Ji Yun drove the truck to the edge of the safe zone as they’ve planned. There were many hunters in the safe zone, and it looked like the amount of zombies was not much there. However, as soon as Ji Yun drove past the safe zone, the amount of the zombies suddenly doubled. Looking at the distant dark block from inside the car, there were full of zombies ahead. The density of the zombies were comparable to the amount of vehicles during rush hours. The zombies wall completely blocked the road ahead.
Ji Yun swallowed his saliva with difficulties. He grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and stepped on the accelerator with one foot.
With Qin Wuhua’s command, he and Yang Li Na’s heavy machine gun fired at the same time, spewing out a long tongue of fire. The terrible tide of zombies opened its way like sea of moses parting at the sound of fierce gunfire.
Yang Qi maximized his ability to its greatest extent, and turned the smooth road into a big pit, while small pit turned into smooth road.
Meanwhile, Ji Yun was silently counting in his heart, and when the count turned into ‘1’, he quickly turned the steering wheel, and direct the truck directly to the front, put it in reverse, and quickly went back into the zombies pile.
At the same time, Wu Ye pressed the switch on the oil pump and sprayed gasoline at the zombies like a torrential rain.
Ji Yun counted to 10, and then quickly shifted the gear forward, accelerated, and made a mad dash forward.
Qin Wuhua used both machine guns and his ability to open the way for Ji Yun; Yang Li Na gave up her machine gun to prevent the truck from catching fire, and together with Yang Qi, she used her ability to drive away the zombies trying to climb onto the truck. When the gasoline was exhausted, Wu Ye quickly pulled down the safety ring on the hand grenade and threw it with all his strength…
With a flash of light, the grenade flew out to the zombies wall, and the sound it created reminded one of the explosions, toppling a few of the zombies over.
Wu Ye quickly adjusted his strength and threw out a second grenade, right in the middle of the red star. With a rumble, a fire burst into the sky. Wu Ye took that opportunity to throw a large incendiary bomb, which hit the center of the ‘gasoline zombies’ accurately. After the explosion, countless zombies turned into fireballs directly, and the fire spread rapidly amongst the zombies. When Ji Yun successfully withdrew from the zombies enclosure, Wu Ye threw out his last hand grenade.
He couldn’t wait to call out for the system control panel, and saw that the points was climbing up. After two hours, the number finally stopped at 1580.
At last, the needed points to return home were finally accumulated!

HEXIE: Have a Nice Year!

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