End of World’s Businessman Chapter 7.3

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Chapter 007.3 — Mouse Killing Cat [3]

If they wanted to escape, they must use something to hinder Wang He’s movement. Wu Ye was shocked for a moment before he understood Ji Yun’s plan.

Damn it, why didn’t you say so earlier? This is like forcing us to dance with the zombies!

It’s now harder to hide his situation, so Wu Ye opened the door to expose the situation to Ji Yun.

Qin Wuhua only wore a pair of pants that was cut into half-pull. His wounds are all healed and only a few scars were left on his body. His eyes were closed and his breathing slow. Ji Yun was shocked to find no injuries at all. He could not help himself from cursing his mother! It turns out, Wu Ye’s ‘brother’ was not injured but was in the process of awakening his power.

What can he do now?

Leaving these two men behind, he would give him 80% chance of escaping. But how could a monk run away from the temple?* As long as Wang He lives, he would sooner or later find him at the survivor base and settle accounts with him. Without backing, money, power, and strength, his plan to take his teacher to another base was simply wishful thinking.


T/N: The idiom “the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run away with him” meant that escaping a situation now does not save one from suffering future consequences. Even if Ji Yun could escape from Wang He now, he would still need to pick up his dependent in the base where Wang He could actually track him down.

Ji Yun was hesitant. He did not wish to see the silent despair in Wu Ye’s eyes should he choose to abandon them. His heart ached with the thought and could not help but remember how his mother blocked the zombies with her flesh and blood just to let him escape.

F*ck, fine. He’d gamble. If he could escape tonight’s situation and wait for Wu Ye’s brother to awaken his power, he could get his favor. This deal did not sound too bad.

Ji Yun at Wu Ye and went inside. He held Qi Wuhua’s shoulder with one hand. Wu Ye immediately understood what Ji Yun wanted to do. He picked up his climbing backpack and help Ji Yun to hold Qin Wuhua’s body up. Together, they quietly walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, Wang He lied on the bed with his eyes closed. He was lost in his thoughts of what he would do with Wu Ye after he had gotten rid of the people in his group. He was going to have a good time playing with Wu Ye. F*ck, just look how fine and supple his body is! That face was more enchanting than those young masters and ladies under Mr. Luo’s care. After he got tired of playing with him, he would sell him to Mr. Luo. Surely, Wu Ye would get him a lot of crystal nuclei.

The more he thought about it, the hotter he became. He turned his back to the door frame that has lost its door, and was lost in his imagination that he failed to notice a shadow rushing into the room.

“Ah–” Wang He’s pitiful screams could be heard from upstairs.

Shocked, Ji Yun quickly opened the iron bolt of the courtyard gate. Once they were out, he immediately tied the gate with the thick chain and locked it with a big lock.

“Come on!” Ji Yun urged knowing that once an evolved person got infected by zombies, their abilities would be stronger, and their transformation faster. Hearing the miserable cries of Wang He, Ji Yun knew that his plan worked.

“I know a place nearby where we can hide. This way!” Before the heavy rainfall started, Wu Ye had searched every nearby farmhouse around the area. Some of them had large cellars with hidden entrances, which could easily fit three big men. Now, they only hoped that Wang Jian and the gate could delay Wang He just a little longer.

Wang He was careless that Wang Jian was able to bit him on the neck without struggle. He reached for the gun that was strapped on his body, pointed it at Wang Jian’s forehead, and shot him with no hesitation. Wang Jian’s head exploded in an instant. He furiously kicked his brother’s body away while covering his bloody neck. His eyes were filled with poison as he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Ji Yun, Ji Yun! You dare to betray this daddy? This daddy will drag you to hell with him, even if he dies!”

Ji Yun heard the gunshot and knew Wang Jian was shot. He did not expect that Wang He still had bullets in his gun cache!

“How far is it? Wang He has a gun in his hand. He will soon catch up to us.” Ji Yun’s heart had fallen to his throat.

“Right ahead.” Even when Wu Yu had become much stronger than before, he still could not move quickly when running for his life under this rainstorm while dragging a man taller and heavier than him.

Soon, there were two more shots fired from the farm house. Wu Ye knew that Wang He must have broken the chain and the lock on the gate.

“Brother Ji, run away! Anyway, thank you for today.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Come on, we still have a chance. If Wang He catches up to us, I will try my best to stall him, Find a way to take your brother as far as possible. If you happen to escape, please do me a favor. Go to Lan Cheng base and help me take care of an old man named Li Jianguo.” Ji Yun isn’t sure whether Wu Ye and his brother could escape. All he knew was that Wang will definitely not let him go. He had no way to live. That’s why he had decided to stall for time for Wu Ye and his brother to survive

Wu Ye’s eyes were hot. He clenched his teeth and held back his tears. “I won’t leave you behind.”

After being infected again by the D-Virus, an evolved person’s ability could be greatly improved and quickly activated. They had only spoken two sentences to each other when Wang He appeared in front of them like a ghost, laughing ferociously. “Going somewhere? Both of you are not going anywhere tonight!”

After this, Wang He’s hand blazed with fire and run forward with a grim smile. “You are all going to die!”

Wang he was so fast that Wu Ye could not avoid it, so Wu Ye could only close his eyes in despair.

At this critical moment, a sudden thunderclap burst in their ears, and Wu Ye’s heart jumped violently. The pain he anticipated did not come. As Wu Yu slowly opened his eyes and say that under the pale green light, there lay a hunk of human-shaped coal lying on the ground. Surprisingly, it was Wang He who was just running towards them just seconds before.

Second young master Wu regained his vigor and said, “Serves you right to be struck by lightning, you sissy! It’s payback time!”

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