End of World’s Businessman Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 015.2 — Black Market [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Wu Ye was not a gambler, but he had followed his friends in and out of the underground casino before. He even saw stacks of Grandpa Mao piled up into a mountain. But that experience wasn’t so moving for Wu Ye now compared from seeing these sparkling glow of the nuclei in the bag.
The system silently scanned the bag, counted the amount, and converted it to a readable data – 1235 first-level nuclei.
Wu Ye’s mind immediately filled with only one thought. I could finally get a ticket to return home! I could go home!
System: 【Insufficient points.】
Wu Ye trembled and looked at the bare 180 points on the upper right corner of the control panel; it is the total amount of points he currently had. His excited feeling shriveled down like a deflated balloon, his cheek that still had its baby fat slowly bulged up, expressing his current mood.
【Good deception.】Wu Ye scolded in his heart.
The system snorted and refused to answer Wu Ye again.
Qin Wuhua looked at the puffed face in front of him and felt his palm was somewhat itchy. Thus, he unnaturally coughed and said, “There were others selling salt at the black market and the common price was around 65 nuclei for one catty.” Qin Wuhua was not talkative, much less good at explaining, so he spoke bluntly about it. 
Wu Ye shook his head to clarify, “You misunderstood. I’m not upset because of this. The price you sold it for was quite good.” He proudly patted Qin Wuhua’s shoulder. “Today, I made a small profit so you should go with your boss to eat.”
Ji Yun’s ears were very good. Therefore when he heard Wu Ye’s words, he laughed loudly as he cut open a zombie’s head with a sharp zap and said, “Boss, is there enough meat for us?”
“Absolutely. That’s necessary.”
Qin Wuhua looked at Wu Ye’s brilliant smiling face, and suddenly thought of the phrase, ‘Smile as colorful as spring flowers’. When he thought of this phrase, he suddenly felt like his ears were caught on fire.
Zhao Jianguo sat in the car and snorted, “What is this stench? Oh right, it’s the stench of nouveau riche showing off.”
Luo Yang was a good company executive before the apocalypse, thus he had more tact than Zhao Jianguo who was merely a security guard. “Speak less,” he whispered, a thought flashed through his deep eyes.
Zhang Ling regarded Wu Ye from a distance and wondered out loud, “What is his identity?” She murmured to herself. From her point of view, it seemed like Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun were revolving around Wu Ye as their core when it was obvious Wu Ye was only an ordinary person. Surely those salts weren’t Wu Ye’s possession? But if it was, would he have more supplies?
Luo Yang silently looked at Zhang Ling and plotted a useful scheme.
Yang Qi sat back in the car and silently held his rifle, his thoughts unknown.
The car full of people, each with thoughts of their own, returned to the city in an unusual silence. After handing in their task, Qin Wuhua paid each team member their commission according to their agreed price then turned around to leave. However, Zhang Ling suddenly looked at Wuhua and spoke in an alluring tone, “Wu-Ge, this mission is really thanks to you.”
Wu Ye looked at her who had a similar face to Lianyu, his head became slightly dizzy and a trace of disdain rose within his heart. “Something’s wrong.”
Zhang Ling didn’t expect that Wu Ye would be so disrespectful to her. But when she saw Yang Li Na’s sarcastic smile, she couldn’t help but feel resentful. She could guess that Yang Li Na must have said something ill about her behind her back. Could she really blame her when she couldn’t control her own man’s belt? So what if you broke through the second level, you’re still a tomboy, she thought. But when she looked at Yang Li Na’s graceful figure, she couldn’t help but be jealous 
However, she was still proud of her lethal weapon, so she stood proudly and showed off her two snow white peaks that were about to burst out from her tight clothes. With a delicate voice she said, “Wu-Ge, can you leave us some contact information? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to have it so we could continue to work together in the future when there’s a chance.”
Wu Ye sneered and looked at Zhang Ling several times with undisguised mockery. When she could not bear his ‘hot’ eyes and wanted to shout at him, she suddenly heard Wu Ye’s cold words, “Do I look like a Kaizi?”
T/N: Kaizi is slang for rich, good-looking guy.
Zhang Ling’s expression changed several times, from red to white and back again. Her hands clenched tightly and her eyes were filled with tears of humiliation.
Zhao Jianguo was like a lighted firecracker that exploded at once when he heard this and roared, “How f***king capable are you when you only bully women you only have some dirty money?”

HEXIE: Second!

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