End of World’s Businessman Chapter 15.3

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Chapter 015.3 — Black Market [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Wu Ye was a little angry. Since Zhang Ling wanted to hunt for a Kaizi for herself, she should be conscious of the chance she’d be exposed. Was there any meaning in trying to protect your reputation when you’re acting like a hussy? He thought but did not voice it out as he didn’t want to be involved with them anymore. He turned to leave but Zhao Jianguo refused to let him go. “Hey pretty little boy, you stand still for Lao Zi. This time, you won’t leave until you apologize to Zhang Ling!”
There were many people coming and going outside the zombie hunter union. When they saw a beautiful woman standing there crying, one after the other they stopped to watch a lively show. 
Wu Ye looked at them and sneered, “I bullied her? Okay, so why don’t you tell me how I bullied her? Did I touch her? Did I sleep with her?”
The spectators watching this hilarious scene burst into laughter. Some of them even shouted, “Yes, that’s it! Talk about it. Let us hear it too!”
Luo Yang felt like he was losing face. However, despite everything, Zhang Ling was still his woman. Thus, he looked at Wu Ye with black face and said, “Don’t be too much.”
This time, Yang Li Na, who had been watching the show from the side, stood up and sneered, “Too much? Did she ever think too much about it when she slept with her ‘good sister’s’ man? She has no sense of honor and shame. Women like her immediately try to suck up to any capable-looking man that comes their way. Hehe, Luo Yang, be careful. Don’t be like me and have your significant other stolen by someone else. I might not care about being cheated on, but men are different. Don’t put too much effort raising someone else’s son. Now, that would be too funny indeed.”
Zhang Ling was dying inside at this time. The roaring laughter around her was so loud it could overturn the roof, making her want to throw up.
Zhang Ling had a problem. She would begin to retch when she felt nervous.
She and Yang Li Na had worked in the same office in the same company before the apocalypse. Their relationship then was just like what Yang Li Na said – they were ‘good sisters’. Naturally, she knew her of her problem and was deliberately embarrassing her.  
When Zhao Jianguo saw that his favorite goddess was being humiliated, he threw a fireball directly at Yang Li Na. But before it even hit her, an earth wall suddenly rose in front of Yang Li Na and protected her from the impact. The wall turned into sand that coated the fireball, extinguishing it.
Yang Qi stood up with a somewhat awful complexion. “Zhao Jianguo, Nana and I had discussed about it and have reached our conclusion. We had contributed a lot of effort to the team. You are all fully aware of how many times we have saved the life of you three. If it weren’t for Nana and I, would you live up to this day? Well, let’s not mention the past anymore. Since we now split into two sides, it’s no longer appropriate for us to form a team and do tasks together. Let’s not cross our bridges and go on our own ways.” After saying all these, he took Yang Li Na’s hand and followed behind Wu Ye and the others without looking back.
Surrounded by all the buzz, Luo Yang’s expression sank like water.
They deliberately acted this play yet Luo Yang couldn’t deny a thing. Both Yang Qi and Yang Li Na spoke the truth, and any excuses he would say would only make him lose face. 
He will definitely remember today’s humiliation!
“Wu Ye, thank you for today. If you need me in the future, just let me know.” Yang Li Na walked out of the crowd, her face turned relaxed. She had long wanted to leave behind those baggages, but she never did, because she and her cousin each had a large family to support. Now that she had broken through to the second level, and the harvest of this mission was good enough for them to use for supporting their families for a while, there was no more need to associate with those people.
Yang Qi took something from his pocket and handed Wuhua a note with a five-digit number written on it. “This is my communication number. If you have a task, contact us. The price is negotiable.” Yang Qi could see that Wuhua’s people were extraordinary, and he was optimistic about Qin Wuhua’s strength and potential. Therefore, he intentionally wanted to befriend him.
Wu Ye took the note and said with a faint smile on his face, “Today we acted as a gun for you all, you should go on a few missions with us for free, right?”
Hearing that, Yang Qi laughed out loudly and patted Wu Ye on the head with a smile. “I just wanted to say, how did younger brother look like Kaizi? He’s clearly a little fox.”
Wu Ye finally couldn’t bear it anymore and swore, “Little brother your sister, Lao Zi just look tender, that’s all!” These Yang siblings were so annoying! Just a moment ago he was blind to deliberately help them! Scoundrel!

HEXIE: Third!

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