End of World’s Businessman Chapter 023.1

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Chapter 023.1 — New Types of Zombies [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
“Little Ye, are you looking for trouble here? What kind of brother do you take me as? To take advantage of you at this moment of time, how do you want your older brother to go out and meet people?” Pang Zhi was the first to jump out and object.
Hua Peng was also dissatisfied: “Little Ye, you didn’t think of us as friends when you said that. It’s just an insignificant few millions. Are our brothers short of that kind of money?”
Qiu Xiao Hao was more direct: “If you want to say this again in the future, I will not be your brother anymore. Really, who do you think I am?”
Li Jing Zhou was born poor. He could not afford to say such bold words. Besides, while he had worked hard for more than two years, it was not enough to pay the down payment for the 100 square meters of apartment. How could he fight with these rich second-generation? He sat docile at the corner of the sofa. Compared with how much Wu Ye’s apartment building could sell for, he was more concerned about how Wu Ye escaped the accident and where he had been this past month.
Wu Ye had his own pride. He knew that his current predicament was only temporary. How could he take advantage of his friends? After a dispute, the apartment was finally sold to these three ‘fat’ people for 12 million yuan.
T/N: Three ‘fat’ people aka rich second-generation friends of Wu Ye.
Yes, it was sold to the three people. All three of them were well-off, but they hadn’t inherited their family’s business after all. They didn’t have much control over their money, and their own pocket money was not as big as Wu Ye’s own. It’s obviously impossible for them to take out 10 millions individually. But, it’s definitely not a big problem for everyone to figure out how to raise 4 millions individually and pooled it up to buy his apartment.
Since it was impossible to transfer the apartment under three people’s name, it was decided that Hua Peng, as the eldest, would take it under his name. He then respectively wrote a 4 millions receipt for a loan to fatty and Qiu Xiao Hao. That night, Wu Ye opened a new bank account with an additional 12 millions in it. The next morning, Wu Ye, Hua Peng, and the others went to the Housing Administration office to fill in the information and paid the taxes, the transfer formalities went smoothly.
Fatty was sensitive. So, while they were eating, he asked Wu Ye, “You’re in such a hurry to get rid of the apartment…do you have any plans for the future?” If Wu Ye was short on money, he could borrow from the three of them. Would they even ask him for interest? In the light of the Wu family’s current situation, keeping the apartment to slowly look for a buyer, could allow him to earn one or two million more. While for the former Wu Ye, this amount of money was not enough for him to reward authors when he read the online novels, but for the current him, this amount is really not a small amount of money.
Wu Ye took a piece of braised pork and chewed it as he said, “Let my father settle the group’s business first. I’m going to leave for a while. As for my family’s affair, I’ll have to trouble you to keep an eye out for me.”
Qiu Xiao Hao: “How many years of friendship do we have? Is there any need for you to speak such superfluous words? But, where are you going?”
Wu Ye couldn’t tell them about the zombie’s plane, so he could only tell them nonsense to cover it up. “I’ll go to South Africa to dig diamonds. Wait for this young master to get rich, I’ll give you guys plenty of benefits.”
“You continue to bluff,” Hua Peng said. “Your brother has done a lot of things. Something happened to the company while it was in his hands, and he had taken the blame and resigned. But, didn’t your brother embezzle and hollow out his own family’s company? Furthermore, each and every person coming from the Ouyang family were not benevolent people. Your elder brother, managing to impress Ouyang Xin enough for her to get engaged to him, means he is really not a simple person.”
The Wu Group was not listed on the stock market, and there were only a few large and small shareholders in total. And, currently in the public, there was a rumour saying that Wu was not good at management, and that’s why there was a change in ownership. There were many different opinions about the situation.
After Wu Ye’s disappearance, Father Wu and Mother Wu asked his friends to find him, so Hua Peng and several others  more or less knew the situation. It’s difficult for them to speak of the matter in front of Wu Ye, but in private, they talked a lot about Wu Sen’s work that left the Wu family to have no way out.
The Ouyang family also specialized in the real estate market, and they had fought with the Wu family for business in the dark, often fighting a price war when they were selling real estate. People in the circle knew that their relationship was not good. A month ago, when Wu Sen and Ouyang Xin’s engagement was revealed, who knew how many people’s chins were dropped in alarm.
Ouyang Xin was the only legitimate daughter of Ouyang’s family, but her father was famous for his dissolute and uninhibited behavior. There were no less than five illegitimate children who were recognized and at their home, and last month it was rumored that a young model had just given birth to a son for him. And, while Ouyang Xin’s mother was weak and easily bullied, she was not a benevolent person either. She’s publicly known as someone who possessed deep scheme, and strong tricks. Thus, many people remained at a respectful distance away from her.

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