End of World’s Businessman Chapter 6.2

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Chapter 006.2 — Temptation[2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Wu Ye spoke with a quiet voice, “My brother and I live downstairs. There are three empty rooms upstairs which you could choose from. You could cook in the kitchen over there, but please do it quietly. My brother went out last night and he had just came back to catch up on sleep. Just don’t bother him.” Wu Ye is 177 cm tall and is already 23 years old. But because of his baby face him he could still be mistaken for a 17 or 18-year-old boy. And with his face, his words sounded more convincing. 
Wang He’s suspicion grew even more. He looked at the closed room with curtain door, smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry little brother. We won’t cause you any trouble.”
With such a beautiful pet and with such courage to go out at night, that man must possess good strength. He wouldn’t want to provoke such a bigshot.
Wang He and Wu Ye introduced themselves to each other as Wang He generously gave Wu Ye a small bag of rice and a can of pork. He also asked Wu Ye to put in kind words for him in front of his brother.
Not too long ago, Wu Ye still casually rewarded League of Heaven with millions in virtual cash.  And even after eating sour nutrients for more than ten days, he still could not see the value other people place in this small bag of sand-mixed rice and a dirty can of pork. As he received these supplies, his eyes could not help but look at them with disgust, which he himself did not notice.
Wang He did not miss the boy’s behavior and his look of disgust, successfully dispelling Wang He’s last straw of doubt without Wu Ye even trying.
After Wang He’s group left for upstairs, Wu Ye’s calm face suddenly transformed into anxiety. He could deceive Wang He for a while, but he knew he could not hide it for long. He could only hope that the rain would stop earlier so that Wang He’s group could leave quickly. 
Unfortunately, the heavens seemed to be deliberately going against him. The rainstorm poured heavily and showed no signs of letting up even after two days and a night. 
Before he met Wu Ye, Wang He went out to complete a mission issued by the Zombie Hunters Union. The mission was to collect a variant herb in the wild. As he happened to know where to find this herb, he organized a group to work together. Unfortunately, their group were surrounded by mutated animals as soon as they approached the mountain. After a bloody escape, they came across a wave of zombies such that their original group of 12 was razed down to just himself, Ji Yun, Pang Zhong Lin, and Wang Jian. However, Wang Jian was bitten by zombies while keeping watch, and he in turn, bit Pang Zhong Lin to death. 
Now, Wang Jian had completely transformed into a zombie. There is no way for him to survive and gain power the same way Wang He did. However, Wang He not only refuse to kill him, but even fed him using Pang Zhong Lin’s body. Wang he’s group had suffered heavy losses for this mission, and their food supply is quickly running out. 
He looked at Ji Yun, who was extremely silent, and asked, “So, top student, you don’t think that kid downstairs is lying to us, do you? Say, you’ve been downstairs the past two days. Have you seen his brother?” 
Ji Yun was surprised and immediately understood what he was thinking. 
Wang He did not wait for Ji Yun’s answer. He continued to speculate out loud. “There had been no sound coming from downstairs. Can the master continue to sleep for two days and a night without going to eat or go to the toilet? Do you think Wu Ye just made up his “big brother” to deceive us? Maybe the master is hurt and unable to protect himself now, right?” 
The ears of evolved humans like Wang He were more sensitive than those of ordinary people. He could clearly hear the movements downstairs. What surprised him was that, aside from Wu Ye’s breath, the other person’s breath was very faint, almost imperceptible. What did all those mean? 
Ji Yun glanced at Wang He’s sinister eyes and said, “I don’t think Wu Ye was fooling us.” 
“Then, do you think his brother is seriously injured?” 
“Boss, I don’t think we should create trouble.” Ji Yun said. In his heart, he did not want to attack his fellow countrymen, whether Wu Ye really had a master or not. 
“Don’t create trouble? You really are as soft as a woman!” Wang He snorted in derision. “We have no more food. Are you going to starve to death here? Without petrol, how would we reach the next settlement? There’s still another 20 kilometers or so from here to that place. Do you plan to go there on foot? This mission had failed and we couldn’t afford to pay for our entry back to the city. Are you going to sleep outside in a refugee camp?” 
Ji Yun admitted that Wang He was only being practical in dealing with their current problem. But whether he was being kind or cowardly, it did not matter much to him. He could fight and kill zombies to survive, but he could never do so to his countrymen for no reason. 
Wang He suddenly smiled and said, “You’re not attracted to Wu Ye, are you? Tell you what, you go and help me find out about his brother and his current situation, and I promise I will keep him alive afterwards and give him to you.” 

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