Devil Beside You Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Incoming Attack (2)

Xiao Cai nodded her head successively as she listened. “It makes sense! God must have planned for you to confess to Yuan Yi today! ”

“But I’m not mentally prepared for it …” Qi Yue hesitated.

“The opportunity is fleeting, follow me quick!” Qing Zi pulled Qi Yue up on her feet in a hurry as she saw Yuan Yi packed up his things and walked out of the classroom.


Gymnasium, a place filled with youthful vitality and stench of sweat, is also the place where Qi Yue would frequently passed by nonchalantly lately. The reason for doing so was because if she wanted to watch her crush, except for the joint history lecture conducted once every Monday, she could only try her luck at the basketball court.

Yuan Yi is the captain of the school basketball team, and is a sporty guy with a sunny disposition. Currently, he is sitting at the edge of the basketball court with his head bowed, conentrating on tying his shoelaces.

Qi Yue was dragged by her two close friends to the basketball court, and was now hiding herself from Yuan Yi at a short distance away behind him. Qing Zi then urged: “Here, hurry up and take action!”

After looking at Yuan Yi’s back-view for quite some time, Qi Yue still could not gather enough courage to take the first step in the end. She clutched the love letter in her hand, and opened her mouth timidly: “You guys, do you guys think that this will succeed?”

“Absolutely! 100% OK. Stop hesitating, approach him now!” Qing Zi responded.

“Eh, Xiao Cai, don’t you think that this is too sudden for me to do this?” Qi Yue tried to delay.

“How can it be? As I mentioned earlier, God must have wanted you to confess to Yuan Yi today. However…” Xiao Cai looked at Qi Yue’s face, and fell deep in thought abruptly.

“However what? You are thinking that we should give this matter further thoughts, don’t you?” Qi Yue’s ostrich syndrome has made her to always find a thousand and one excuses for herself.

“That’s not it.” Xiao Cai shook her head and continued: “What I meant is, your nose is oily, and it’s embarrassing to confess like this.”

Hence, Xiao Cai bought out her powder foundation, and together with Qing Zi, they began touching up Qi Yue’s makeup wholeheartedly.

After a while…

“All done!” Xiao Cai carefully examined Qi Yue’s face with makeup, and gasped in admiration: “You look perfect now, you can practically contest in a beauty pageant.”

“Agreed.” Qing Zi started praising Qi Yue as well: “Looks like my makeup technique is so masterful that it surpasses the heaven. No matter how the person looks, with my exquisite skill, they will also…”

“Hey, hey. What are you trying to imply?” Qi Yue gave a death stare to Qing Zi.

“Haha, I’m just joking, go now!” After Qing Zi finished her sentence, she pushed Qi Yue forward with her strength towards the direction of Yuan Yi, catching Qi Yue off her guard.

Almost at the same time, someone at the basketball court shouted: “Captain, catch the ball and do a layup!”

Everything was like a slow-motion playback of a movie.

Qi Yue was pushed to Yuan Yi’s position with her head lowered. She dared not even take a glance at Yuan Yi.

And of course, she didn’t see the basketball that flew swiftly towards Yuan Yi from the basketball court.

Yuan Yi caught the ball, and began to proficiently dribble the ball immediately, before charging to the basketball court.

On the other hand, Qi Yue finally mustered enough courage, and with a determined decision to go for broke, she thrust the love letter in her hands forward while still afraid to raise her head…

“Yuan Yi, I… I like you!” Qi Yue’s voice was trembling slightly, she was only brave enough to confess to the shoes that belonged the person in front of her.

Both Qing Zi and Xiao Cai that watched the event unfolded were shocked, but it was too late for them to stop her.

“Yuan Yi, do a layup and get some points fast!” Someone on the basketball court shouted.

Qi Yue couldn’t help but to feel confused as she heard the shout. She turned around to have a look, and saw the exact moment when Yuan Yi did a cool dribble and a layup.

“Eh? Then… Then who is the owner of the pair of shoes that I have confessed to…?” All of a sudden, a vague ominous premonition surged through her heart. She turned around blankly, and finally have a clear look at the person in front of her who have accepted her confession. And that was obviously not Yuan Yi.

It was an unacquainted guy.

The air in the atmosphere seemed to freeze abruptly around the unfamiliar boy in a strange manner, creating an overwhelming, imposing aura and unbearable tension.

The guy had a vague smile on his face as he stared at Qi Yue. The look of his eyes had her immobilized.

At this moment, 4 words appeared in Qi Yue’s mind: “Aggressive aura of wickedness!”

Even she could not understand why she would felt this way.

“Ah! Yue… Yue! You’ve got it wrong!”

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  1. OK seriously is this related to the taiwanese drama by the same name Cuz it definitely feels like it and even if it’s not I’m definitely reading this so thanks for the chappie.

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