Devil Beside You Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Incoming Attack

At a gorgeous grassland where flower petals fly in the wind, and butterflies dance together.

Standing in front of Qi Rui was her long-time crush – Yuan Yi.

“Yuan Yi, I… I like you.”

“I like you very much as well. Be my girlfriend.”


“Are you unwilling?”


On a lethargic afternoon that makes one drowsy, the most energetic person in the lecture room was probably the history professor on the podium.

“… in conclusion, the deeds and actions that Japan has done to the Chinese people in World War II honestly makes one bristle with anger. It is unforgivable! Students, are all of you willing to boycott all Japanese products, and participate in the refusal to watch Japanese shows, so as to express the griefs in our heart as a Chinese…” The history professor with a face full of white beard was very agitated while teaching the lecture.

“I do! Qi Yue who was still in her dream, shouted abruptly.

The whole class was stunned. Everyone stared with wide opened eyes at Qi Yue who was still lying on the table, soundly sleeping.

The professor was delighted and said: “Oh? There’s a student willing to respond to the anti-Japanese movement? Very good, 10 points will be added to your finals results! Which student was the one that responded just now? ”

“I, Qi Yue, is willing for the rest of my entire life!” Qi Yue continued to talk in her sleep.

“Qi Yue, was it? Teacher really commends you, 20 points will be added to you!” After finishing his sentence, the professor took the name list and made a note on it. He was so pleased with Qi Yue that in the heat of the moment, he did not think of looking down below the stage to take a look at what the student who had supported him greatly, look like.

The entire class looked at the each other as they felt that the situation was too absurd.

After he completed writing his remarks, the professor resumed his impassioned history lecture while Qi Yue slept with a face full of happiness, and continued her sweet dream where she had a successful confession.

Up until the bell rang, and after the professor came out of the classroom with a gratified smile, Qi Yue finally woke up from her sleep, and rubbed her eyes: “Sigh, detestable bells, woke me up from my sweet dream.”

“Slap!” Qing Zi gave her a slap on her head and said: “You still have the nerve to talk about it! Who would have thought that the professor would give you extra points while you were daydreaming.”

“Extra points?” Qi Yue was completely puzzled.

“The story goes like such and such…” Qing Zi quickly retold what had happened a short while ago.

“What?” After Qi Yue finished listening, her jaw almost fell to the ground. It was then that she discovered that the people in the lecture room were all looking and pointing at her with their fingers. There were even some people that openly bent their waist laughing.

“Oh, you! You are so lucky! How about trying your luck and buy lottery, maybe you will win.” Xiao Cai, Qi Yue’s other good friend cum bestie, gathered together.

“Stop embarrassing me.” Qi Yue’s face suddenly turned red as her line of sight crossed path with Yuan Yi who was sitting at the front row at this time. Yuan Yi was smiling while he turned back his head and looked at her. The smile of his reminded her of the scenes in her dream.

Watching this situation, Zi Qing had a good inkling immediately and guessed: “Hey hey, did you just dream about Yuan Yi?”

Qi Yue’s face showed a grin of happiness as she admitted with her silence.

“You! You even yelled ‘I do’. Did you dream that he proposed to you in the dream? ” Qing Zi asked.

“Of course not! I just dream that my confession was a success, that’s all” Qi Yue hurriedly argued.

“Oh, Yue, you’re getting worse!” “Xiao Cai shook her head.”

“Hehe, don’t talk to me first. I want to review the scenes of the dream…” Qi Yue was unashamed with regards to their teasing. She closed her eyes, and tried her best to recall the scenes in the dream.

Looking at the intoxicated and daze look of her good friend, Qing Zi suddenly remembered something: “By the way, Yue, don’t you think that this is a good time?”

“What good time?” Qi Yue opened her eyes.

“A good time to confess!” Qing Zi continued: “You had just dreamed of a successful confession, this is the first good sign; being awarded with points in class while talking in your sleep, this is the second good sign; furthermore, you happened to write a confession letter last night, this is too good to be a coincidence…

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