Devil Beside You Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Incoming Attack (3)

Up until the voices of Qing Zi and Xiao Cai rang anxiously from behind, did Qi Yue recover from her surprise. She hurriedly apologized: “So… Sorry! I got the wrong guy, that… Aiyo!”

Without waiting for the reply of the party involved, Qi Yue covered her face and ran away in a hurry towards Qing Zi and Xiao Cai. The three girls soon disappeared from the side of the basketball court in a flash.

Yuan Yi is still happily playing basketball with his teammates on the court, and did not notice the incident at all.

On the other hand, the guy who had happened to pass by, is now leaning over the ground to pick up something…


Inside a bubble tea shop, Qi Yue’s group of three occupied a table in the corner after they embarrassing escaped from the gymnasium.

Qing Zi: “No wonder people always say that dreams are the opposite of reality.”

“Sigh…” Qi Yue let out a sigh.

Xiao Cai: “From the looks of it, God must be punishing you for sleeping in class.”

“Sigh…” Qi Yue could only sigh.

Xiao Cai: “But, generally speaking, who in the world would have mistaken a stranger and the person that they were supposed to confess to?”


Qing Zi: “Are you so stupid until that extent?”


Qi Yue was so vexed that she didn’t even want to say anything about it, and only kept sighing.

“However,” Xiao Cai’s interest was suddenly raised: “Speaking of which, the guy that you have mistaken is the first year student, Jiang Meng from the Department of Applied Arts, you know!”

“What Jiang Mu? I have totally no interest.” Qi Yue absentmindedly said.

“It’s Jiang Meng, not Jiang Mu.” Xiao Cai corrected: “Haven’t you heard of him?”

“That man…” Qi Yue tilted her head and pondered: “Is he that famous?”

“Of course he’s famous, and he can’t be anymore famous than he is now!” Xiao Cai yelled: “You really can’t see any other guys in your eyes except Yuan Yi!”

Qing Zi suddenly said with a stern face: “Yue, it’s better for you to know more information about this guy, lest you get into trouble unknowingly. That Jiang Meng is the only child of our school chairman…” She described more in detail shortly afterwards.

It turns out that Jiang Meng, the guy that Qi Yue had wrongly confessed to, has a powerful background. Not only is he the only son of the chairman, he also has quite a number of “brothers” following him since high school. In high school, he often got into fights and was rumored to have been in a police station in the past for getting into troubles.

Later on, Jiang Meng and his gang of brothers under him got into this university and are studying in the Department of Applied Arts together. In the first place the Department of Applied Arts is a course that is supposed to create creative things, however, in the end, this characteristic of the course is utilize by the Jiang Meng’s group to the fullest. They wear strange and fancy outfit and the things they do often shocked people.

But because Jiang Meng has a wealthy father to back him up, so up until now, even if he has caused a lot of trouble, he is able to escape unscathed from them…

“The craziest thing is…” By now, Qing Zi has become excited, and started gesturing with her hands: “Even though he is clearly a problem student, a lot of female students still loves and worship him. They call him by the nickname ‘Prince of Charm’ on the internet!”

“Prince of Charm?” Qi Yue couldn’t help but laughed. It was honestly a bit too mushy.

“Those girls are really sick!” Qing Zi shook her head: “Anyway, just be careful not to mess with that guy.”

“That’s right,” Xiao Cai chimed in: “Yue, the most important thing for you now, is to find a chance to confess again to Yuan Yi.”

“Confess huh…” Qi Yue mumbled to herself. Then, as if she remembered something suddenly, she searched through her body: “Oh ya… eh? Where has it gone to?”

“What’s wrong?” Qing Zi and Xiao Cai asked in unison after seeing Qi Yue’s state.

Qi Yue searched through her pockets and bag for a while, then her face turned pale white: “Oh no, the confession letter that I wrote for Yuan Yi… It’s gone!”


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