End of World’s Businessman Chapter 16.2

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Chapter 016.2 — Lost Memories [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
After a large pot of wolf meat was eaten clean, they returned to their house. In the evening, Wu Ye took a bath and laid in the bed only in big underpants. He slapped his round full stomach, tilted his head to look at Qin Wuhua, who was doing gun maintenance, and asked, “Are we going on a mission tomorrow? Or hunting?” A man who wanted to save points couldn’t afford to rest.
“Move out.”
Wu Ye suddenly got excited. “Where do we move to? Can you find a better house? It’s like a steamer here. It’s so hot that I can’t sleep at night!”
Who was it that closed their eyes every night and slept like a pig?
Wu Ye saw Qin Wuhua’s meaningful gaze. “It’s very hot and my neck felt toasted,” he muttered guiltily, his ears burning red. Can we find a house with air conditioning to rent? Anyway, using salt instead of crystal nuclei is the same as spending nothing. It wouldn’t really hurt to spend more.” Moreover, it wouldn’t be long before he left this world, so it didn’t really matter how many crystal nuclei he had. It would be better for him to live a comfortable life right now.
“You’re the boss. You arrange it.”
Hey, younger brother, that’s a pretty good idea.
Wu Ye was happy. He put one leg over the other, showing off his snowy white feet, and asked, “How much salt can be sold in the black market?”
“It can be sold as much as possible.” The black market was not exclusive to Lan Cheng base. In fact, there are many similar black markets in other large and medium-sized survivor bases. These black markets seemed to be free from influence, but in fact, everything was still in the hands of the top management of a base. It didn’t matter how expensive sellers sold their goods because there were still people willing to buy them. Qin Wuhua gave Wu Ye a rough picture of  the hidden rules in the black market, “…it’s not a big problem for people to sell 10 cattiess and 20 catties of salt in the black market. However, if they sold salt in even larger quantities, they would certainly become appetizing prey for other people.”
Hearing Qin Wuhua’s words, it discouraged Wu Ye. “Why is it so troublesome to sell salt? If only you could have your own base. You could sell whatever you have and charge as much tax as you wanted.” With that said, Wu Ye started talking about the great schemes from a story he read that was set in an apocalyptic age. Copying the unconstrained style of the MC in the story, he talked loudly about how he would build a great base. Towards the end, his voice became softer and softer until he finally fell asleep. He didn’t know when he fell asleep.
Wu Ye, who was asleep, didn’t know how bright Qin Wuhua’s eyes turned when he listened to his ‘Salvation Plan’.
Similarly, he was not aware that nuclei in his backpack near his pillow turned into a fine powder. In the void, the system panel that only he could see popped up, showing that his gene reinforcement bar had skyrocketed from the bottom to 100%.
Wu Ye only knew he had a dream.
Yes, he knew he was dreaming because, as a bystander, he saw himself being taken away by the system that night. Before he fell asleep in the car, he answered a phone call from Lianyu.
She was very serious when she said that she had something to tell him right then.
He asked the driver to turn around and take him to Lianyu’s apartment in the city center, a small one, not over 300 square meters. He bought that house with his pocket money and spent over 10 million USD to give it to Lianyu. However, she refused to accept anything. In the end, he had to tell her he would rent it to her for 500 yuan a month for her to accept.
He watched as Lianyu pour a whole glass of red wine to ‘him,’ and after he drank every drop, she said, “Wu Ye, I’m sorry I can’t accept you. I already have someone I like. I hope I can stay with him for a long time. Thank you for taking care of me over the years. I’ll move out tomorrow. Here, give it to the girl who really deserves you.”
Wu Ye looked at the other him and Lianyu bitterly. He felt his brain froze right then. He seemed to understand countless things in an instant, while not understanding anything at all.
“His” eyes were read when he asked, “Why?”
Tears hung on Lianyu’s eyes as she pitifully said, “I’m sorry.”
At this moment, Wu Ye looked at the woman whom he had been in love with for eight years, the one he had seriously considered spending his life with. As she let her tears trail her cheeks, the image of Zhang Ling’s pretentious tears suddenly appeared.
He opened his mouth to say something, but darkness suddenly enveloped him before he saw a blazing fire surround him.
“Wu Ye, wake up! Are you alright?”
When Qin Wuhua woke him up, Wu Ye’s wiped his cheeks damp with ice-cold tears.
I just had a dream…right?
Wu Ye was reluctant to think about it, but things didn’t add up when he tried to piece these small details together. The taste of that glass of red wine was strange, was it because of what the system said? That he had taken in a lethal dose of hallucinogens? Who did Lianyu really like? Who arranged the incident? Being rejected by the person you like, taking an overdose of hallucinogens, and getting into a car accident; Without the system, these interlocking details would become a legitimate ‘accident’ in the eyes of the media.
Who on earth was trying to kill him?
Suddenly, a gentle and elegant face flashed in Wu Ye’s mind. He couldn’t help but turn pale, his fingers trembled slightly.
How could it be big brother?!

HEXIE: I’m sorry for the late update. I’m just very unmotivated all of a sudden. Like…emotionally drained somehow…perhaps I need to go outside?

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