End of World’s Businessman Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 012.2 — Salt [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

However, this was the terrible truth about monopoly. The seller had the final say on the price. In this apocalyptic world, monopoly was linked with power and strength, and they could do nothing about it. Soon, the patrol officers of the trading area came and directly shot at the most troublesome protesters, and everyone stopped with their protests right away.

Most people were still hopeful that the price of salt would be lowered had they protested enough, yet nothing happened, so they left frustrated. A few of them had already seen the bottom of their salt tanks and couldn’t afford to buy salt at its newly imposed price. Only those who were strong didn’t care for the rising price.

Wu Ye is the only anomaly here.

His first reaction was That goddamn salt was worth so much more than gold! His next reaction was Sell! Wealth! Now!

The price of the system unreasonable. Among the things that could fill the stomach, the cheapest ones were the low-level nutrients, which could be exchanged for 5 points and 1 first-grade crystal nucleus. While other vegetables, fruits, grains, and meat were more or less cheaper compared to the ones sold at the trading area, the points needed to buy them with were more expensive than the nutrients. This was why Wu Ye could only eat nutrients before.

But there were always exceptions to everything. Wu Ye just realized that his system sold something much cheaper than what was sold at the trading area — salt.

How cheap is it in comparison? With 10 points and 2 nuclei, you get 1000 grams of salt. At the current market price, for every 1000 grams of salt sold, he could earn 198 first-grade nuclei! It was like picking up gold for no effort at all! If he sold salt five or six times, he would be able to strengthen his genes up to 100%. And if he sold salt several more times, he could save up enough nuclei to go home!

A meat pie just fell from the heavens and hit Wu Ye hard, it made him dizzy to even pay attention to the riot just now.

“Boss, I guess the price of salt will go up in two days. Help me carry the food while I go buy some.” Thankfully Qin Wuhua left him some crystal nuclei today. After all, Ji Yun’s own crystal nuclei had been spent on yesterday’s dinner. From what Qin Quhua had given him, he was left with some dozens after he had bought some vegetables just now. Now, he would have to use the rest to buy some salt before the price rose again.

Ji Yun shouted at Wu Ye several times before Wu Ye broke away from his trance. He looked at the salt shop with a complicated look and said, “You don’t have to. We’ll go back first.”

“But…” The excuse that was given for this price hike was that the heavy rains blocked salt deliveries, and that the capital was short on salt supply. Ji Yun knew how the Lan Cheng base policy makers operate. Whether the excuse was true or false, they should never miss any chance to save money.

“No buts. You’ll understand when we get back.”

Ji Yun suddenly recalled the time at the farmhouse when Wu Ye traded more than 200 grams of salt for canned pork. Did it mean the boss still had salt in his hand?

Back in the slum area, Wu Ye slipped back home. After paying for taxes yesterday, he still had 20 first-grade crystal left and 118 points. Using the necessary nuclei and points, he traded for 10 kilos of salt with the system. After the transaction, he looked pleased at the 20 bags of salt stacked neatly on the bed – so pleased that he wanted to roll on the bed a few more times.

He poked out his head and shouted next door. “Ji Yun, come here! I have something to tell you!”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a minute!” Ji Yun handed the dishes to Professor Li, went to Wu Ye, and inquired, “What’s the matter, boss?”

“Come in.” Wu Ye invited Ji Yun into the house and pointed at the things on the bed. “Do you have any way to help me sell these things?” Although Lan Cheng base had a monopoly on the sale of salt, some people in the trading area would sometimes sell it at a much cheaper price than the official store. When those cheaper salt were discovered, they were immediately bought by people, but that was only for a limited amount. Since that was the case, it would not have any impact on the official store’s salt price in the end. This clearly showed how salt was a monopoly product and not a prohibited one.

While Ji Yun had guessed that Wu Ye might have some salt on hand, he had never dreamt that he had so much. Holding a bag of salt, he was stupefied and asked, “Are all of these salt?”

“Yes, the quality is guaranteed.”

“Boss, pinch me. I’m not dreaming, am I?” Ji Yun asked as he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Grow up.” Wu Ye stared at him, and said, “ You haven’t answered whether you knew of any channels to help me sell these things..” Wu Ye said. He, of course, was not aiming to sell  his salt in the trading area, where the taxes  would leave him like selling pork at the price of a cabbage. If he truly sold these salt in the trading area, how would he earn?

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